Patch 1.4.2016 “Fool’s Gold” Release Notes


Darkest greetings Underlord,

With WFTOs first expansion, Heart of Gold, on the cards this month we felt that now would be a good time to share some highlights from the upcoming v1.4.2016 patch. Among these pages you’ll find some of the changes we’re most excited about, many of which have been inspired by your own suggestions.

So without further ado we’d like to introduce you to Patch 1.4.2016 “Fools Gold” which will be releasing alongside Heart of Gold this month!

Read on Underlord!

General Changes

  • Following ample of feedback concerning the game’s pace, we have come to the conclusion that the gameplay is much too slow for many players. Because of this, the game speed slider now is locked at 150% speed for skirmish games and scenarios, and 200% speed for the campaign.
  • To emphasize the game’s comical nature, the main menu screen will now permanently feature the backside of a Chunder.
  • To prevent the game from being overly repetitive, the “Load” function now randomly loads one of the player’s save files rather than the desired one.
  • As we felt that the Home Realm didn’t feel fresh and exciting enough, it now will automatically be reset roughly once every thirty minutes.
  • Given that you never actually venture to the Overworld, the game’s title has been changed to “War for the Underworld (WftU)”.
  • Impenetrable Earth can now be mined but it will take your workers 24 hours to excavate a single tile.




  • Workers no longer lock any of the player’s mana, but instead lock RAM. Every worker above the fifth one will lead to increasing performance issues for the player, making a good balance between worker numbers and hardware quality crucial.
  • Mistreated workers can now form unions.
  • Workers may now level up to level 60. Players who buy the Heart of Gold DLC may level their workers up to level 70.
  • To aid players with a defensive playstyle, workers will now prioritize fortifying walls over all other tasks unless manually ordered around by the player.



  • Now has a significantly higher spawning rate than all other minions as we felt there weren’t enough of them on the battlefield.
  • Renamed to Goblin.



  • Cultists now know who Brian is.



  • To enhance the simulation experience expected from War for the Overworld, units will now refuse to work, eat or sleep in rooms which contain a chunder due to the unbearable stench.



  • Due to their volatile potions, picking up and dropping a Crackpot will now cause it to explode, killing the unit and destroying all wall tiles in a small radius.



  • Now makes suggestive noises when torturing units in the Torture Chamber
  • We have removed the Succubus “Over the Shoulder” victory pose. We felt the pose was far too sexual and did not fit her character as a “vile demonic temptress of men and women”. All other aspects of the Succubus remain the same.
  • Based on popular community feedback the Succubus will now have scalable breast size, you can find the new “Bazonga” slider in the gameplay options menu.
  • There is now a small chance that the Succubus “Charm” ability will backfire, causing her to fall in love with the target. In this case they will both return to surface world to produce a batch of quarter demonic children who will subsequently star as badly written RPG characters.



  • In respect to his Augmented status the Augre has received new voice lines such as “I never asked for this”, “What a shame” and “My vision is augmented” He’s also taken to wearing sunglasses, despite being underground.
  • All Augres have mysteriously grown a tail.



  • Will now refuse to eat pigs in the Slaughterpen due to family matters (but you can still trick him to eat in the tavern. You monster)



  • Fixed a bug that caused the Shadow’s invisibility to be non-functional. The Shadow is now invisible to all players as intended (including his owner).



  • Now turns into a level 1 Dragon upon reaching level 10.
  • Is now correctly referred to as “Bad Ass Flying Unit”



  • Fixed a VFX bug that caused the Vampire not to sparkle when he stands close to light sources.



  • Now literally an unstoppable force, once spawned will choose a random direction and velocity then crash through any wall, object, defence, unit or Dungeon Core that gets in it’s way until it leaves the map.



  • Now literally and immovable object. The eternal cannot take damage and cannot move from it’s spawn coordinates under any conditions. If a Behemoth collides with an eternal units will crowd around and debate the philosophical implications until the game crashes.



  • Removed from the game to make room for a new titan.

New Titan: The Horned Reaper

  • A new Titan, the Horned Reaper has been added to the game
  • The Horned Reaper can be summoned using a Magical Talisman and will last 60 seconds, or until slapped
  • The Horned Reaper is far, far more powerful than the other Titans in the game and will cause them all to flee instantly upon seeing him.
  • Magical Talismans can be purchased from the Steam store for $1.99, or in a bundle of 10 for $15.99




  • Can no longer be called down on the same tile twice.



