Patch 1.5 Preview 1 – Basic Survival


Darkest greetings Underlord,

Fresh from last week’s State of the Game post we’re hitting the ground running in our very first preview of the upcoming Patch 1.5!

Rather than keep you salivating over the prospects of the major feature of Patch 1.5 we’re instead going to spend our first preview focussing on just that – the new Survival mode, which we’ve renamed to Crucible!


Step into the Crucible

Come Underlord, Mendechaus invites you into his bloody arena that is known only as the Crucible, an unending challenge which will push even the greatest amongst your kind to their breaking point and beyond.

You may remember the previous Survival Prototype. Though some of the principles we explored there still exist, you’ll find this to be an entirely new beast to contend with. Let’s take a closer look at some of the new mechanics!


Endless Waves of Foes

As before you’ll find enemies dispatched by the dozen, all with the singular purpose of destroying your Dungeon Core.


Foes emerge in waves from the Aether.


Every five waves in the Crucible is a single set which has been constructed around a specific theme. Each set you face will gradually increase in strength as the game goes on: you’ll witness everything gaining more resistance and damage, abnormally huge units, and bosses old and new come bounding towards you.

Not all is lost though as each set has a longer reprieve between them than what is normally available between waves, giving you some time to mend your broken defences. Although if you’re feeling courageous you could always start the next wave early for a tidy golden bonus.


Lanes of Fun

Each Crucible map (yes there are multiple!) will see you facing off against your enemies down three lanes. Place your defences wisely as you may find each lane differs significantly from the others!


Lava is as much a tool as it is an obstacle.

They all lead to a singular destination however, and after only a few waves you’ll find yourself beset on all sides by monsters and men all craving your destruction.

Goldstones Galore

Think back Underlord, to the early days of Survival and the Aporkalypse: you may remember an additional objective known as the Pighibitor. While this mystical device was intact it would prevent the monstrous Porkzilla from spawning.

Fortunately Porkzilla is not an ever-looming threat in the Crucible. So instead of Pighibitors you’ll find up to three Goldstones in each of your lanes. These mega golden megaliths imbue your vaults with gold every second they remain active.


The part where it’s marked vital might be of importance.

Unfortunately your enemies are going to make no small effort in destroying these as they make their way to your Dungeon Core. Protecting them will be a challenge but one that will ultimately make your task easier in the long run.

Bosses of all Shapes and Sizes

With the notable absence of Porkzilla you might be questioning just how we’re planning to turn up the heat throughout your Crucible experience! Well we’re glad you asked Underlord.

Every fifth and final wave of a set is accompanied by a single boss. This could be anything from a mighty Behemoth, the ever insipid Lord O’Theland, or even the mighty king of Chunders, Baron von Pukemuch! Who knows what other monstrosities Mendechaus has prepared for you?


They come in all shapes and sizes. But mostly terrifying and gigantic.

Survival Unit Preview: All Fired Up!

We’re almost done for this preview, but there’s something very special we want to share with you. See, both we and Mendechaus realised that the regular cast of units on their own just wouldn’t quite cut it for the Crucible. So we decided to expand their ranks with new unit variations, and a few new faces here and there.

In each of our previews for Patch 1.5 we’ll be sharing with you a bunch of these new units. Map-makers can also rejoice as many of these units will also be available in the Map Editor!


Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?

First up we have the blazing quintet of the Molten Skarg, Magma Weaver, Babymoth, Ember Lord, and Chilli Chunder! Each of these spicy delights will appear in your Crucible mode waves with their own unique twists on the known abilities for these units.

That wraps up this preview of Patch 1.5. Check back on 1 December for our next instalment!


– Brightrock Games Team

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  1. I also have seen a Frozen Chunder previously.
    Those that mean we also get a Frozen Weaver and Frozen Skarg?