Patch 1.1.5 Release Notes

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Patch 1.1.5 Release Notes

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

Another few days have passed since we last opened the rift and passed unto you our latest work in Patch 1.1.4 and now we’ve pushed out a new patch with additional fixes and balance changes!

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Read on for the latest patch notes!


Balance Changes

Defence Balance Changes

Some months ago we implemented a change that increased the health of all units to ensure they survived longer in combat compared and made fights more dynamic and interesting. We never increased the defences inline with this and since the unit spawning changes the effectiveness of defences has been severely compromised.


  • Bombard health increased to 1500 (up from 1000)
  • Bone Chiller health increased to 1500 (up from 800)
  • Gargoyle health increased to 2000 (up from 1500)
  • Glacial Door base health increased to 4000 (up from 2000)
  • Glacial Door max health increased to 10000 (up from 8000)
  • Portculis health increased to 3500 (up from 1500)
  • Rampart health increased to 3500 (up from 1500)
  • Well of Souls health increased to 4000 (up from 500)
  • Wooden door health increased to 2000 (up from 750)


Passive Research Rate

We found that the rate at which sins we’re being unlocked in patch 1.1.4 to be far too fast. The reason for this is that the passive rate at which sins were unlocked was far too high, this meant that the gradual increase in time to gain sins was not felt due to the high research rate. As a result we’ve chosen to significantly lower the research rate.

  • Passive sin generation rate reduced to 1 Research point per second (Down from 1.7 per second)


Ember Demon (Unit/Construct)

The Ember Demon and it’s rift has commanded a powerful position within the game, with their large damage output and on-death explosion they were able to rip through both units and defenses with little effort.

We wanted to reduce their effective against units while maintaining their excellent position as a siege unit. As such we’ve reduced the overall damage and effective range of the Ember Demon while giving it a 50% damage increase against defences. This will also secure their position against the above Defence Changes

  • Basic attack damage reduced to 30 (from 70)
  • Ember Spirit damage reduced to 100 (from 125)
  • Firecracker damage reduced to 50 (from 160)
  • Firecracker radius reduced to 2 tiles (from 4)
  • Firefracker now applies a 2 second stun
  • Firefracker cooldown increased to 15s (from 8s)
  • Flare damage reduced to 50 (from 80)
  • Flare range reduced to 2 tiles (from 3)
  • Flare cooldown increased to 10s (from 5s)
  • Now deals 75% bonus damage to Defences with all abilities

Garrison (Room)

We’ve nerfed the Garrison’s percentage health regen buff to defences slightly to compensate for the increased health of defences.

  • Defence health regen buff reduced to 10+0.5% per second (Down from 10+0.75% per second)

Forge (Spell)

Forge has had limited usage since release and with the increased defence health the heal component of forge is even less useful. To compensate we’ve given it a significant buff to both it’s healing and mana cost.

  • Defence heal increased to 300 + 25% (up from 50 + 20%)
  • Mana cost reduced to 250 (Down from 300)


Bone Chiller (Defence)

The bonechiller is positioned as an excellent utility defence, increasing the effectiveness of others by slowing and distracting enemy units. With a small buff to it’s passive slow this should become much more obvious.

  • Slow amount increased to 55% (Up from 40%)


Well of Souls (Defence)

For a late game trap the Well of Souls was not performing as well as we had hoped, by increasing the damage it deals, it’s stacking damage increase and reducing the amount of souls required to spawn a wraith this defence should command an even more powerful position.


  • Damage increased to 35 + 30% per target (Up from 20 + 20% per target)
  • Wraith spawning cost reduced by 25%



Blade Lotus (Defence)

  • Damage increased to 100 (Up from 80)


Bombard (Defence)

We’ve removed the knockback from the Bombard in favour of increased range, we felt that the Bombard’s knockback caused combats which involved them to behave erratically for limited gain on the part of the Bombard. With increased range the end result is the same while opening more options for positioning of Bombards.


  • No longer has a small knockback on hit
  • Range increased to 4 tiles (up from 3)
  • Ballista range increased to 4 tiles (Up from 3)


UI Changes

  • Added a checkbox to the Multiplayer lobby to allow the player to hide full games
  • Colour coding added to the Multiplayer lobby for ping quality
  • Added status notifications for claiming and losing shrines
  • Permanent status icon added when a player has control of the Kenos in Levels 12 and 13.

