WFTO Wednesday #52: Super Units


Super Units


Hey folks,

We can’t believe that it’s been (almost) a whole year since our Kickstarter ended! To start this post off, here’s a few amazing stats from our forum community:

You have collectively:

  • Created 3102 new threads
  • Posted 39,429 replies to threads
  • Had 482 Problems which were (on average) solved in just 12 minutes
  • Liked 16121 posts made by other members (not the Facebook kind)
  • Visited our websites 3,684,193 times

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The above stats barely scratch the surface of what you have helped us accomplish. Thanks to you we’ve revisited characters, rebuilt rooms and improved upon the designs of dozens of other rooms, units, abilities, spells, potions, and rituals. To top all of that off you’ve helped us find, reproduce and fix hundreds of bugs, making WFTO more enjoyable and stable for everyone!

Thank you all for being the best possible community any developers could ever hope for. We can’t wait to reward all of you with the polished, amazing game that would never have had a chance to exist without your constant support and input.

Now for a special treat… we are pleased to finally reveal the three units that we teased all the way back during our Kickstarter campaign (over a year ago now!). These units boast immense power and will help turn the tide of even the most hopeless conflict in your favour.


Unit Spotlight: Behemoth (Wrath Upgrade)

The primal, wrathful nature of the Universe is rarely tamed and even less regularly tempered – however a mastery of the energies that float unseen through both the Realms and the Aether do allow a skilled individual to harness this elemental fury.


By tapping into the chaotic nature of the universe a Cultist will be transformed into a violent and twisted Behemoth – a force of unstoppable wrath that will leave broken bodies and crumbled fortifications in its wake. The Underlord who is capable of summoning this fearsome ally will find entertainment in the fearful cries of their foes who flee in every direction at the sight of the Behemoth’s monstrous, imposing frame.


  • Sturdy (Passive): The Behemoth is immune to all forms of crowd control, cannot be picked up by the player, does not eat, does not sleep, does not gain experience or level up, and leaves no body once defeated.
  • Siege Weapon (Passive): The Behemoth deals increased damage to and takes reduced damage from enemy defences.
  • Relentless (Passive): The Behemoth regenerates health extremely quickly.
  • Dread (Passive): The Behemoth invokes fear in his enemies, reducing the morale of all nearby enemy units.
  • Rampant Charge (Active): The Behemoth charges head first at an enemy unit or defence, damaging, knocking back, and stunning all enemy units he collides with and heavily damaging any defences he collides with.


Unit Spotlight: Eternal (Sloth Upgrade)

Life and death, space and time – these constants mean nothing to the Eternal. Ignoring both fate and chance this being knows both what is and what can not be, and it delights in twisting both reality and unreality together as it sees fit.


Those beings who dare trespass against their predetermined fate intrigue the Eternal, and with their reckless meddling they can entice it, temporarily, to their realm with such feats. Upon invoking the forgotten ritual the Cultist will find his own mortality shredded to infinitesimal shards and cast across the universe as the Eternal enters his host.

Though the Eternal only returns long enough to amuse himself with the workings of mortals, it is an inspiring foe to behold, and nigh-impossible to defeat before he has permanently swung the fight to your favour.


  • Sturdy (Passive): The Eternal is immune to all forms of crowd control, cannot be picked up by the player, does not eat, does not sleep, does not gain experience or level up, and leaves no body once defeated.
  • Eternal Core (Passive): While the Eternal is alive, the Dungeon Core of the player who owns it will take 90% reduced damage. The Eternal is visible on the map to all enemy players.
  • Mana Font (Passive): The Eternal generates a moderate amount of mana.
  • Steadfast (Passive): The Eternal’s mighty presence increases the morale of all nearby friendly units.
  • Seismic Slam (Active): The Eternal slams the ground with its massive fists, stunning all hostile targets in an area surrounding it for several seconds.


Unit Spotlight: Archon (Greed Upgrade)

It is said that when the universe was young there existed a sect of mages who unlocked the secrets to immortality by magically trapping and torturing one of the first, primal gods.

Upon discovering how to harness the powers of this being they succumbed, one by one, to the unholy knowledge that they had reaped from their torturous studies. As they spoke the forgotten words they found themselves able to trespass upon the afterlife… and return unscathed.


These power-hungry and greed-bound mages have spent aeons amassing great wealth and fortune upon worlds of their choosing – populated by the spirits of those they chose to enslave in their eternal quest for riches. They return to inhabited realms only when the allure of great treasure pulls at them – or when another soul invokes a fragment of the selfsame spell they once used to become as gods.

Those who call an Archon to their side will find themselves allied with the spirits of their fallen foes, and fear falling themselves to an enemy blade… so as to avoid this frightful being binding their own essence to himself for all eternity.


  • Sturdy (Passive): The Archon is immune to all forms of crowd control, cannot be picked up by the player, does not eat, does not sleep, does not gain experience or level up, and leaves no body once defeated.
  • Godly Presence (Passive): Significantly boosts the combat stats of all nearby friendly units.
  • Binding Chains (Passive): The Archon’s basic attacks wrap the target in chains, stunning them for several seconds.
  • Reaper of Souls (Active): Every time an enemy unit near the Archon is defeated, the Archon will summon a Sentinel with limited life.


