WFTO Wednesday #128: Penultimate Episode


Penultimate Episode

Hey folks,

We have a huge bundle of exciting things for you to salivate over this week! As such we’re going to try and keep our usual writing quite short and just drop you into each point!

Read on Underlords!


Dev Diary & Interview w/ Richard Ridings

A couple of days ago we posted up a youtube video featuring a number of the Subterranean Games team giving short interviews regarding the history of their project, their role and more.

We also feature an interview with the Legendary Richard Ridings, better known as the Mentor. Check it out below!


WFTO Wednesday to end next week

Prior to 1.1’s launch we announced our plans to start winding WFTO Wednesday down, we want to instead focus on continued communication through our community forums and providing regular monthly updates to you via our Newsletter service!

Don’t worry this doesn’t mean we’re ceasing to update the game simply that news updates will come less regularly but be filled with more content. We’ll still be posting patch notes as often as they’re released and any other important information you’ll still find here at We will simply be summarising this into a monthly post instead of weekly updates that sometimes lack content.

If you want to be the first to hear the latest news regarding development, future content, plans and new projects from the WFTO Team then sign up to our newsletter here!


Minor Patches Released

Since releasing Patch 1.1 we’ve been working hard on fixing up any issues you’ve been reporting to us, our fantastic QA Team has been working around the clock to identify and report issues and our code team has patched them up.

We’ve released 5 minor patches since 1.1 came out and you can read their patch notes below:


Patches 1.1.1 – 1.1.4 Release Notes

Patch 1.1.5 Release Notes


Steam Sale

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As part of the Steam Sale the game is being sold at a 40% discount until the 17th of June at 6AM GMT+1, if you have friends who are interested in the game but have yet to take the plunge with this added incentive now is the time.

After the 40% Flash Sale ends the game will remain 20% off for the remainder of the Steam Sale, so even if you miss it there’s still plenty of chance to grab the game after!

Head on over to our steam page to find out more!


Update regarding Kickstarter Rewards

A few of you have been asking for some updates on the process of fulfillment of the Physical Kickstarter reward tiers. We can only thank you on your patience so far and Understand that you’re eager to get your hands on all the promised physical goodies.

While we don’t have an ETA for you we are working on sourcing all the physical goods and we expect that these will start coming into our offices over the next few months. We’ll be keeping you posted via Kickstarter updates even when WFTO Wednesday has ended and via the Newsletter.

That’s it for this week Underlords we’ll see you next week for our Final WFTO Wednesday!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. DK is still better.

  2. Well, I’m a backer and I don t understand why I still didn’t get my box, just the box with the dvd. I have no other physical goods. And I believe you’re waiting to get all the physical goods to send the box. Why not sending the boxes ?, thx

  3. i want to horny

  4. Are you the crators of this game software??