WFTO Wednesday #121: Information is Power


Information is Power

Hey folks,

Its been a quiet week over at Subterranean HQ, we’ve taken the opportunity to let a few of us spread our wings and have some short breaks to see the outside world.

Honestly we think it’s been rather oversold… In all our forays outside, strange frozen raindrops have assaulted us from the skies. The superstitious among have claimed that such signs herald the end times, or are punishment from the divine lord Sammy for abandoning our posts.

Still that doesn’t mean we’ve not been hard at work and continuing to improve the game for you read on for the progress this week!

Patch 1.1 Progress – Information Panel

Although we’ve been “blessed” by receiving the punishment of the sky gods there are those of us still slaving away on the new and returning features for patch 1.1. Progress is going well and we’re still on track for the release within a months time.

Over the next few weeks you can expect a couple of teasers from us with details of the changes coming up in the patch, we’ll be showing these off as and when they become available for us to do so.

First up is the information panel which is receiving a complete design review, the “Dev text” which was previously prevalent in this panel has now been replaced with friendly ’descriptive text and important information for the player.


All props, units, rooms and tiles will display the information that we feel it’s important that you know about that particular object. For example the purpose of each prop is now readily available, ownership is now clarified and generally the whole panel is now tidied up.


We’ve still got some work to do so any feedback is welcome, be sure to leave a message over on our forums!


The Future of WFTO Wednesdays

Since the completion of our Kickstarter Campaign we have been releasing a WFTO Wednesday update every week, it’s always been our goal to keep you informed of where development is at as well as to tease some of the things you could expect to see in War for the Overworld.

Now that the game has released practically all of the information is already in public hands and our focus for War for the Overworld now on long term maintenance and expansion rather than the development of news units, spells or rooms. As such it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to fill in these regular news posts with brand new information that you don’t already know.

We can feel the twilight days of these posts fast approaching, but before the end we want you to know our plans well in advance. Next month we will be stopping our weekly news posts, instead we’ll simply be posting news as it develops and then recapping it at a set time in the month.

It’s our hope that this will save not only our time but yours as well and help us avoid the times where WFTO Wednesday is naught but a few lines. Naturally we’ll be remaining active on the forums and we’ll be posting all news to our social media channels and steam as well. You will always be able to contact us there!

WFTO Wednesday will be running for a few more weeks and then we’ll be switching over to monthly news recaps. Thank you all for sticking with us through all these years and we hope for many more to come!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. These new tooltips look REALLY good! Can’t wait for 1.1!

  2. Will 1.1 be considered as free patch or the first payed DLC?

  3. I played wfto the day. No the hour it came out. I quit playing it two days later and will not return. I want to build a dungeon, and enjoy it. Not rush tto survive. Its not even fun.

  4. RIP WFTO Wednesdays 2013-2015.

  5. Errr game is far from finished.. I don’t see a reason to stop these weekly updates any time soon.

    Plus not everyone trawls the forums, weekly updates are a good way to keep the public informed and make it look like the game is still active.

    Look at bungie and the halo games, they had weekly updates after development and they managed to fill them for years.

  6. Looking at all the rooms placed next to each other, I still think the Garrison room prop is an eyesore. Or at least, having multiple copies of it in one room makes them such. I miss the Table w/ Map from DK2…

  7. Hello,
    I kinda miss the room “Unholy Temple” which spawned the Dark Angel.
    Or the chicken Spell, Fear Totem(defense), The Hidden Door.
    or the way imps level up. and i agree with the garrison point. When the garrison is lit up the frames drops down alot.
    Dont want to be a nag, i like the game alot but still needs some work..
    The weekly posts/updates kept me reliefed that u were working on it.
    but this post kind of worries me…

    • The Dark Gods demand a presence in the game, palpable feeling of their presence and sacrifices of course, lots of sacrifices, preferably breathing. Who dares not implement “The dark gods have rejected your sacrifice?” *goosebumps* >=]

      If only one could erase parts of his memory and reintroduce the game for himself, want to like this game too but just cant after all that has transpired, unfortunately what you mean by needs some work is probably something that just cantwont realistically be done so I join you in sadness.

