Patch 2.0 Compiled Hotfixes

Darkest greetings Underlord,

It’s been nearly three weeks since wew unleashed the massive Patch 2.0 and The Under Games expansion. Since that time we’ve been hard at work trying to address any problems our players have encountered the slipped through the cracks of our testing.

Through the incredible efforts of our stalwart volunteers as well as our programmers and of course the ever-patient community we’ve squashed a whole swathe of bugs in our recent hotfixes and there’s more fixes to come in the upcoming Patch 2.0.1!

In case you haven’t been following our efforts thus far we’ve compiled together the results of the 2.0 hotfixes here for your convenience. The following patches are all included in these notes:

  • 2.0f2 – April 20th
  • 2.0f3 – April 20th
  • 2.0f4 – April 21st
  • 2.0f6 – April 21st
  • 2.0f8 – April 24th
  • 2.0f9 – April 25th

We’re now shifting our efforts entirely onto the not-insignificant Patch 2.0.1 which you can read more about in our latest announcement alongside our future plans for WFTO.

Compiled Patch 2.0 Hotfixes

Bug Fixes

Crashes & Gamestoppers

  • Fixed some users not being able to load into The Under Games if they did not also own Heart of Gold
  • Fixed an issue related to a corrupted options file that caused some users to not be able to load into certain campaigns


  • Resolved an issue that caused Banshees to be immune to projectile attacks


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Blade Lotuses to not deal damage


  • Fixed being able to accidentally add all units to the Peaceband
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Heal spell to sometimes fail to cast


  • Fixed some issues with several Blade Lotuses in the first level of Heart of Gold

Map Editor, Custom Campaigns & Community Translations

  • Fixed custom campaigns not uploading
  • Fixed the community translation upload screen not functioning


  • Fixed a pathfinding issue that would cause units to attempt to talk through Dungeon Cores and Gateways
  • Some minor AI-related fixes


  • Further fixes to the minimap-going-black issue – this is still not entirely resolved but should now occur far less often
  • Resolved most instances of flickering in the UI
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Skirmish menu to not load correctly


  • Empowered Banshee tutorial VO is now correctly hooked up


  • Fixed animation issues with The Duke and various Chunders
  • Fixed some animations issues with the Emperor, Priestess and Matriarch


  • All languages should now display correctly in all parts of the game & the editor – including the Japanese community translation
  • Fixed Chinese subtitles in Kasita’s Under Games intro
  • Fixed a font-related issue caused by an earlier hotfix
  • Fixed an issue causing the Chinese localisation to not display properly under certain circumstances


  • Minor error fixes & performance improvements
  • Fixed several errors that related to poor performance
  • Fixed Skirmish achievements not awarding correctly
  • Fixed a minor issue with cutscenes
  • Further fixes to corrupted options files

That covers all the work our dedicated Chunders have put in over the last few weeks! Keep your ear to the ground for further news on Patch 2.0.1 in the coming weeks!

We’ll see you underground.



– Brightrock Games Team

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