War for the Overworld: Australian Edition


Oi mates, welcome to War for the Overworld, Australian edition.

Ya sick of gettin’ buggered while smashin’ some bloody moungrels in dungeons and s#!t? All them do-goodin’ d!*kheads really not your cuppa tea? Time to get down in them dungeons and make a go of it yourself, ya bloody yobbo.

This is a true blue dungeon management game, where killing all the good blokes is more fun than riding in the back of your mate’s ute to the bottle-o for some VB. Designed to make you Aussie cobber feel right at home, with none of that pommy s#!t like funny accents and right-way-up graphics.

Crack open a VB from the esky, chuck a sickie from work, and play a real f&@!ing game.

War for the Overworld: Australian Edition. Out April 2nd.

Get it up ya.



Until next time Overlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Whilst this is an awesome aprils fools joke, i really wish they would make a version with that guy narrating the gameplay, it would be awesome.

  2. I love it.

  3. Some useless bloody fat bastard has entered your dungeon.

    A wild lookin’ sheila has entered your dungeon.

    Your creatures are a useless mob of dozy bastards.

    A creature is hungry as buggery and there’s nothing to mung on.

    Some mongrel is laying into your dungeon core.

  4. Best DLC ever!

  5. Makes me think about the dutch version of Dk1.
    “your lair is to small” backtranslated to English is “your hole is to small”
    Fucking hilarious

  6. HAHAHA made me lmao, great job mates! See you on the 2nd of april!

  7. I forgot it was April Fools…Kinda was hoping for an actual update. LOL.

  8. Classic! Can we make an Irish version too?

  9. When does the actual update to v 1.0 come out?

  10. Now I’d like to see the Porcelain edition as either toilet jokes or the Merchant Ivory edition as an over-done English “Remains of the day” mickey-take featuring our minions.

  11. p.s. the “either” in my post was misplaced, but I think both could be done well perhaps. Loved the Aussie version too, since I didn’t mention it first time (“they keep coming back”).

  12. As an Aussie I can confirm that this is one of the more accurate Australian impressions I’ve seen on the internet

  13. This would be the most amazing DLC narrator.

  14. […] of the Overworld’s developers have mocked up a special Australian version of the game – it looks pretty much the same, except for one key difference. Oh, and they take a pop at […]

  15. […] I especially like that while it does make the obvious jokes (the graphics are upside down GEDDIT!?) it also riffs on the likely Aussie reaction to those jokes (“Welcome to Australia – where upside down jokes have not made any f***** one of us ever laugh.”). Check out both the blog post and the trailer here. […]