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War for the Overworld: Australian Edition

Oi mates, welcome to War for the Overworld, Australian edition. Ya sick of gettin’ buggered while smashin’ some bloody moungrels in dungeons and s#!t? All them do-goodin’ d!*kheads really not your cuppa tea? Time to get down in them dungeons and make a go of it yourself, ya bloody yobbo. […]


Unit Spotlight: The Cynical Imp

Hey folks, As a few of us all sat in a conference room over the weekend at Rezzed we had one of the brightest ideas we’ve had in ages. Unfortunately we’ve already written our WFTO Wednesday so we’re going to have to grace you with our invention today — we […]


Unit Spotlight: The Democorn

Hey folks, Since our news post last week was a bit dry we decided to grace you all with a special unscheduled update to spotlight one of our favourite new units. The Democorn was raised in a leprechaun’s pot over an active volcano. Fed with sprinkles, fire, and cupcakes this […]