Coming Soon: Street Fight for the Overworld

Auspicious Greetings Underlord,

The long wait is finally over! The time has come and your patience is to be justly rewarded. Indeed we are ready to pull back the curtain and reveal the totally true identity of Project: Aftercare!

But first we must address the elemental in the treasure room. It’s been made clear to us that those among our learned comrades of the PC Gaming Elite, as most of our fans are, have no need for console editions of existing games. The fog now serenely lifted from our folly by your cold, hard feedback, we have taken the right course and cancelled the upcoming Sony PlayStation release of War for the Overworld.

Who even owns a PlayStation anyway?

With that much needed course correction now well and truly behind us, we needed to consider once more what it is that our most valued fans truly want… No… What is it they need? There can be only one answer! Introducing ULTRA Street Fight for the Overworld Hyper XX Accent Plus Double Overload Turbo!

Deadly Dungeon Combat Confirmed!

ULTRA Street Fight for the Overworld Hyper XX Accent Plus Double Overload Turbo (USFFTOHX2A+DOT for short) is the premier 2D fighting game from the team here at Brightrock. Looking at our core cast of characters we knew that the next big thing our fans would truly need is to see these devilishly diverse characters beat each other senseless.

You’ll duke it out in richly-detailed environments straight from WFTO!

You and up to one additional friend will pick from 20 wickedly awesome dungeon dwelling characters, all drawn from War for the Overworld’s pool of both Underlord and Empire units! Not only that, but each one will be realised in a jaw-dropping retro pixel-art style! Each character also features a full move set to call their own, from the blood-wielding cultist Brian to the ever charming and deeply disarming Lord of the Land, Lord O’Theland. There are even 3 hidden characters to unlock!


Here comes a new challenger!

But what makes USFFTOHX2A+DOT truly unique and special in this highly competitive genre? Well we’re glad you asked gentle beat ‘em up aficionado! In addition to choosing your character you’ll also pick a master for them, an Underlord if you will (or otherwise!) to command them in the arena and provide even more unique powers!

For example, choosing Underlord Kasita as your master will grant your chosen warrior the “Blood Money” trait. This means that for every point of damage they do to the enemy you gain gold. This gold can then be spent between rounds or even mid-match for special boons such as:

  • Healing PotionBuy a potion mid-match and chug it to immediately heal to full health.
  • Sentinel Construct a Sentinel mid-match which will assist you for 10 seconds.
  • Bodyguard Purchase another character from the character select screen to fight alongside you for the duration of the next round.
  • Match Rigging You slip your opponent some cash to throw the match convincingly – their damage is reduced by 95% and instant kills are disabled.
  • HitmanYour opponent is assassinated between rounds and you immediately win the match.

Kasita isn’t the only master who you’ll be able to pick though: all of your favourite Underlords are available, except for Korvek – he’s too popular to be included in the base game. But rest assured we have the perfect solution for those who can’t do without!


Expand Your Experience!

USFFTOHX2A+DOT is what we like to call a living, breathing, fleecing game. By that we mean that it will continue to evolve in new ways to make us money and to offer you, our valued player, valuable but overpriced downloadable content. 

This includes new characters, masters, skins, hair colour changes, music, UI interfaces, cheat codes, story skips, and mutators! Needless to say, if we can think of it we’ll put a price on it! We’ve already planned out our first fifty DLCs for the 2020 Season Pass; here’s some of the highlights:


  • Chunder Reinforcement Pack – £15.99 – Introduces 23 Chunder variants into the pool of characters, replacing characters randomly each time you enter the character select screen.
  • Korvek Master Pack – £29.99He’s destroyed far greater parts of himself than you.
  • Uber Characters & Masters – £15.99Adds Uber character versions e.g. Uber Lucius. Also adds the Uber masters Mendechaus and Kira.
  • Pay2WinPack – £99.99 Unlocks several pay to win mechanics such as invisible skins, invulnerability in multiplayer, one button KO and more!
  • Swimsuit Skins – £9.99Adds swimsuit skins for: 
    • Beastmaster (Board Shorts)
    • Necromancer (Speedos) 
    • Bard (Skinny-Dipper)
    • Lord O’Theland (G-String)
    • Succubus (Victorian Bathing Suit)
    • Chunder (Mankini)
    • Skarg (Flip-Flops)
    • Thunderling (Thong)

Cover up and protect yourself from those harmful rays and gazes!

If you don’t feel like paying extra for your post-release characters don’t worry – we’ll be releasing ULTRA Street Fight for the Overworld Hyper XX Accent Plus Double Overload Turbo – Revision Reload (USFFTOHX2A+DOT – RR) within the next two years! This edition will include all DLCs and space for plenty more to be added later!

Finally, all that remains to be said is that USFFTOHX2A+DOT will be coming soon to PC and also to the cutting edge Super Nintendo Entertainment System. 

Sega owners… dream on.


RRP £59.99 – PC Digital Download

£69.99 – SNES Cartridge


See you in the arena, Underlord!

– Brightrock Games Team

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