Patch 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 Release Notes

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Patch 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 Release Notes

Hey Folks,

Since the release of patch 1.1 a few of you may have noticed that we’ve been regularly updating with minor updates. Until now the iteration rate has been so quick that we’ve not had time to put together some release notes for you.

Fortunately we’ve put a little time in this weekend to ensure you’re all up to date on the latest developments in the game. Read on for patch notes!

If you’ve not read the Patch 1.1 Patch notes yet you can do so here!

Known Issues (Updated as of Patch 1.1.4)

  • Campaign Menu background is occasionally flashing black for some players
  • Destroyed Siege doors on Level 13 do not disappear and sometimes have the wrong orientation
  • The game is sometimes crashing on boot for some players
  • Gold statues cannot be slapped properly in Multiplayer
  • Own player’s Augrum walls are unmineable to that player in Multiplayer
  • Workers sometimes have trouble picking up units near props in Multiplayer
  • Blade Lotus is not correctly appearing as invisible
  • Blade Lotus animations are not always firing correctly

v1.1.1 – 10/06/2015

Map Changes

Skirmish – Catacombs

  • Fixed gold tiles being extremely low value

Skirmish – Acrophobia

  • Removed Sacred Earth
  • Added more gold

Campaign – Level 13

  • Drawbridge now blocks flying units when raised

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ghouls not following their Necromancer when rallied
  • Fixed Beastermaster not being able to catch and carry beasts
  • Fixed a bug where the Manufacturing Shrine would not correctly produce defence parts after a save and a load
  • Fixed the bug that was preventing the grey fog from working on Multiplayer Games
  • Fixed a bug where units would not covert correctly in Multiplayer Games for clients

V1.1.2 – 11/06/2015

Balance Changes


  • Now desires to work in the Foundry more often


  • Now desires to work in the Archive more often

Map Changes

Campaign – Level 7

  • Player will now correctly lose on the death of their core
  • Rhaskos no longer regenerates health making the “Defibrillator” achievement easier to achieve

Campaign – Level 13

  • Empire Crypt will now spawn disciples instead of Ghouls

UI Changes

  • Added a full games filter to the Multiplayer Lobby

Bug Fixes

  • Units that are spectating the Arena should now always face towards the arena
  • Bombards that have Ramparts will now take damage from Overdrive, the Rampart will no longer take the damage
  • Dropping Gold on Minions once again improves their moods
  • Fixed revealed Fog of War being present on Campaign Levels
  • Fixed a bug in the Multiplayer lobby were player’s would receive a confirmation instead of an alert when host leaves (The Host has left, Yes/ No.)
  • Fixed unclaimed tiles around Dungeon Cores not counting as being within the Area of Influence (making them uncastable until claimed)
  • Beast Masters now look into the Arena when coaching units
  • Fixed impact animation on Tempalrs
  • Ensured that kill objectives in Multiplayer only consist of enemies
  • Fixed several issues with tile ownership for neutral factions
  • Fixed an issue on the catacombs level where incorrect win conditions were in place for team games
  • Shrines and other objects now visible right from start when in Fog of War conditions (Multiplayer Matches)
  • Made some small fixes to the Sin Generation Rate
  • Glacial doors cannot be placed in unusual positions anymore
  • Units should no longer have excessive trouble hitting defenses behind ramparts
  • Doublefixed the bug where different titans can be unlocked at once but won’t actually appear
  • Several fixes to typos on the Loading screen tips


v1.1.3 – 12/06/2015

Visual Changes

  • Implemented Rampart destruction VFX

Bug Fixes

  • Clients should now properly see fog of war information from their allies
  • Fixed an issue where prophecy would behave unusually on the client
  • Fixed a visibilty issue with cores in Multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue where patrols would not continue after a loaded save
  • Fixed an issue where loading campaign level 7 would cause Rhaskos to regenerate life
  • Themed walls that are on impenetrable rock are now correctly colourised
  • Fixed an issue where themed workers did not have digging and running sounds

v1.1.4 – 12/06/2015

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical issue where loading a level would cause objectives to become incompletable


That concludes all the minor release so far and for this week, expect a few more coming in next week 🙂

-WFTO Team

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