Patch 1.3.2 Now Available & Release Notes

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Darkest greetings Underlord,

It’s good to see you returning once more in this new year to inflict further suffering on the goodly people of Kairos. We can see that the clock ticking over into 2016 has granted you even greater aspirations for true evil, indeed, since our last announcement in the twilight days of last year we’ve received even more feedback and suggestions piled high upon our desks.

To reward your commitment to the darker pleasures in life we have acted with haste to deliver to you this delicious update. It’s packed full of improvements in various areas of the game, a new spell to help those of you who seek to destroy your rivals with an ally or two, and indeed a chunk of fixes to bugs uncovered by your roving eyes since our previous update!

We love to hear your suggestions so keep them rolling in while we work towards some of the extremely exciting stuff coming this year! Now onto the patch notes!


New Spell: Unclaim

This is a new spell we’ve introduced to fill a very minor niche, while we don’t expect there are many scenarios where the player may wish to unclaim their own territory it can be very useful in 2 vs 2 multiplayer games to make way for your ally to claim an area.

  • Available immediately as a baseline spell
  • Unclaims tiles and walls that belong to the casting player
  • No mana cost
  • Cannot unclaim rooms or shrines


Map Editor Improvements

  • It is now possible to select any theme in the game for the Empire dungeon theme, regardless of whether you own the theme


UI Changes

  • Workers that are fortifying walls are now shown as idle on the unit panel, helping players assign important tasks in preference of low priority ones like fortification
  • Units which are unable to level no longer show their level in their unit shield
  • Unit shields rotate what they are displaying faster – unit level is shown much more often
  • Finished rituals can now be activated by clicking the ritual button
  • The replay button on the mission briefing screen now reads as “Repeat”


Gameplay and Balance Changes

  • Units which recently underwent corruption in a Torture Chamber will no longer seek pay instantly
  • Workers that are automatically spawned by the Dungeon Core will now seek the whole map for tasks at equal priority
    • Previously they would prioritise tasks based on distance and thus may have fortified walls when other more important tasks were available.
    • Workers spawned by the Summon Worker spell are unaffected


AI Improvements

  • Units which try to avoid enemy threats, such as the worker, are now less frightened by smaller threats
  • Workers now have less fear when combat is occurring nearby, provided they are in good health.
    • As a result rescuing your own minions and imprisoning enemies from the middle of combat should be more efficiently handled
  • Introduced new dynamic variables to worker priorities:
    • Priority for bringing piglets to the spit roast is now adjusted based on the current “ammo” remaining in the spit roast
    • Artefacts, defence parts and gold piles now have different priorities for collection tasks, artefacts being highest and gold being lowest
    • The level of a unit will now be considered when rescuing or imprisoning unconscious units, the higher the level the higher their priority
    • Claim tasks now get a slight boost in priority for each additional tile or room that becomes claimable after claiming the target tile
    • Mining gold shrines now has a lower priority than mining gold and several other high value tasks
  • Several small tweaks to worker behaviour and task priorities


Performance Optimization

  • Memory allocation in large combat has seen a reduction of up to 90%. This should reduce micro-stutter caused by code garbage collection
  • Improved overall performance when many units are clustered together by up to 25%.
  • Rendering and AI processes are now better balanced, boosting the AI’s performance when rendering is requesting use of the entire CPU. May reduce FPS on lower end systems, but ensures that AI is always reliable and does not freeze in long games on large levels


