Crucible Mode & Patch 1.5 Now Available!


Darkest greetings Underlord,

It is time to rouse from your slumber and prove you still have what it takes to survive in the dark depths of this world. Patch 1.5: Trial by Fire, and the Crucible mode DLC are here at last, and both completely free to everyone.

Patch 1.5 is a major stepping stone in our quest to make War for the Overworld feature complete and self-sustaining for the rest of eternity. Let’s cast an evil eye upon the diabolical content that is rising up to your Steam library right now, from our very own game dev dungeon.



Crucible Mode DLC (Free)

Crucible mode is a free-for-everyone DLC. A complete reimagining and reconstruction of the long-standing Survival Prototype, you will face off against unending waves of ever-stronger enemies, until eventually your defences crumble, the evil mentor proclaims your defeat, and, all being well, you rise up the global leaderboard!

We’ve excavated metric tons of earth to bring you heaps of Crucible mode content:


  • New survival-style Crucible game mode
  • Six all-new maps designed exclusively for the new Crucible mode
  • Two unique challenge modes, from the scalding to the incinerating
  • Global leaderboards on which to challenge your evilest rivals
  • Dozens of new units and variants including the Democorn, Mandalf the Maroon, and the Chunder King himself, Baron von Pukemuch
  • Three powerful Lifeline abilities, should you enter into dire straits
  • Three prestigious new Worker skins to unlock should you survive long enough
  • New Crucible voiceover from the evil mentor himself, Richard Ridings

We’re confident that you’ll be begging for mercy before the day is out, but don’t take our word for it! Enter the Crucible and see how long you can squirm before death becomes you.




Want to know more about Crucible mode? Then step back in time and take a gander at our previous previews:

  • Preview 1 – Waves, Lanes, Goldstones, Bosses, New Fiery Units
  • Preview 3 – Lifelines, Challenges, Leaderboards, New Golden Units
  • Preview 2 and Preview 4 also revealed new Arcane and Chunder units respectively

Patch 1.5: Trial by Fire

Patch 1.5 itself, like all our major patches, represents yet another refinement of WFTO’s core systems. This time we’re putting the power in your hands with mutators, modifiers, and new translation tools:




It may not be the largest major patch we’ve ever unleashed (that lofty title is well held by Patch 1.4), but nevertheless it promises to be one that shakes the Underworld to its very foundations.

Want to get to your Hand of Evil all over the complete list of changes in Patch 1.5? Read the full release notes!

There’s much still to come from WFTO, but we won’t hold you back any longer, Underlord. Go forth and begin your trial by fire. All being well, you’ll go up in smoke.


– Brightrock Games Team

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  1. Bravo! Didnt think this would continue to be supported for so long, great to see from a studio! Will be diving back into the dungeon soon!

    • Great to hear. We have some more to come in 2017 as well. But we are nearing the end now! 🙂

  2. Great! While I am personally not really into survival mode type games, the addition of new units is always nice.

    More heartening, even, is the addition of the mutators and such for the editor especially. That will go a *long* way towards helping the maps feel a bit more differentiated from each other and new and fresh. (I found after Heart of gold released, after I’d played four or five skirmsh maps, they started to feel a bit samey.)

    I would even dare to dream that this is a step towards some sort of very basic scripting for th map editor (even just allowing something to unlock bits of the veins of vein on some simple trigger would be amazing). I appreciate this may be something of a vain (vein?) hope, but if the gods will it to come to pass, would allow WftO to follow in DK’s footstep and be something that, through the community, will last long after you chaps at Brightrock have moved on to other things. I can dream, right?

    • Dreams do come true sometimes. Keep making your wishes known and who knows what will happen. 🙂

  3. Holding my breath for a new Black & White refresh from you guys!

  4. Hey,i’m fan of Dungeon keeper 1 & 2 and i really like your game ^^,i just have little bugs with achievements,like the 25th wave in crucible (the steam achievement work but not in the game) and i wanna know if the first person will be reworked ? i really love you guys and thx for all you hard work 😀

  5. Yo, thanks for the game.

  6. Hello,

    This game is it working on this computer :


    Taille de l’écran 13,3 pouces
    Equivalence 33,8 cm
    Résolution de l’écran 1366 x 768 pixels
    Ecran mat Oui
    Luminosité (en cd/m²) 200
    Webcam intégrée Webcam VGA
    Microphone intégré Oui
    Système d’exploitation Windows 10
    Version 64 Bits
    Suite logicielle Asus
    Processeur (CPU)
    Référence et spécificités Intel Core i3-5005U : 2 GHz / 2 coeurs ; 4 threads / 3 Mo de mémoire cache
    Carte vidéo (carte graphique)
    CarteAide NVIDIA GeForce 920M avec 2 Go DDR3
    Contrôleur graphique Intel HD Graphics 5500 intégré (300 MHz)
    Mémoire vive
    Taille de la mémoire (Max) 8 Go
    Capacité totale 4,0 Go
    Nombre de barettes 1
    Type DDR3
    Capacité du disque dur 1000,0 Go (capacité maximale de l appareil. La capacité finale disponible peut être inférieure)
    Port du disque dur S-ATA
    Vitesse de rotation 5400 tours/min
    Lecteur de carte mémoire Oui
    Compatibilités SD

    Because I want to buy a computer to play this game.
    Thank you

  7. Hello,

    love your game, I just don’t find too little time to play it^^
    Is it possible to or will there be a co-op crucible mode or something like that? – that would be awesome! 🙂