Patch 1.1.15 Release Notes


Greetings Underlords, After a couple of weeks of silence we’ve at last completed work on our latest Minor Patch. 1.1.15 is a large update encompassing quite a few changes including some significant performance optimisations. We’ve been testing all the changes in this patch over the past two weeks and we’re […]


WFTO Wednesday #129: End of an Era


End of an Era   The end is upon us Underlord and a new beginning just around the corner. Since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign two and a half years ago we’ve kept you up to date with our weekly updates. With 129 (130 if you include the one […]


Patch 1.1.7 Release Notes


Hey folks, Patch 1.1.7 is now available and with it comes a couple more gameplay and balance changes including one most regularly requested. We’ve also squashed a handful of bugs that have been reported over the last couple of days! If you’re having any issues keep those reports coming so […]


WFTO Wednesday #128: Penultimate Episode


Penultimate Episode Hey folks, We have a huge bundle of exciting things for you to salivate over this week! As such we’re going to try and keep our usual writing quite short and just drop you into each point! Read on Underlords!   Dev Diary & Interview w/ Richard Ridings […]


Patch 1.1.5 Release Notes


Patch 1.1.5 Release Notes Darkest Greetings Underlord, Another few days have passed since we last opened the rift and passed unto you our latest work in Patch 1.1.4 and now we’ve pushed out a new patch with additional fixes and balance changes! Click here to read Patch 1.1’s Release Notes […]


Patch 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 Release Notes


Patch 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 Release Notes Hey Folks, Since the release of patch 1.1 a few of you may have noticed that we’ve been regularly updating with minor updates. Until now the iteration rate has been so quick that we’ve not had time to put together some release notes for […]


WFTO Wednesday #127: Patch 1.1 Now Available!


 Patch 1.1 Now Available   Greetings Underlords! After a few weeks of Public Testing we’ve just released Patch 1.1 into the wilds of the public steam branch! Key Features: Possession Overhaul 4-Player Skirmish & Multiplayer Loads of new Skirmish & Multiplayer Maps Info Panel Overhaul Tonnes of Improvements & Bugfixes […]

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