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Most Overdue Greetings Underlord, It has been some time since we shared news from within the fortified walls of the Brightrock foundry but for good reason! Our Augres have been hard at work crafting the true form of Project: Aftercare and it is the thing you’d least expect… That’s right […]


Studio Updates & Community Spotlight Q3 2020

Studio Updates & Community Spotlight Q3 2020 Darkest greetings Underlords, As the world above battles with the seemingly cursed year that is 2020. The crash of steel on reverberates through the long-dormant halls of the Underworld. Hushed whispers on cultists lips carry words of great works undertaken by skilled artificers; […]


Coming Soon: Street Fight for the Overworld

Auspicious Greetings Underlord, The long wait is finally over! The time has come and your patience is to be justly rewarded. Indeed we are ready to pull back the curtain and reveal the totally true identity of Project: Aftercare! But first we must address the elemental in the treasure room. […]