  • Will now remove 250 gold per cast from all affected units, unless those units have Health Insurance. Will ruin the life of any unit unable to pay.



  • Now actually makes the target minion mad.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to cast this spell on enemy minions.


Blood Money

  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to use this spell in the “water” tiles of Rhaskos’ realm.
  • Fixed a bug where Blood Money would affect other biological aspects of the target creature. Now only the blood is affected, instantly killing the creature but leaving a perfectly preserved golden copy of it’s circulatory system that you can submit to a museum.


Magical Meat

  • Due to heavy criticism by animal rights’ groups, micropiglets spawned by ‘Magical Meat’ now come equipped with parachutes to soften their landing.


New Spell: Micropiglet

  • Turns the target minion into a micropiglet for 30 seconds.
  • These pigs can be eaten by other minions.
  • However, this can have unexpected side-effects when the 30 seconds are up.



Haste Potion

  • Now makes affected units turn blue for the duration of the potion’s effect to make it easier to tell them apart from minions that can’t go fast.



  • Wormhole now has three distinct effects:
    • May open a wormhole to a alternate dimension where the servants of the Empire are evil, Underlord minions are good and everyone has hysterically unstylish facial hair. Apart from Dwarves, who have no facial hair and are thusly shunned by their allies.
    • May open a wormhole to an alternate universe where the servants of the Empire are a spacefaring race of doctors who seek out and cure all maladies.
    • May open a wormhole into deep space causing all affected minions to be lost permanently and potentially causing a permanent rupture in the space time continuum.
  • Also houses ravenous worms.




  • The enhanced mana regeneration caused by this ritual has been further increased. However, if the players does not cast enough spells during the ritual’s time of effect and they return to full mana, the mana bar will explode, killing the player.


  • Now automatically casts upon building a Sanctuary.



  • Now queues up the Armageddon ritual after completion.



  • Now causes all units in the player’s command to rebel and depose them. Causing an instant loss and deleting the game from their hard drive.



  • Literally ends the world. DO NOT USE
  • Icon replaced with a big red button with a sticky note saying “DO NOT USE”



  • The player can now stuff additional micropiglets from the Slaughterpen into the training dummies of the barracks, which increases the work efficiency of minions training at the enriched dummies.



  • Every 1,000th meal will now be a ‘Jackpot Dinner’, which will be (loudly) announced by Mendechaus and followed up with a delightful rendition of ‘Disco Inferno’ whilst nearby minions show off their newly implemented “Dance” animations.


Wooden Bridge & Stone Bridge

  • Both of these bridges have been removed in order to encourage players to use the Volcanic Bridge spell.


  • Micropiglets will now leave the Slaughterpen and stalk your dungeon. Beware.



Wooden Door

  • As we felt that players were not polite enough to their minions, the wooden door now remains closed to minions trying to pass through it unless the player holds it open for them with the hand of evil.



  • Same as above, except the player has to pull it up instead of holding it open. As an added side effect, letting go of the portcullis will cause it to squash whatever unfortunate minions may currently stand under it.

Midas Door

  • All Midas Doors are now subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) and will now cost an additional 20% of their previous price.


Glacial Door

  • To limit the amount of micro-management needed for effective use of the Glacial Door, it can now no longer be opened at all.
  • Glacial doors can now shift across the map gradually at a pace of 1 meter per day.


Augrum Wall

  • Augrum walls are now made from Augres instead of defence parts.



Replacement Earth

  • To encourage well-planned dungeons the price of “Replacement Earth” has been increased to 10,000 gold, each additional replacement earth will increase this price by 5000 gold.


Warding Totem

  • Can now only be built in 2v2 games and only if the player formally announces he will go “Support” while in the mutliplayer lobby or at the start of the game.


Ember Rift

  • Ember demons spawned from the rift now place an additional rift every 5 seconds, these additional rifts are free from mana locking and will spawn further Ember demons which will then create further rifts, until the game crashes.


Shrine Changes

Gold Shrine

  • To simulate the hyperinflation that an unlimited source of gold would produce, all gold prices in the game will increase by 5% for every 10,000 gold mined from a Gold Shrine.


Manufacturing Shrine

  • Manufacturing Shrines have been tweaked so that they now continue to produce defense parts indefinitely until claimed by an Underlord. This adds a cool new gameplay element that forces the player(s) to claim the shrine before the accumulated mass of defense parts crashes the game.


New Artefact: Transfer Creature

  • This new artefact will allow the player who activates it to transfer one of their minions to the next single player level or multiplayer game they play.
  • Only works with level 1 minions.


Misc. Changes and Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible for the player to claim the Kenos before Mira did in Campaign Mission 10.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the three AI Underlords in Campaign Mission 12 from attacking all at once.
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Fixed several bugs that allowed the player to win against the Steven Fright AI personality on any difficulty setting.
  • Fixed the bugs on the floor of the game’s main menu.
  • Fixed two bugs that caused the Imperial attack waves in Campaign Missions 7 and 9 to attack much later than planned.
  • The game should now feel snappier.
  • Replaced Placeholder Bard Voiceovers with the correct Voiceovers recorded by Simburgur.
  • Minions will no longer cross the river to the west.


Until next time Underlord,
– WFTO Team

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  1. “Now turns into a level 1 Dragon upon reaching level 10.”

    This seems familiar :O

  2. Makes sense… i ever felt that there are some things that had to change. And again, every change makes sense here! How about changing the name of the game to: War for the Idiot World huh 😉 ?

    • But we just changed the name to War for the Underworld? :O

  3. Well this is interessting. But I have a few questions.

    Will the Portcullis also kill enemys when we drop them on them?
    Will the new Titan be called Horny and will he have a scythe?
    Will the Succubus reproduce itself whit our minions?
    When comes a brood function be added for the beasts?
    When does the function come that we can make a monster our selfs out of parts of our dead enemys?

    But honestly, this was fun to read and if you really want some things that would make the game better then simply ask and you will be over run by suggestions.
    Have a dark day slaveworkers of us dungeonlords. ^^

    • 1. Yes
      2. Not to his face and yes
      3. Nope only when their ability backfires
      4. You mean beast fornication? Already done.
      5. We’re not spoiling anything but these aren’t the full patch notes!

  4. Apriiiil foooools!

  5. Two hours too late with this one – do you not know the rules? Fools

    • This was posted at 11:20AM GMT, thus making you a double fool by the tried and tested British schoolyard rules!

  6. this update is sceptical to my point of view as showing the backside of a chunder is not comedic nor appropriate for any menu and making a players game suffer because of more minions by locking ram on your computer is also a bad update as it makes the player have a worse experience in the game and I would prefer it take mana than ram to make the game an unbearable torture for all to play because of the agonising lag.I also don,t like how you have added so much stuff to make the game crash it makes players have to restart a game all over again and I think the limits on the manufacture shrine should be extended but not made unlimited to stop the game from crashing. I hope this is april fools as this update is quite bad. I would like to add osme way to order minons to capture rooms or tiles specifically y as it think the rall yfalg does not cover it enough and beastmasters sometimes on campaign do not do there job I would like them to have an improved AI and for this to be looked into.Lighting is the only attacking spell and shold to be able to use think you need to rethink some parts of this update but I like the economic stuff like vat and hyper inflation that is good and the boost in gnarlings or goblins as they will be called. but besides that brain storm again I think heart of gold will be great although pls rethink this update a bit and maybye add some more before release

  7. Despite this beeing Aprils Fools, i would like a Trasnfer-Creature Artifact and a Horned reaper… or Dragons…

    and the Micropiglet spell would be fun too XD sure your minion explodes after 30 seconds, but that could be cool for killing high level enemies by having your lousy ones eat them. Sacrifice a weak unit to kill a strong one 😛

    So many good ideas…

  8. Bazonga Slider <- best idea ever!

  9. “Cultists now know who Brian is.”

    That one really made me laugh for some reason.

    I wish that many of these would really be implemented.

    • Well, who the hell is Brian??! I’m serious, who is he! Lol

  10. “We have removed the Succubus “Over the Shoulder” victory pose. We felt the pose was far too sexual and did not fit her character as a “vile demonic temptress of men and women”. All other aspects of the Succubus remain the same.”

    Oh, you!.jpg

  11. I for one am VERY upset. Augre tails are not to be joked about, and never should have been scraped in the first place!

    R.I.P. Augre Tail.
    You swept into my life, and swung into my heart.

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