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Last call for Kickstarter Rewards.

Darkest Greetings Underlords! It’s been a little while since we’ve been in touch regarding a Kickstarter-specific topic, but we have important news regarding your data and our ability to fulfil any outstanding rewards. We processed fulfilment of all Kickstarter pledges in February 2016, but if for some reason you never […]


Beyond Patch 2.0 – What happens now?

Darkest greetings Underlord, It’s been just a couple of weeks since we unleashed the gargantuan Patch 2.0 and The Under Games expansion; the reception has been incredible! We can’t thank all our fans enough for making this release our best yet! In the wake of release the momentum hasn’t yet […]


Patch 2.0 Compiled Hotfixes

Darkest greetings Underlord, It’s been nearly three weeks since wew unleashed the massive Patch 2.0 and The Under Games expansion. Since that time we’ve been hard at work trying to address any problems our players have encountered the slipped through the cracks of our testing. Through the incredible efforts of […]