Audio Changes

  • Shrine claimed and lost notification voice over added
  • Additional alerts and voiceover added for information regarding the tavern

AI Changes

  • Workers will now fight other workers unless other enemy units are nearby
  • Support added for Hero factions as extra AI Players in Multiplayer & Skirmish

Visual Changes

  • Visual improvements added for the Corrupted Highguard
  • Standard theme core beat colour is now matched to team colour
  • Blade Loti will now die correctly after dying

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the first player in a match would not have themed wall connectors
  • Fixed a visual issue where worker VFX would not play
  • Fixed an issue where self-targeting abilities in possession (Shadow Blink) would not work
  • Fixed a typo in a faction name on Level 4
  • Fixed missing dismiss hotkeys from Worker Rally and Impasse
  • Necromancer ghouls will now read their correct activity
  • Connectors are now correctly teamcoloured
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the siege shrines from working
  • Fixed an issue where bed occupancy was not visible on the client in Multiplayer
  • Fixed several issues with slapping on clients
  • Fixed an issue where rotating the camera would cause grabbed units to become invisible
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the dropping of units into a torture chamber

That’s it for this patch Underlord, join us tomorrow for War for the Overworld Wednesday!


Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team


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  1. Started playing the sandbox mode and realised it was building only . I remember in dungeon keeper 1 and 2 you had a garrison of enemy soldiers at your disposal so you could stage attacks to your dungeon .Am I missing something ?
    If this is the case I would much prefer if a garrison of enemy soldiers were added to the sandbox mode . would definitely make creating your perfect dungeon more interesting.

    • You are missing two things.

      1. Dungeon Keeper 1 never had a mode like that so there was no garrison either.

      2. What you will want to play is the Home Realm Mode in the campaign. It let’s you spawn waves of heroes just like DK2 did.

  2. Glad to see you guys are still supporting your game actively. Makes me feel right about having baught the game!

  3. Wanted to say big thanks to you guys for continuing to support the game. It’s a rare thing nowdays and because of that, even more appreciated. Keep it up!

  4. any perfomance-related fixes?

  5. I played the 1.14 everything was fine. Played the 1.15 now you can’t drop anything onto a room piece.

    Examples I found were dropping prisoners onto a torture pit and dropping unidentified archives onto the shelfs to be researched. The imp had to place it.

    But the imp cant place tortured creatures.. .or can they? that would be uber cool.

  6. after rereading your fixes, I think I originally played 1.14 when you had the torture chamber bug, but definitely I just finished playing on 1.15 and I couldn’t drop an unidentified archive correctly

  7. I noticed every single issue you identified while playing this last weekend…and I’m impressed that you already have them addressed.

    Very well done by your staff!

    Other things I have noticed:
    -“Dead” creatures at 0 health are dragged into Jail, where they die and pop out again. This cycle repeats indefinitely. The 0 health bug seems to occur when sacrificing creatures in the tavern as well. They hover over the cookpot indefinitely.
    -The AI eventually seems to quit trying. It seems like if you turtle long enough you can just walk into a skeleton force in a nearly deserted base. Not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve never seen an AI build an ember rift. This may be due to resource exhaustion.
    -It is unclear why you cannot sacrifice enemy creatures from the prison in the Vampire ritual. This may not be intended.
    -Necromancers appear not to be following rally commands.

  8. GJ

    I think these changes will improve the situation much of the balance of the game

  9. I love this game ! And it’s very nice to see that you are still improving it regularly.

    How do I get a vampire ? 🙁 I have the cemetry but it only generate ghouls

    • Vampire requires the high level sin research “summon vampire” Have to drop three creatures onto the alter to sacrifice. Cannot be prisoners.

  10. I bought this game for the possibility of a DK2 clone. I am blown away by the fact that even so early in the bug fixing its so much more than DK2 ever was. Keep up the great work and ill keep an eye on your other games with anticipation!

  11. How can i add the Hero factions as extra AI Players in Multiplayer?

  12. Happy to see the continued improvements, my only wish is that you would PLEASE learn the difference between [it’s] that is a short form of “it is” and [its] that specifies ownership because these patch notes are confusing and look horribly unprofessional. There have been more instances where you need to drop the damn [‘] before an [s] but just please for the love of the underworld at least get it’s and its right.