Patch 1.3 Now Available

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Darkest greetings Underlord,

The cycle of destruction and creation continues with the release of Patch 1.3: “Workshop”! At long last the highly-anticipated map editor is now available for you to sink your claws into. But that’s not all you can expect in this massive feature patch! Read on, Underlord!

Key features:

  • Map editor
    • Create your own Skirmish, Sandbox, Scenario and Multiplayer maps
    • Place terrain, rooms, units, defences, artefacts and shrines
    • Utilise powerful mirroring tools to create perfectly-balanced maps
    • Introduce the forces of the Empire for an extra challenge
    • Plant inhibitors to create additional objectives, or to create your own single-player scenarios
    • Import and modify your favourite Skirmish, Sandbox, Scenario and Multiplayer maps
    • Share your maps with the world on the Steam Workshop
  • Scenarios: Single- or multiplayer maps which pit Underlords against the Empire and their inhibitors
  • Steam Workshop
    • Download a huge number of new maps from the Workshop – find out what others in the community have made!
    • Automatically download maps you don’t own from the host in Multiplayer matches
  • New ritual: Armageddon
    • A devastating end-game ritual that will crush your foes’ defences
    • Once activated, destroys the walls surrounding ALL Dungeon Cores
    • Use at your own risk!
  • New maps: Over a dozen new maps to choose from for Skirmish, Sandbox, Scenario, and Multiplayer game modes

Some stats on 1.3:

  • 36th public patch since launch
  • Released 41 days after 1.2.5
  • The map editor is the single largest feature to be implemented in WFTO since launch
    • Development on the editor began in late June, shortly after the release of Patch 1.1, and it became the primary focus for most of the development team after Patch 1.2
    • Following the events described in “WFTO: A Year in Retrospect” it was unknown if a map editor would be possible – to ensure the continuation of the project it was not explicitly planned for going forwards
    • As a result, implementing the editor required major reworks to the core framework of WFTO, and was described as “like creating an aircraft carrier, then retrofitting the engine while at sea and under attack from nuclear weaponry, while also being in space and unable to breathe!”
    • The mirroring tools elicited over fifty “impossiblés” from Nano, which we’ve come to learn means “That’s a lot of work, but not impossible … It’ll cost you the soul of your firstborn child!”
  • 24 bug fixes and 42 other changes not including all the work that went into the new features!


Release Notes

Eager to consume every last morsel of this humongous update? Then you’ll be needing a menu, Underlord … Have the patch notes!

We’ll be monitoring the forums for your valued feedback and bug reports, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Patch Trailer & Preview

This is the Patch 1.3 trailer we released recently in the preview post, where Mendechaus delivers an eloquent summary of the meaty update.


For more information on the update’s features you can visit the full preview post!.

Map Editor Tutorial & Tips

The new map editor is undoubtedly the core foundation of Patch 1.3. So don’t go flailing that pickaxe around in the dark – review the new tutorial video, pronto, and you’ll soon be carving out your own monstrous masterpieces!

You can also discover so devious tips and tricks for making your maps altogether more (or less if you prefer) pleasant.

Please don’t let us keep you, when so much creation and destruction awaits! Download Patch 1.3 “Workshop” for free right now, on Steam.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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