WFTO Wednesday #109: Rated D for Delayed


Rated D for Delayed

Hey folks,

As you might have guessed by the big, massive letters above: we’ve got a tiny, final delay.

The Delay

So this delay is a bit of a mixed bag. A bit of good and a bit of disappointment — but before you cry out in dismay — we want to make it clear that we’re only delaying the release by 27 days. 27 final, no-more-delays days. The game will be absolutely and finally released on April 2nd (and after just over 2 and ½ years we’re preemptively declaring it a wondrous day).

The good news is that these extra few weeks allow us to add a ton of polish to the game (since we were already gunning for a March release, we now have some time to go back and add some extra flair to existing assets, and add a little extra polish to our campaign).

We’re sure you’re keen to know the reason for this final delay, and the truth of the matter is that there was a bit of a miscommunication between ourselves and PEGI. PEGI is the ratings board that is relevant to our physical, boxed release in Europe, and, because we are bound by this, our responsibilities to our backers who purchased boxed copies, and our commitment to release our game in stores, we have to wait an additional few weeks before release.

The miscommunication resulted in us having to delay our submission to PEGI, which means that our boxed copies of the game can’t be printed yet, which, unfortunately, delays our final street date. We hope that you will understand this one final hurdle — as a new developer we’re still at the tail end of the learning curve… and we’re confident that this final jump will be the last we have to leap over before the game is released.

The reason that our submission was delayed was a result of the addition of cutscenes to the game. Per regulation, these need to be evaluated by the aforementioned board before the game can be rated. It turns out that our cutscenes also need to be rated by the board, and if we had known this in advance we would have begun working on them much sooner. This terribly unfortunate miscommunication left our cutscenes incomplete when we submitted our game to the ratings board.

That said, in a few weeks they will be done and assessed by the ESRB, along with the rest of the game, at which point we’ll have our game confirmed and rated, and our manufacturers will be sent the OK to begin printing our boxed copies.

With all of those technical difficulties settled, let’s jump into a basket of good news and talk about what this delay means for the final release.

Early Adopter Bonus

We’re happy to announce our “Early Adopter” bonus! Everyone who purchased the game during (or before) the first month of release will be given WFTO’s first campaign DLC for free.

This expansion will be a short campaign that supplements and adds to the story of the main campaign. It also contains a new Dungeon Theme for use in Multiplayer.

This DLC will be released in June of 2015, but as you’ve doubtlessly seen our deadlines our less important to us than delivering shiny, solid gold content to you. We’ll reveal more details about this DLC, in addition to our plans for numerous free updates, shortly before release.

So, why are we doing this?

It’s a bit of an experiment, and our attempt to replace pre-order bonuses — an unfortunately all-too-common practice that isn’t consumer friendly for a variety of reasons. Chief among them, they force a potential player to gamble on a game before there is any hard feedback on the final product.

Our hope with this offer is that players will feel encouraged to pick up the game at full price (ie: before any big sales) whilst still giving them plenty of time to consult reviews, YouTube videos, and friends for general impressions and information about the game before they make a commitment to purchase it.

To answer some quick questions about our Early Adopter bonus:

  • This does not impact the backer-voted Flex Goal options (once the vote has taken place we’ll give you more details on when you should see this)
  • More details on what this DLC contains will be released at a later date (shortly after launch)
  • All backers, Early Access buyers, and anyone who already has a copy of the game will receive it (along with anyone that purchases a copy of the game during the first month of release)
  • All Steam purchases of the game will receive the Early Adopter bonus. This bonus applies until May 2nd, 2015 (purchases from other digital venues may vary slightly)
  • It will also be included in all retail copies in most regions

The Map Editor

We’re going to start working on the map editor before launch and will be releasing it before the end of May. This will be a basic implementation of the editor that will allow players to create their own maps for Multiplayer & Skirmish, with pre-placed rooms, Shrines, Artefacts, minions etc. and then upload them to Steam Workshop for other users to use & enjoy.

In addition, you’ll also be able to create your own Skirmish AI personalities, customizing their build orders and behaviour, such as how often and how early they should attack, if they focus heavily on mining gold, etc. You’ll also be able to share these on the Steam Workshop. This feature will be released before the end of June.

We also want to be clear that at this time we don’t plan to include any scripting functionality in the editor, but we are investigating the possibility of including it at a later date and will keep you updated.


For those of you who may have skimmed the above:

  • Release is delayed until April 2nd due to a mix-up with PEGI
  • The game will contain cutscenes
  • Anyone who purchases the game before May 2nd (including all backers / Early Access customers) will receive the first DLC for free (release date is somewhere around June (give or take…))
  • Map editor will be out before the end of May, Skirmish AI customization in June

And lastly, we just want to run through some dates and details for the next few months:

    • This week we’ll be launching the backer site, allowing our backers to give us their final address, t-shirt sizes, and other details, as well as voting on the Flex Goal they want to see
    • In mid-February we’re hosting a small preview event for press, we’ll have more details on this later
    • In mid-March we’ll be launching v0.7.0 which will introduce a huge amount of polish to the game
    • In mid-March we’re also going to be attending Rezzed
    • We may or may not have plans for April 1st
    • After a very long 2 and ½ years, the game will release on April 2nd

Campaign Preview

We’re sure that reading all the above has left you longing for some sweet sweet destruction; as such we’re going to close with some more concept art for the campaign map.

