Most Overdue Greetings Underlord,

It has been some time since we shared news from within the fortified walls of the Brightrock foundry but for good reason! Our Augres have been hard at work crafting the true form of Project: Aftercare and it is the thing you’d least expect…

That’s right Brightrock has long since left the software space and we’re now entering the hardware race. So with an exultant howl we present to you at last Project: Aftercare or more accurately THE POWER HAND OF EVIL!


We know that many of our Underlords have longed for the day where they could reach into their dungeon and pluck their minions from its dark corridors and drop them elsewhere, or even deliver a hefty slap of your own.

Well with the POWER HAND OF EVIL™ you can do just that, simply don it’s moulded plastic form and you’ll be able to reach directly into your screen and enact your godly will directly. Note: This may be an exaggeration, we do not recommend actually reaching directly into your screen.

The POWER™ HAND OF EVIL features full finger tracking, and emotive motion sensing engines; it is fully compatible with all your favourite War for the Overworld actions and with the full power of your normal UI functions you’ll quickly find yourself throwing your keyboard and mouse out the window for this vastly superior control scheme.

You can probably even use it in other titles, though we’re not sure why you’d be playing anything other than War for the Overworld, the greatest game ever made.

Handy Features

  • Grab, Drop, Slap and Flick for Victory – Your hand movements are perfectly translated directly into the game. Pinch your fingers to pick up, wave your hand to slap and even utilise new flick functionality to drive your minions forward over long distances!
  • Place, Cast, Rally –  The power of your UI is at your fingertips! You can select rooms, place flags and cast spells using the handy, dandy keyboard embedded into the hand of evil.
  • Hot Swappable Keys We realise that options are power in the hardware space and fundamentally there’s too many awesome things in WFTO to fit on one gauntlet. To that end you can purchase key packs which contain random keys for WFTO Aspects, pry your room keys off and replace them for instant access! Naturally you can also find “Shiny” RGB keys in the packs. Gotta get ‘em all!
  • Go Hand in Hand – Sometimes 18 keys isn’t enough. If you need more you can chain POWER HANDS OF™ EVIL together, ride them up your arm, glue them together, maybe even wear one on your other hand! The options are endless!
  • Track Ball, Track All! – We’ve included a swish trackball, well understood to be the best 3D object to use in navigating a 2D space. It’s so rad!
  • Radical Gauntlet Appearence – Speaking of Rad, the moulded plastic of the glove matches that of designs in WFTO itself, now you can truly feel like a cheap version of an Underlord.
  • VR Compatibility – The Power Hand is fully compatible with all VR Headsets, explore WFTO like you’ve never seen before and look awesome while doing it!
  • Mo’ Money, Mo’ Features – Of course for our whales we’ve got more features on the premium founders edition, complete with OLED buttons and actual tesla coils with which to zap your foes. More on that below!

Become Radical!

No doubt you’re already reaching for your wallets and who can blame you? Not only will the POWER HAND OF EVIL™ will not only improve your gameplay, but also undeniably make you more attractive to those around you.

It’s good to be so bad

Obviously the current state you’ve seen is still an early prototype but we have opened up pre-orders of the super special founders edition! For a low markup of £2,500 you can get early access to the POW™ER HAND OF EVIL and any early hardware faults it develops! Bargain!

If you’re ready to take the plunge grab your founder’s edition version of the hand soon for the low-low price of £3,500.

Look forward to more announcements from us this year!

Until next time Underlord,

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