These units are available now for a nominal fee of £1.99 per game!

Just kidding.

You’ll be able to acquire these super units by unlocking the relevant ritual at the very end of your chosen Vein, then performing it by sacrificing a max-level Cultist in your Sanctuary (a room we will be revealing this month). Additionally, you’ll only be able to command a single super unit at any one time.

From our earliest fans who knew about us before Kickstarter to the person who found us on Early Access earlier today, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts so very much for your ideas, your support, and your commitment to this project, community, and us as a team.

Here’s looking at another great year with all of you.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. “These units are available now for a nominal fee of £1.99 per game!”
    As soon as I read that I was tempted to close my browser and uninstall the game. Then I read the next line. Oh thank God. Please don’t do that trick again, it’s evil.

    • Me too! I was in high dudgeon at the sight of that sentence. That probably would have been the stupidest thing developers could do. Those exist. I’m glad you’re better than that.

  2. LOL, that cracked me up. sad thing is, I would have paid the 1.99… WFTO team, My 21st century instant gratification focused brain wishes this game would hurry up and be done.. However, I know I must be patient.. My DK2 heart remembers the painful years of being super mad at Bullfrog for not giving this to us long ago when we craved it so badly. My sincere thanks to the WFTO team for making this game a possibility when nobody else would. Happy new years guys!

    • That 1.99 EACH game so start paying up

  3. The 1.99/just kidding line was awesome! Points for a great sense of humor!

  4. Love this game and would gladly part with 2$ to enjoy a cool thing like this ive waited to long for that promised sequal to DK2 and this have shattered my exspectations!

  5. Sorry, but very disappointed with the creatures and their features.

    1st, we can’t level up those creatures?( that is the whole point of playing dungeon management game : to raise a bad-ass creature )

    2nd, a gigantic zergling, a stone golem, and a lich king from the future.(serioiusly, what the fxxx is going on with the creature designs?)

    I gave up, and this game’s creatures disappoint me and other Original DK fans so much.

    • Well, they can’t be leveled up but you need to get a cultist to level 10 to turn him into one of them. They are basically level 11, they are maxed out on bad-assnes. Regarding the design, I think they are suitably awesome and I am a original DK fan, but that is all a matter of opinion. Just curious, what kind of designs would you consider suitably amazing to fill the role these creatures do as “epic” level monsters?

  6. Amazing work like always! 😀 Love the Archon!

  7. Seriously, I fucking love you guys!!!
    Great, GREAT job indeed! I had so much fun reading the beautiful background behind each character and you guys really paid attention to game’s detail. Keep it up, I will ALWAYS support you guys 🙂

  8. Umm, what happened to the reaper? Why is the reaper suddenly a giant demon creature called the behemoth? Please tell me it has nothing to do with EA and Horny copyright, because if it does I am going to be very angry. And EA won’t like underlords when they’re angry…

    • I don’t understand how anyone following this game still hasn’t picked up that the Horned Reaper – nor any other of the creatures associated with the Dungeon Keeper IP – will never appear in the game. Yes it’s copyright, but it’s also so WFTO has it’s own distinct setting and lore. It’s unforunate we may never see Horny or the bile demon again in a true dungeon keeper game (I’m not counting the recent mobile release) but I think it’s fair that we expect WFTO to be it’s own thing.

  9. I… love the design of these units. Howerver, two problems:

    1) You can’t have more than (e.g.) two archons – only the CHOSEN ONE/CULTIST can be ASCENDED then what about the other cultists?

    2)They do not level up.

    3) Why ARCHONT has only 5 skills while THE REST have 6 skills!?

    • 1) Well I assume the cultists keep doing their cultist thing, researching in the archive, fighting with dark magic, and hey, one day that archon may die and then they have another shot for ascension…
      2) they can’t level up because you need to max out a cultist to level 10 in order to ascend him, so these guys are “epic” level, level 11, they are as maxed out as you can get.
      3)I don’t know, this could change(maybe)

    • 1. This I assume is for balance purposes and making the player have to choose one for their strategy. It’s a super unit, so in multiplayer if a player gets access to these first and then spams a bunch the other players have no chance to catch up.

      2. They do not need to level up. They are super units that are more powerful than any of the other units. They start off at maximum power and are instantly useful.

      3. All three have only one active skill, whereas the others are just passives. The Archon’s “Godly Presence” passive is the most powerful out of all the super unit passives – it makes all nearby friendlies more powerful offensively and defensively. With a large army this is super powerful, so the other two actually need an extra passive benefit to counter it.

  10. can we have 2 or 3 if we research the neccessary rituals? (I mean 1 behemoth and 1 archont …. the eternal is RELATIVELY nice but he is not my style. And another question… how does morale work in wfto?

  11. I like Behemoth the most. Eternal looks too high fantasy. Since it’s made from ascended cultist you could do Qabalah inspired, humanoid infernal design. Archon artwork suffers the same high-fantasy illness. More eerie please! 😀 Tho I’m looking forward to seeing their in game models!