Patch 1.5 Preview 4 – Mutators


Darkest greetings Underlord,

We bet you’re itching to get your hands on Patch 1.5 with all the goodies it’s bringing: the new Crucible mode, community translation, and mutators! Wait, what’s that? We haven’t talked much about mutators yet, have we?

Well fear not because today in our final preview we’re going to be looking at the third big feature of Patch 1.5: Gameplay Mutators!

Gameplay Mutation

Mutators are gameplay modifications that we’re allowing you to apply to your Skirmish, Sandbox, and Multiplayer games. Through these you can tweak a number of core game elements such as speed, XP multiplier, research rate, and much more! Just take a look at this list:


There are around two dozen mutators in total. We had to design a new menu just for them!

With all these options you might find that there are a few specific configurations that you want to come back to time and again. Fortunately we’ve got you covered on that! We’re introducing the ability to save and load presets of your mutators, allowing you to quickly recall your preferred set(s).

Naturally we want players to be aware if they’re going into a match with mutators, so when you join a lobby you’ll now be able to see the mutator set that is in play, as well as being able to open the mutator menu yourself to see exactly what changes have been made.

And we’re not stopping there! We already have plans for more mutators post Patch 1.5, and if we have our way there’ll be some truly crazy options coming your way.

Availability Modifiers

We recognise that not every player is going to want to delve deeply into mutators to overhaul the gameplay. Fortunately working on mutators has allowed us to introduce a few other long-requested custom features, chief of which is toggling the availability of units and Aspects.


Hate Chunders? Well now you can make them extinct. (You devil, you.)

Via the menus you’ll be able to change the availability of units, rooms, defences, spells, rituals – pretty much everything – for all players in the match. For the Veins of Evil this means you’ll be able to switch an Aspect between being unlocked from the start, researchable through the Veins, or not unlockable at all. Units meanwhile can have their spawning enabled or disabled.

With all these tweakable options making their way towards Skirmish, Sandbox and Multiplayer modes we can’t wait to see how this affects the flow of the game, and what unique ways you’ll find to spice up your subterranean escapades!

Crucible Unit Preview: Chunderful!

We couldn’t let you leave without one last preview, and we have no doubt that it’ll prove to be the most popular one yet! There’s no big mystery here, just a gaggle of Chunders. But what is truly special is that this family portrait gives us an unprecedented insight into the secret lives of these beautiful creatures.


“Alright then, look this way, and say, ‘Cheese!’”

You see, as is common knowledge, Chunders are literally what they have eaten. Or more specifically, they are what their parent has eaten. That is to say when a Chunder devours something quite extravagant, it will vomit out an offspring likely to have inherited some property of the food. Can you guess what each Chunder’s parent was scoffing down?

Well, that about wraps us up here, Underlord. But we shall be seeing you again very soon on Monday, when Patch 1.5 is released!


– Brightrock Games Team

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