WFTO Wednesday #73: The Portcullis

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightThe Portcullis

Hey folks,

In this week’s thrilling escapade we’ll unveil and spotlight the latest in our defensive line of products, discuss our upcoming Multiplayer test phase and finish it all off with a livestream announcement. Steel yourself, grab a drink, prepare your body – WFTO Wednesday is about to get real.


Defence Spotlight: Portcullis

The innovative Augres over at Under-Sec have been attempting to tackle a problem as old as the ages. They are trying to do what has never been done, only dreamt about. They want to create a bigger door. We’ll let their marketing team tell you all about it.

Have you been in a position where a group of gold-hungry adventurers are able to skip through our dungeon due to wide corridors, unmanageable outcroppings and unfortunate terrain?

This is a struggle for any aspiring Underlord, and often times you learn too late that a wooden door simply won’t cut the mustard. The team at Under-Sec has just the solution you’re looking for, we call it the Portcullis.


The Portcullis is a form of gate that is superior in every way to a wooden door. It takes the strength of a brick and mortar wall and combines it with the practicality of doorway. Not only that, but it’s a breeze to install and virtually maintenance free*

This innovative new defence is the pinnacle of Augre engineering, its sleek design and peerless craftsmanship will protect you and your minions and please the discerning eye.

Whether you have need of a perimeter wall or a new front gate, the Portcullis is going to change the way the you think about security forever.

You deserve safety. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve Under-Sec, and all the products in our line.


Multiplayer Livestream Next Wednesday! (June 4th @ 10PM UTC)

Next week we’re going to host a livestream over on our Twitch channel that is all about multiplayer! We’ve got a few treats in store for those of you who show up… To avoid the inevitable jealous and incomprehensible rage that will be the direct result of not joining in: clear your schedule – you won’t want to miss this one.

During the livestream a few of us will duke it out while fielding any questions you have about this (long-awaited, we know) feature. We’ll also discuss minor improvements to the Veins of Evil and do our best to entertain you all.


That’s it for this week folks, if you survive the next seven days we will reward you with yet another WFTO Wednesday.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. First! Thanks for the update. I appreciate the humour. 😛

  2. Every step of the way you guys keep adding these quirky, peculiar, fascinating and creative goodies, items and novelties that are starting to make this game a game of its own and not just a Dungeon Keeper copy.

    You guys are truly doing an amazing job here, keep up the good work!

  3. portcullis sounds as “in the ass” in spanish… just so you know 🙂

    • It doesn’t sound like “in the ass” unless you add in some extra extra letters and remove the T. What I mean, u have to be looking for it to sound similar.

  4. Hello,
    when this will be available on osx?

  5. This door is really awesome. and at the same time so simple to come up with . I really like it

  6. hurry guys realease this a lot of people are waiting on reviews to buy it and so far so good!!!

    go go gog eheheh
    (no pressure 🙂

    • No do not hurry! Make it good!