Unit Spotlight: The Cynical Imp


Hey folks,

As a few of us all sat in a conference room over the weekend at Rezzed we had one of the brightest ideas we’ve had in ages. Unfortunately we’ve already written our WFTO Wednesday so we’re going to have to grace you with our invention today — we hope you don’t mind two updates this week.


Unit Spotlight: The Cynical Imp

The Cynical Imp will be the standard-bearer behind which all other minions will rally. Who knows what secrets hide beneath that dapper hat? What secrets lie within the twinkling, monocle-covered eye? How on earth does he keep that facial hair so well groomed?

These are all questions that will be answered in due time. For now we hope you will be sated by learning the unique abilities that this worker has at his disposal.



  • FoV Slider (Active): The Cynical Imp can use his monocle to adjust his field of view, allowing him to mine blocks at a great distance.
  • No Requests (Passive): The Cynical Imp knows better than you do, as such he will ignore any and all commands you give and mine whatever blocks he wishes.
  • Copyright Strike (Passive): Any unit that dares attack or insult The Cynical Imp is immediately removed from the game. Sorry about that.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Thanks for the giggles. You almost had me for a millisecond 😛

  2. in befor the “I need this in my life” comments, this made me lol =DDD

  3. Hehehe, I’m amused.
    Did you guys pull this one with TB’s knowledge or will he be as surprised as we are?


    • Never heard of April fools? Lighten up!

  5. Oh god, please implement this as an optional addition on custom games XD

  6. hahaha awesome guys!

  7. TB just found out about it xD

  8. lolz very fun xD these kinda april fools are very amusing

  9. Please, for the love of god. Put this in the game somewhere. I don’t care where, it can be in a bonus hidden level just for funsies. But I want this.

  10. I wish you guys always used a better display pic on posts

  11. LOL – Now get back to work you imps I demand a bug free dungeon.

    Seems like lighting is still a bit of an issue I have the same problem on my unity games, I just cant seem to get it just right.

  12. Yet again no hero units…give them more focus please…the way I see it…

    10 creatures…1 hero…not fair on the heroes…

  13. so freaking funny update with the facial hair and copyright strike huzzah!

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  15. I want a Gentleman Dungeon Theme.

  16. Just saw this on the Co-optional Podcast xD Very creative.