Patch 1.3 Release Notes

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Patch 1.3 our first true feature patch for War for the Overworld since release is now available! Here you can find an extensive list of changes in the latest patch, if you’d like to find out more then read the full release post here!

Latest Updates

Patch 1.3.1 – 20-12-2015

Patch 1.3.2 – 13-01-2015

Map Editor & Steam Workshop

Perhaps one of the most anticipated features we’ve ever had the pleasure of developing and certainly one of the most substantial. It’s finally time to pass it from our keyboard calloused hands to your grasp, take hold and claim your destiny! (That was overly dramatic -ed)

  • Create 1-4 player skirmish, multiplayer, sandbox and scenario maps
  • Supports maps up to 126 by 126 in size
  • Populate your maps with terrain, units, defences, constructs, artefacts, shrines and rooms
  • Introduce the forces of the empire and place inhibitors to create additional objectives
  • Utilise the powerful mirroring tools to create perfectly-balanced maps
  • Import existing maps and modify them to your dark will
  • Share your maps on the steam workshop for other Underlords to discover
  • Automatically download maps you don’t own when joining games

New Ritual: Armageddon

We recognised that players walling off their core in multiplayer games was becoming a trend that created slow and uninteresting ends to matches that had already been decided. We looked at several options for solving this and decided that a new ritual would be the best bet – see the trailer for more!

  • Located at the very end of the Central Vein, in a later update we will be moving it to Wrath
  • Has the highest preperation time of any ritual
  • Once activated, it will begin a 20 second countdown
  • Once the countdown completes, a large explosion will emanate from every dungeon core on the map (including the casting player), dealing massive damage to any walls nearby

New Maps

For just under a month now the QA team have been working closely with the code team on the Map Editor, this has resulted in dozens of maps seeing the light of day, the best of which we’ve chosen to be officially included into the game. You can view images of all the Multiplayer maps here!

  • Eight 2-player skirmish maps
    • Fuse by Nutter666
    • Flood by Nutter666
    • Seastead II by Nutter666
    • Golden River by Beneathar
    • Temple of Kira by Beneathar
    • Firelands by Fireeye
    • Death’s Head by Fireeye
    • Border War by Böhser Onkel [AUT]
  • Two 3-player skirmish maps
    • Trinity by Marados
    • Triad by Marados
  • Two 4-player skirmish maps
    • Ironbeard’s Hold by Marados
    • Paranoia by Fireeye
  • One 1-player Sandbox
    • Lagoon by Nutter666
  • Three 1-player Scenarios
    • Smolder by Nutter666
    • Stonegate by Marados
    • Arcane Prison by Beneathar

Gameplay & Balance Changes


  • Reduced Ghoul damage in Campaign level 8
  • Updated Campaign 9 to have the waiting rally point inside the enemy outpost


  • Increased repair room speed from 0.05 to 0.125 (to be closer to room claim speed of 0.15)
  • Increased sleep need reduction from 0.05/s to 0.15/s (units will get tired faster)
  • Reduced beast sleep need reduction from 0.3/s to 0.2/s (beasts will get tired slower)
  • Beasts & Titans will now die automatically if their owner’s Dungeon Core is destroyed
  • Slapping Workers will no longer push them a great distance, and will not make them switch task unless you slap them multiple times
  • Tweaked some happiness of advanced units (Witch Doctor, Succubus, etc) so they are slightly easier to keep happy
  • Super Units & the Ember Demon will no longer flee from combat

Empire Gateways

  • If claimed, Empire Gateways will now correctly spawn the relevant Empire units for any room
  • The exception is the Spirit Chamber, which has no Empire unit, so Empire Gateways can also spawn Witch Doctors
  • Empire Gateways can also spawn minibosses (Arcanist, Bard, Highguard and Vanguard) under specific conditions – see if you can find them!


