Unit Spotlight: The Democorn


Hey folks,

Since our news post last week was a bit dry we decided to grace you all with a special unscheduled update to spotlight one of our favourite new units.


The Democorn was raised in a leprechaun’s pot over an active volcano. Fed with sprinkles, fire, and cupcakes this unique beast was destined to bring adorable death to all who dared contest its rule over the realm. It knows no fear, no pain, and no remorse — and the few who have managed to escape its wrath whisper tales so frightful even the undead quake upon hearing them.

Outside of combat, which always ends in a swift (brightly coloured) death for the other participants, the Democorn will prance around your dungeon looking for friends.. The happy clippity-clop of its hooves often sends your own minions scurrying into the darker corners of your dungeon to avoid the Democorn’s particularly interesting form of… friendship — but the Democorn can smell fear.


  • Level 1: Friendship is Horrible: The Democorn will try to befriend any friendly unit it encounters, instantly turning it into another Democorn.
  • Level 1: Painbow: The Democorn fires a horrifically pleasant rainbow at an enemy unit, dealing every type of damage imaginable.
  • Level 4: Horny Charge: The Democorn charges at an enemy unit, dealing tons of damage with his fabulous horn and stunning it for all eternity.
  • Level 7: Disco Inferno: The Democorn breaks out into an awesome dance, filling the depths of the underworld with upbeat tunes and causing all nearby units — friend and foe — to join him in dancing uncontrollably.
  • Level 10: Double Painbow: The Democorn fires two horrifically pleasant rainbows at an enemy unit, dealing every type of damage imaginable, times two.

Audio [NSFW]

We’ll see you back here in two days for WFTO Wednesday!


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