Misc Changes

  • Multiplayer mode spectator camera has been improved


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical issue where some units would suddenly stop moving when CPU load was too high, often on large maps with multiple players and units
  • Units will no longer perform certain actions slower when CPU load is high
  • Fixed a game freeze that could occur under specific conditions when a large room was claimed (often on custom maps)
  • Fixed a long standing issue on level 8 in the campaign where it was not possible to defile all tombs due to ghoul limits on the Necromancer. Ghoul limits are now disabled on this level
  • Fixed an issue where units that had created their bed before a save game would not be rescued after that game was loaded
  • Fixed an issue where unit beds would not be visible after loading a saved game
  • Fixed an issue where the spit roast in the Tavern would no longer serve meals after loading a saved game in extremely particular circumstances
  • Feral ghouls will no longer be brain-dead
  • Fixed an issue with the Map Editor whereby maps with a colon in their name could not be saved
  • Fixed an issue with the Map Editor whereby maps with a colon in their name could not be imported
  • Fixed an issue with the Map Editor under which it was possible to create unclaimable tiles by painting claimed tiles over fortified walls, creating the greatly misunderstood but none the less beautiful fortified claimed tile
    • This has also been fixed in all existing maps
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to place constructs on certain shrines in the Map Editor, if that shrine was not placed on claimed ground
  • Clients in multiplayer should now be correctly removed from Possession when their unit is knocked out
  • Fixed a crash which occurred after playing many multiplayer maps in a row
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where clients could be desynced from the start and thus be unable to play
  • Fixed an issue for clients in multiplayer where rituals could sometimes lock the Sanctuary permanently, making further rituals unusable
  • The sound indicating that a player has joined your multiplayer lobby should now play correctly under all circumstances
  • Fixed a visual issue with the corrupted skins of the Priestess and Bard Empire units
  • Fixed an issue where casting Blood Money upon a prisoner would cause their model to be left behind, even though they were correctly removed from the prison
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the loading of a save game when an object in the player’s hand was destroyed directly before saving
  • Fixed a rare issue where unit shields could sometimes continue to be displayed even after a unit’s death
  • Fixed an issue where the progress shield on Crypt pyres would show incorrect values after a ghoul had risen
  • Fixed a bug where the load and save menus were not correctly showing the “Sandbox & Scenarios” category
  • Fixed an issue where the Kickstarter and Founder’s themes were listed twice in the multiplayer and skirmish lobby


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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  1. Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  2. Great Patch, now my large maps should be more playable for low and medium pc’s. (click on my nickname above for the workshop maps)

    Keep up the good work, im hoping there will be some content added for the map editor in the future? (Or dlc content to play around with) XD

    Thanks for the awesome patch!

  3. Good stuff guys!!
    As I have a fairly low end PC, my multiplayer options are limited. So noce to see you are really catering for everyone with this. Recommending you to everyone.

  4. “Units which are unable to level no longer show their level in their unit shield”

    Does that mean units that reached the max level don’t show their level anymore or units that can’t level up at all don’t show their level?

    • Units which cannot level up in anyway do not show a level. Max level units continue to show Level 10.

  5. Thanks for the awesome game, and the steady improvements.

    I remember in DK, units would get slightly bigger each time they leveled up. It was a nice feature because it made high level minions more distinguishable. Any plans to add that to WFTO?
    Also, it would be nice to actually SEE my workers moving faster after i slap them (maybe speed up their fortifying, walking, mining, etc.. animations).

  6. When i start the game after 5 min it crashes and my laptop starts al over again please help

    I downloaded de game via steam and i cannot play

  7. It seems that this patch broke my Graphic Card. I was playing a skirmish game against a BOT and 5 minutes later, game freezes and I get the BSOD indicating a problem with atikmpag.sys (error code 0x0000116 or sth). It has never happened to me with any other game and any other previous patches of this game.
    I dunno what has changed that It bricked my gpu. Now I can’t reinstall the gpu drivers because everytime i do I get the same BSOD at windows startup

  8. I am confused. The game runs fine , The only problem is when i click the tabs for room or gathering minions it will take seconds to react. But when i click outside the interface luke picking up something there is no problem. im helpless

    • We answered the above issues where they were posted redudantly (forums & bug tracker).
      For your issue is quite common, if you either use a switchable graphics solution or if you play in wrong rendering mode.
      Please read the steps to fix under “Issue 2: My UI has not appeared on the main menu or the game is extremely laggy on start-up” in: