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First Expansion: Heart of Gold Announced!

  Update: Heart of gold will be releasing in May 2016 due to delays announced in this post Darkest greetings Underlord, The Emperor is gone and the Empire rudderless, the balance of power easily swayed to any Underlord that is not 600 feet under. You will now assume the role of […]


Join our Discord Server!

Darkest greetings Underlord, Your cultists are always divining new ways to make life in the Underworld that bit more entertaining, in their recent studies they have found mention to an arcane method of communication known only as “Discord”. If the name’s anything to go by this should be quite fun […]


Kicking it forward: Dwelvers

Darkest greetings Underlord, It should come as no surprise to you that we here on the WFTO Team are huge fans of Dungeon Management. In that regard we also suspect that your presence here is also of no small coincidence. Today we’d like to draw your attention to the Kickstarter […]