Unlike last week’s preview, which showed the map in it’s pristine and disgustingly goodly state, this week we’re going to show you how the fruits of your dark labour may look with a concept of the realm of Kairos post-pillaging!

evilized map2

We’re sure you can’t wait to get started on your conquest, we know that today’s announcement may have been disappointing, but we’re still working diligently to deliver the game to you and can’t wait to see the havoc you will wreak once we place the future of Kairos firmly in your evil hands!

That’s it for this week Underlords, drop by next week when we’ll be returning to our normal schedule of development updates! For all our Kickstarter and crowdfunding backers — keep your eyes open tomorrow as we’ll be announcing the launch of our Backer Site!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. I have waited for 15 years for this game. i want it so badly, i want it inside me. I want to have its babys named sequels and awesome campaign. There are no more of these kinds of games and its awesome to see a reboot of relatively ancient series.
    Good work Devs.
    Have a cookie “gives cookie to the developers and pats them on the head with satisfaction”

  2. Totally fine and frankly happy with the big “D”. You guys take as long as you need to make a good game for us all =)

  3. Not quite happy but I’ll manage. Thanks for the update. 🙂

  4. As my granny used to say: Evil things need time to become truly evil.

    I´ve waited for such a long time to be playing a worthy successor to DK, what should a mere few days change.

    Keep up your good work and thank you for producing something worthwhile.

  5. We can’t wait, but we’re so happy that your attention to detailed is so impeccable. The game looks so amazing and beautiful that it makes us cry with dark and powerful joyous gloom. Good guys beware. Bunnies run. We are coming for your riches and…your souls. Muhahahaha!!
    Best wishes for an awesome year ahead!!! <3 <3

  6. Well its been a little more than 15 years since Dungeon Keeper 2 was released. The wait is nearly over….

  7. i can even wait till 2016 if needed ….
    we fucking waited 15 years so who cares.P

  8. Take your time, and get the game out in good condition for the reviews! One extra month is nothing… 🙂

  9. Perfect decision. As others have said it’s better to spend extra time to polish as needed, the game must be as good as possible coming out of the gate. Nintendo’s attitude to the Zelda games for example, should really be the standard.

    In a year’s time, no-one will remember or care that the game was delayed by 1 month or even 6 months, if there’s a great game at the end of it.

    If the game that gets released is crap, bug-ridden, and lacking features, very few people* will care no-matter how good it is in a year’s time.

    *Those who look at reviews and splash the cash.

  10. Well i was quiet sure you’d never make it in time anyway. And while i can’t wait to play, i am always happy tow ait a little more if that means the game comes in a better state. Way too many games are rushed onto the market way too quickly nowadays, which often ruins what could have been a great game because of halfassed implementation.

    That’s a fate i’d not want to see for WFTO.

    So take all the time you need guys!

  11. As some have already said.. There is nothing wrong with a delay, as long as that delay is for polishing reasons. I much prefer a mostly glitch/bug-less final release that took a bit longer, than a rushed mess.

    First impressions have a big impact on people. For all the people who are buying this game on release, you want them to have a very good first impression.

  12. I would rather have gaming gold, then fools gold. Keep up the good work! Turn that D for Delay into a Dynomite launch!

  13. Keep up the superb work for those of us who bought the beta edition We have waited this long This title is worthy to be call dungeon keeper 3 this version by far has the best gfx as well in my opinion is better then the other 3 counting that android version. Take as long as you need to finish this work of evil. Thanks for what we have so far guys you would made bullfrog proud.

  14. just take your time develop in a good mood with a good vibe to achieve perfection! 🙂

  15. Atleast you explain why, just an explanation why delayed (even admit there where a problem of misinformation) make me feel fine with it

    “adapter” dlc is something I hope you can push trough as the next “main stream” sale tactic, that is just great

  16. I can wait. I did actually plan to wait about a month. For some extra polish and bug fixes. And a big thumbs up for your attitude about pre-order bonuses. More companies should do it like that.

  17. We want the D! *nohomo*

  18. Wow, My faith in humanity has been restored by a game bent on destroying it. I agree with the above when i say take your time get it right. Y’all have been great about communicating the development process which makes y’all awesome! Make it the indie game of the year and introduce it to a new generation.

  19. Ahhhhhhh… so I’ll have a wee bit more time to work on my “backhanding” skills, then? Nice!

  20. Agreed take as long as you need don’t rush it.

  21. Take as long as you need. I love what you have out so far, and I am really excited for the final product 😀

  22. I’m actually happy with this development, as I’d rather the game be polished than released unfinished or rushed into a state of completion below the level of quality preferred.

  23. So there will not be added any co-op to the game? A shame… I mostly bought the game on that promise…

  24. As far as i know co-op was never promised to be in the game. They have an stretch goal to add a co-op campaign in an DLC.

  25. absolutly fine looking forward for the release and 2.5 yrs is pretty good going for a great looking game

  26. It is wonderful to see such support in the comments to this story. Compared to the Steam comments on the release of Block n Load for example, this community has so much love and good will for the developers.

    Best of luck to you, Devs! Loving what we have so far!

  27. Wow. Are you guys allowed to be straight up and honest like this? Where’s the PR bull and evasions I’ve come to expect? What about the self sabotage and condescension that most other companies provide as a matter of course? Mark my words, if you keep this up and you’ll wind up with disasters like a great game and happy customers.

    Thanks for letting us know. I can wait as long as you need me to.

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