    • Again, now for you this time: This game is NOT Dungeon Keeper. There will be no chickens, no Dark Angels, no rooms “Just because DK had them” or anything that would be there just because DK had it. Most of that stuff is licensed by EA anyway and using them would be downright a crime.

      Those things will not be added because they simply don’t belong into this game.

  8. Well, who am I not to trust you guys on finishing up that game properly 😉 The guys at Calypso failed with Dungeons 2 and now it’s time for someone else to pick up the torch and carry on with it.

    Go ahead and make this the DK3 successor everyone always wanted 🙂 You already got a great start.

    I will admit however that I agree with some other peeps about weekly updates being interesting.. although if you manage to pack enough punch with monthly patches for bug squashing, I guess I’m fine with that.

    • “Calypso failed with Dungeons 2”
      Yeah, riiight… nice joke. This is not Dungeons 2 forum and also Dungeons 2 failed in nothing, is all in all a decent game and it does what it says it does, WftO does not, period.

      “Go ahead and make >this< the DK3 successor everyone always wanted :)" Keep on dreaming. But oh wait there's more o.O

      "You already got a great start."
      Really? No, Seriously? Great start? Did you even have or try the game at this so called "launch"? Unless you are trolling… that must be a joke.

      Still to treat it seriously WftO went bankrupt before this "release" and is now a huge sinking ship that has to somehow fix all the broken stuff on the money it cheated from people by saying that the game is good and done, so much for a great start indeed.

      You clearly don't know what you are talking about so please just stop.
      Get back to the coffin and on to waiting for DK3, the time is not right yet. Maybe in a few years.

      • DK2 was the sole reason i stopped playing DK2. It thre overboard everything that made DK good. It ruined the atmossphere, broke a lot of the gameplay: It was downright terrible.

        Though all i see you do is hate on WftO and everyone who doesn’t hate on it with you. So i’d just assume it’s you who has no idea. If WftO is so terrible why waste your time to sicken us all with your presence? Noone needs you here.

  9. Hey guys, first & foremost I’d like to say that I’m enjoying the game so far. I know there’s still a lot of work to do before you start taking on suggestions for improvement, however I’d created a list based on my own experiences for your consideration:

    1. A couple of spells which DK got right include the Destroy Wall spell & the Lightning (on any tile) spells. These would add a strategic dynamic to the game which is currently missing.

    2. The Temple room was definately unique to DK, however I’d like to see the Sanctury room in WftO, adopt a similar principle to sacrifice minions for rewards or random events.

    3. Mana is definately unbalanced at the moment. I think a lot of DK fans who have converted over to WftO would agree that littering their dungeons with traps was part of the fun, having traps tied to mana doesn’t make a lot of sense. PS: Missing a Boulder trap! Watching those things fly down enemy hallways was always fun!

    4. Being a spiritual successor to DK means building on the things that made DK great, but also adding elements which we all wished for. I think having different themes for the dungeon is great, but how about pure aesthetics? Given the option I’d love to be able to place statues around my dungeon, or create pools of lava wherever I wanted. People enjoy spending time creating the ultimate dungeon…

    I hope you consider these suggestions & I look forward to your upcoming patches. Thanks!

  10. Just please! Make it WORK! i have an absolute monster pc and this one lags like ****. At least now it stays barely together without crashing but please, focus on the improved visuals after you have made it work.

  11. The game should feel less edgy and more round.

  12. The game’s UI is still underdeveloped and you guys have pussy-footed around the issue since the beginning. The only way to manage rooms or monsters is still with the mouse, which is terrible. You need to implement better control schemes over your game with shortcuts. You know computers utilize keyboards, right?