WFTO Wednesday #86: Patch 0.5 Preview 3: Defences & Rituals

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightPatch 0.5 Preview 3: Defences & Rituals

Hey folks,

In our third update regarding the upcoming patch we’re going to take a look at the new Defences and Rituals that will soon be at your disposal. Sit back, relax, and start dreaming up all the malicious ways you can put these new tools to use within the dungeon of your mind.




  • Mid Neutral
  • 2000 gold, 0 mana
  • The Portcullis can be used to create a door that spans multiple tiles

The Portcullis grants you the security of the door with the style of something stylin’. When built adjacent to other Portcullis defences the door can be extended as far as you can dig.


Finally, a door wide enough for two handholding minions to walk through



  • Early Sloth
  • 500 gold, 25 mana
  • The Bombard fires spheres of metal at great speed towards your enemies, and has an optional ‘overdrive’ mode to increase attack speed in exchange for reduced safety

The Bombard will hurl fiery metal balls at anything remotely considered hostile to you or your dungeon. Treat your enemies to a stylish* death or entertain yourself by filling a corridor with these before releasing a group of captured enemies at one end… ‘tis devilish good fun.


(Work in Progress) For scientific purposes micropiglets were used in lieu of cannonballs while prototyping this defence


Midas’ Door

  • Mid Sloth
  • 5000 gold, 25 mana
  • Whenever this door takes damage it will remove some gold from your reserves instead of losing health, making it impervious to attack as long as your coffers aren’t empty

This gilded, semi-sentient door may be capable of terrible, dark things… but fortunately for you it only chooses to be an impervious obstacle to claws, swords, hammers, fireballs or any other normally-destructive force. How it consumes gold is unknown, though there are grand rumours of an intricate series of pneumatic tubes that traverse the cobblestones beneath your dungeon.


(Placeholder Art) If you cannot pay its fee, your enemies shall pass through for free


Warding Totem

  • Mid Neutral
  • 250 gold, 25 mana
  • Can be placed on unclaimed territory or your own to grant vision in a large radius, continues to grant vision for 30 seconds after being destroyed

The Warding Totem removes all the mess of plucking out your minion’s eyeballs and enchanting them. These organically grown free range, grade AA eyes on sticks are a cinch to plunk down and will give you ample opportunity to peep around the surrounding Underworld with grace and ease.

(No art yet) Warding Totems nutritional value has not yet been assessed



  • Mid Wrath
  • 2000 gold, 0 mana
  • Can be placed on unclaimed territory and activated to create a claimed tile

Whether you choose to populate it with lavish furniture and succulent meats for your minions as a bed and breakfast or create an outpost filled with a dozen death-flinging defences the net result will be the further gentrification of the Underworld.

(No art yet) This defence pairs up very nicely with one that we have not yet disclosed. Think pneumatic tubes and you might be onto something




  • Late Sloth
  • 750 preparation
  • Completes all defence blueprints in your territory

From the fire of an eternal, ever-burning furnace comes a bevy of defence parts to rain down upon your blueprints.



  • Late Wrath
  • 900 preparation
  • Reveals the entire enemy dungeon for a short period of time

Cast your mind into that of your foes and see all that is under her control. This Ritual may cause side effects including: schizophrenia, nausea, ocular hemorrhaging, internal liquefaction, increased empathy, synesthesia and death.



  • Late Neutral
  • 1200 preparation
  • Resets enemy fog of war to black; does not affect areas that are currently within their vision

Send your enemies by to their darkest hour, literally, and make them forget all that they have seen.



  • Mid Neutral
  • 200 preparation
  • Reveals all shrines, gateways, artefacts, and unmined gold on the map

Enjoy a brief taste of the future and reveal all that you would once soon, now already know.


Back This: Parkitect

Parkitect is a project close to our hearts because they’re essentially doing what we did with the Dungeon Management genre, but for the Sim Park genre. We’re incredibly excited about this campaign and we think you lovers sim/management classics might enjoy it too!


That’s it for this week, we’ll be back next week to discuss new rooms, an updated UI and multiplayer!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Been long time lurking and bought the game just after kick starter. Game is looking very awesome! The Midas’ Door is very cool idea. Keep at it guys!

  2. Finally a solution for a bigger hole for a door

  3. Do you know when patch 0.5 will be available?

  4. its not playable anymore. replacement walls dont get finished . my creatures dont lvl up and cant find ways ( to eat ,sleep,training).even if i put them in the sleeping room , they dont sleep (or dont eat in the pig room) . weeks ago that all works , but now not more .

    sry for bad english

  5. Come on guys when is going to be released the full game!!?

    • The current estimate from the devs is that it will be released in the first quarter of 2014 🙂

      • You mean first quarter of 2015? 🙁

        • yeah, that was what I meant to say 😛 sorry about the typo

          • That’s what i thought. Damn, can’t wait! T_T
            Thnx for the info!

  6. abe game nahi chal rahi

  7. Can’t wait for the first real campaign missions!!! Great work you guys are doing! Keeping the keeper alive!