  • Reduced movement speed from 7 to 6
  • Relentless (passive) health regen decreased from 20 per tick to 15 per tick
  • Rampant Charge cleaned up and now allows the Behemoth to attack sooner after charging
  • Siege Weapon (passive) defence damage resistance reduced from 35% to 25%
  • Siege Weapon (passive) defence damage bonus reduced from 50% to 25%
  • Immolation (passive) damage reduced from 10 per stack to 5 per stack


UI Changes

  • Rearranged items on the main menu slightly
    • Sandbox is now ‘Sandbox & Scenarios’ and contains several new single-player maps (this is also how you access single-player maps downloaded from the Workshop)
    • Survival has been moved to the ‘Extras’ menu
    • A ‘My Home Realm’ button has been added to the main menu that takes you directly to your Home Realm
    • A ‘Map Editor’ button has been added for obvious reasons
    • A ‘Buy Statues’ button has been added to the ‘Extras’ menu – more details on this soon!
  • Added a button to show map description in Sandbox, Skirmish and Multiplayer lobbies
  • Added a cutscene volume slider to settings
  • Added an option to enable unoccluded object highlighting
  • New portraits & icons for all bosses, Workers, Spirit Worker, and Temple Guard
  • Fixed an issue on the debrief screen where your total evil rating could overlap with the stats listing in some resolutions
  • ‘Author’ is shown where ‘Recommended Mode’ was before in map selection and map details
  • Added units lost stat to debrief screen
  • Improved Well of Souls tooltip
  • Tooltips for settings elements should now appear more reliably
  • Targets will now only highlight in possession if you are in range


Audio Changes

  • New seasonal greetings!
  • Added alerts for several prison states – Overcrowding, escape, etc.
  • Added new alerts for when too much mana is locked


Visual Changes

  • Reduced the range of the lighting on Tavern props to reduce the chance of bad lighting artefacts when the pixel light count is less than 3
  • Fixed incorrect rendering in the Mira core water shader
  • Added new water material to the campaign map and solved black flickering in


Misc Changes

  • Changed AI to claim gateways and shrines less aggressively
  • Wraiths are no longer recalled with the Recall spell
  • Credits updated
  • Changed the completion time of the Tower Defence achievement to 38min
  • Gargoyle blueprints can now be rotated


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with using blink abilities in Possession
  • Fixed the Gargoyle from rotating too much
  • Fixed captured Taverns not being stocked by workers
  • Fixed out of combat abilities breaking the Spirit Chamber
  • Fixed the unit separating force not doing anything when two units are on exactly the same spot, causing units to become eternally trapped
  • Mouse can no longer target objects behind a solid wall
  • Fixed some Empire units not spawning from Overworld Gateways in Multiplayer
  • Overworld Gateways now spawn Witch Doctors as there’s no Empire equivalent
  • Fixed blink abilities sometimes putting units in lava
  • If the game fails to load a level for any reason it will now return to the main menu
  • Added an error alert when the game encounters an issue during game initialisation
  • Added a check for when Steam is not initialized, which lets the user know about the critical failure and quits the game
  • Fixed Gargoyle not firing when there is a blocking object within a 3 tile range
  • Fixed units/defences sometimes not attacking an enemy unit/defence when spawned in range
  • Fixed loading order issues preventing the depossession of a unit (in home realm)
  • Fixed the Construction ritual leaving a summon VFX behind if constructs are sold or destroyed in the process
  • Fixed the long-standing issue where clicking the minimap to zoom frequently didn’t work after saving or loading
  • Fixed shrines not showing in fog of war
  • Fixed units getting disabled forever in levels without a Core (e.g. Campaign level 8) when using Recall on them. Recall can now only be used if there is either a Dungeon Core or a bed for the unit
  • Fixed the incorrect reset home realm confirmation text and added confirmation text when resetting the Campaign
  • Fixed the Besiege ritual not using the dig speed modifier from its prefab, which made it much less effective than it should have been
  • Fixed Bafu and Oculus units not attacking Dungeon Cores and inhibitors
  • Fixed the ritual in Campaign level 5 from completing automatically and without player input after the end narration
  • Ability selection for non-host players using Possession in multiplayer is now correctly shown on the UI
  1. Any idea when a UI fix will be released? Concerning the lag that is

  2. Epic patch and update!!!
    Great job guys, the map editor works great and i already made a epic map!

    This adds so much replay value to the game!!!! Great work!

    Check my castle warfare map =

    (Can’t help myself)

  3. Epic patch and update now my game doesnt launch now ( no message of crash ) i’m in the loading bar and my game close and send me back to the office without message

  4. Is the map bug fixed where jumping to points by clicking on the minimap doesn’t work or clicking on Alerts doesn’t bring you to the location?

    • Yes should be fixed for the time being 🙂