WFTO Wednesday #115: No Rest for the Wicked


No Rest for the Wicked

Hey Folks,

With just over 14 days left until release we’re all working hard it’s no surprise that we’ve had a couple of extremely busy weeks through march and this one is no exception! Read on for all the exciting things that have happened over here this week!


The Subterranean Games Office!

It seems like only a few days since we got back from EGX Rezzed and immediately we set about moving a few of us from the UK, Germany, France and Australia into our first ever office! Living up to our name we’re currently set up in the lower-ground floor of a house with some of us rooming up above!

On our first day Nano and Stefan, two of our expert coders set up on the floor with beanbags and PCs to continue working on the game and the next patch! Braving bugs and backpain these diligent workers have been pressing on non-stop with further improvements.

Day1 Programmers

Today we’ve received a shipment of desks which gave us all a small break from working on the game to put our man-skills to the test! We’re happy to say that we only suffered through five minor accidents but we can safely say we’ll be without backpain… now if only our office chairs had arrived!

Where are our chairs

We’re expecting to continue to improve the Subterranean Games offices in the coming months but we’ve still got plenty of work to do in the game and now that we’re somewhat settled it’s full steam ahead for release!


Patch 0.7.3 Due Soon!

Consolidating our code team into one place has given us the chance to really dig down and bring out a quick bug fix and polish patch in the form of 0.7.3! This patch is bringing a number of bug fixes with it and some general improvements on visuals and clarity.

We’re also fixing a couple of issues identified by our community both at Rezzed and since 0.7.0 was released, the first of which is the new selection box UI which has caused some confusion and the second is a rather major crash on campaign 3.

Jump into the patch notes to see the full list of bug fixes and changes coming in the patch! The patch will be winging it’s way to you within the next 24 hours!


EGX Rezzed Recap

As you know from last week’s WFTO Wednesday some of our team attended the EGX Rezzed Expo from Thursday to Saturday last week. We usually compile an in-depth post-mortem filled with pictures of our time at these events sadly time is short this month so we’ll simply be pulling out a few of our highlights.

This year we attended Rezzed as part of a collection of indies, as a group we took our own specific space within the event and exhibited together with cross-promotions and rewards galore for those who picked up our leaflets!


Set-up was the usual minefield of getting the game ready on PCs, power issues and various issues with PCs but within a few hours we were ready to go and awaiting for the first players to be let through and soon enough it was bustling!


Overall the reception to the game was once again overwhelmingly positive, everyone was enjoying playing the game and it’s always great to see how happy the game makes players, both old veterans of dungeon management and new players!

As always we were giving away shirts for various challenges, this year we’ve had a few different challenges and it definitely gave our room a distinct feel when we had people dancing the Macarena in front of the windows for shirts, we even passed on the love by encouraging some fans to hug the chaps from Prison Architect! They were most impressed.


We even got the chance to meet the outstanding Jesse Cox at the event and he stopped long enough to play through a couple of campaign levels. It was an honour for us to meet the man himself, an incredibly down to earth and fun guy you should check out his youtube channel!


That’s all for this week folks, we’ll be back in a weeks time for the penultimate War for the Overworld Wednesday before launch! We’re nearly there and we’re looking forward to the reaction when the game finally releases! To hold you over until then here’s a lovely image of Handsome Pat and a rather bemused audio wizard.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Great news as always. Thanks!

  2. Great, just one hotkey. It’s a start I guess.

  3. patch 0.7.1? Not 0.7.3?

  4. You can right-click the developers to make them work harder

  5. “Visual improvements to the selection box which will hide portions of the box that are obscured by tiles”


  6. Was lucky enough to be at EGX Rezzed last thursday, had a good time playing the game when I managed to get a seat. Totally buying it off Steam eventually! 😀

  7. Aaaaaaah the new and improved Selectionbox is muuuuuuuuuch better! Thanks guys! That’s what a selection box should look like!

  8. I still kinda think we need more monsters that actualy are monsters and not some 2-leg walking creature with alternations from a humanoid shape Oo, a big complaint going from DK1 to DK2 was that the DK2 didnt quite hit the “freakshow” mark of plethora of creatures that the first game had, also personaly i believe that any human creature (Bard included) should have to be tortured and converted to be on your cause.

    • I had the exact same thought – humanoids fighting is not nearly as interesting as monsters fighting. This type of game should be closer to a monsters sim than to the actual sims games.
      Unfortunately, it is much too late in the process to bring this up. Maybe for WFTO 2 🙂

  9. Wow, i’m really happy for you guys, i think you are some of the few Developers out there who deserve the trust and the money you get, your work is great. I wish for myself and the other players that you never end up like one of those big money hungry companies and never stop to make games for players, and not for yourself and the money

  10. Making games is a passion, its Art. You can put your very heart and soul into it that make it live, i think thats what you people currently do, at least Wtfo plays like that.

  11. Sooo, still no news on any kind of form for Horny? Or something comparable? Or have I just missed it?

    • Hi Hudson, there are no creatures that are using a horny-like design (tall red horned demon scythe) but the vampire is intended to function as a horny-like creature. The vampire is summoned by a late game ritual that requires creature sacrifice (3 to be exact) and is a very powerful melee creature. however, the vampire needs a constant stream of defeated enemy units/ prisoners to eat, or he will become very unhappy :).

  12. Please fix the extremely high CPU usage, this could really cause issues.

  13. Once again it’s great to see how far you guys have gotten. Congratulations on your new office! You’re in big business now 😉

    It’s also very nice that you got the chance to meet Jesse Cox. Honestly, I think this man makes the Let’s Play sphere of the internet a better place just by being himself. Great guy and very funny.

    Good luck and carry on! Can’t wait to play version 1.0!