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Subterranean Games Launches RTS God Game War For The Overworld on Kickstarter

Evil Doesn’t Walk the Earth — It Lives Beneath It, and with Kickstarter, Fans Can Have a Taste of Evil Now

Brighton UK, 7th December, 2012 – With support from ex-Bullfrog developers David Amor and Simon Carter and the talents of voice actor Richard Ridings, Subterranean Games launched their Kickstarter campaign on November 29. The campaign has received pledges totaling £43,000 in the first week with an overwhelmingly positive response industry veterans and its 1750 backers.

War for the Overworld (WFTO) is a real time strategy god game that takes influence from Dungeon Keeper, Overlord, Evil Genius, and StarCraft where you play as a malevolent Underlord.  David Amor, Chief Creative Officer at Relentless, voiced his support, saying, “War for the Overworld is shaping up to be a great God Game that brings back fond memories of both creating and playing Dungeon Keeper 2.”

Simon Carter, project lead for Dungeon Keeper, was also quick to comment on the Kickstarter, saying, “It’s scandalous that nobody has yet managed to create a game that captures the spirit of the original Dungeon Keeper. Scandalous! I have high hopes that War for the Overworld will correct this, and give fans something that will make them happy.”

The Kickstarter Launch trailer, narrated by Richard Ridings, can be found here.

Playable Showcase:
The Playable Showcase has allowed potential backers to see firsthand what is in store for WFTO, and will continue to be updated throughout the campaign with new content.  There have been multiple reveals throughout the campaign, with more scheduled for this coming weekend.  The goal is to empower Kickstarter visitors to experience something tangible before deciding on a pledge.

Release Schedule:
The War for the Overworld beta has been slated for a March 30th release — three months before the full game is released on August 30th. Starting in September the team will begin developing additional content for the game, including the Flex Goals (a variation of Stretch Goals) that have been chosen by the community.

Game Modes:
The full game will include a single-player campaign, a sandbox mode, and online multiplayer. The 12 listed additional features (Flex Goals) range from additional multiplayer and co-op content to a dynamically changing dungeon crawler where you play as a hero fighting your way through hordes of creatures and bosses sent by AI-controlled Underlords.

Modding & Nexus Partnership:
Subterranean Games recently partnered with Nexus Mods to provide a central, dedicated platform for the modding community. A large portion of the team came from a modding background and are working to ensure that Dungeoneer, the game’s toolkit, is built with usability and expandability in mind.

“It’s going to be extremely interesting to see Dungeoneer in action. While other developers will release tools for their game without truly understanding their modding community, as they aren’t modders themselves (obviously there’s a big difference between a mod author and a game developer), Dungeoneer is, in essence, a modding tool by modders-turned-game-developers, for modders.” – Robin ‘Dark0ne’ Scott, founder of Nexus Mods

The game is built upon the Unity 4 game engine and will support Windows, Mac, and Linux out of the box.

Press package:

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