Patch 1.3 Preview


Welcome most loyal Underlord,

A new patch has been unearthed in the depths, and is about to leave your minions coughing and choking in a dusty haze of excavation … Introducing Patch 1.3 … “Workshop”!

Before we get to the details of this update, Mendechaus would like to say a few words in summation …

If Mendechaus has left you wanting (never tell him this), read on as we divulge the details …

Map Editor

You asked, Underlord, and we listened. We sawed, hammered, and bolted together. And now we are pleased to finally remove the scaffolding from the map editor! Create your own maps and share them on the Steam Workshop! Worker fist bump!

Key features:

  • Create 1- to 4-player Skirmish, Sandbox, and Multiplayer maps, up to 126×126 tiles in size
  • Place terrain, rooms, units, defences, artefacts and shrines
  • Use the powerful mirroring tools to quickly create perfectly-balanced maps
  • Introduce the forces of the Empire for an extra challenge
  • Plant inhibitors to create additional objectives, or to create your own single-player scenarios
  • Import and modify your favourite Skirmish, Sandbox, Scenario and Multiplayer maps
  • Share your maps with the world on the Steam Workshop

Over two dozen delectable maps created with the editor are already waiting for you on Steam, hewn out by our ever-industrious QA team. Our Dungeon Cores are palpitating in anticipation of what the community will do with these new powers of creation!

Soon, you too will be cackling as you melt PCs with crazy maps.

New Ritual: Armageddon

There is no creation without destruction, and destruction is rarely more explosive than Armageddon! This new ritual will destroy all walls surrounding Dungeon Cores, including those around your own Core!*

We’re introducing this deliciously destructive ritual to counter the all too common multiplayer tactic of Dungeon Core walling, simply to delay an opponent’s inevitable victory. When activated in the late game, Armageddon will force the match towards a suitably apocalyptic conclusion!

Armageddon takes time to channel and has an additional 10 second activation, so plan its deployment accordingly, lest you be caught with your metaphysical pants down.



It’s the end of the Underworld as we know it… and I feel fine!


New Maps!

We mentioned the new maps our QA team has hewn out using the new map editor. Well, a selection of the best have been officially integrated into the game – they will be added to the map lists, and the monikers of their esteemed engineers will be forever etched into the game’s credits.

Behold! But a token few of our latest officially-sanctioned maps :

Flood by Nutter666

We do hope you’re not aquaphobic Underlord because in this realm there’s no escaping the drink. Flood takes you to a vast underground lake, dotted with small islands of earth on which you’ll stake your claim. There’s not much space to build so be sure to act fast before your rival takes the lion’s share of this water-filled wonderland.

Flood - Nutter

A rival Underlord isn’t your only worry here though, for two Empire forces have set up camp. Defeat them and you’re sure to find the tools necessary to destroy your opponent!

Death’s Head by Fireeye

How is it the old saying goes? Gaze too long into the abyss and the abyss will gaze back into you? It’s unlikely that it was meant quite this literally, since there’s nothing figurative about Death’s Head – the whole region is shaped like a humongous corpse.

Death's Head - Fireeye

Still if you can swallow your fear and conquer your rival you’ll find riches aplenty held within this monstrous skull.

Ironbeard’s Hold by Marados

Dwarves are known for many things beginning with “b”. “Beards”, “booze” and “barricades” are just three that come to mind, and there’s certainly a wealth of all three in Ironbeard’s Hold, a grand dwarven fortress that has stood for millennia.

Ironbeard's Hold - Marados

Alas all things must end, and the arrival of four warring Underlord’s is certain to see this monument to the stoutest race crumble to dust.

Discover all the new officially-sanctioned maps in our Imgur album! Perhaps your own creations will one day stand wall to wall with these prestigious realms?

That concludes our excavation of Patch 1.3 “Workshop”! You can download it for free from Steam on December 10th! Are you ready to mutilate some dirt?


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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* Underlords that use the Armageddon ritual do so at their own risk. The developers cannot accept responsibility for matches lost because an Underlord accidentally destroyed themselves via Armageddon.

  1. WHOOOT NICE ONE!!!!!!!!!!! only 1 more day of waiting…

  2. Good job guys cant wait I NEED MY FIX MAN!

  3. Very nice. Now with the Map Editor coming up i can see more people play again. That’ll do the game very well! And tomorrow already. Even better!

  4. Just a few hours (i hope) till the patch launches.
    Love it that you guys keep on updating the game. Also your support and good will towards the commnunity is very impressive. You guys are a schoolexample of how a indiegamedeveloper should act and work on their projects.

    Im a big fan of valve and blizzard, but subterranean games is definatly added to that list.

    Much love and keep up the good work.

    Big fan, Crono