Patch 1.1.7 Release Notes

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Hey folks,

Patch 1.1.7 is now available and with it comes a couple more gameplay and balance changes including one most regularly requested. We’ve also squashed a handful of bugs that have been reported over the last couple of days! If you’re having any issues keep those reports coming so we can identify and fix problems as soon as possible!

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Read on for the latest!

Gameplay & Balance Changes

Unit Spawning

  • Unit spawning now takes into account the current army composition of the player and will now spawn units the player has less of a type. This should lead to more balanced army compositions

Ember Demon

We’re continuning to tune the Ember Demon to focus on two specific roles: Small skirmishes and destroying defences. The single target damage has been heavily increased and the AoE burst damage is now all but gone. Across the board they now have less damage overall, but we’ve doubled their bonus damage to defences to compensate. Finally, we’ve added a knockback to Ember Spirit to prevent an entire army being killed after defeating a few Ember Demons.


  • Health increased to 1000 (from 700)
  • Basic attack: Damage increased to 75 (from 30)
  • Basic attack: Cooldown reduced to 2.5s (from 3s)
  • Flare: Damage reduced to 0 (from 50)
  • Flare: Range increased to 3 tiles (from 2)
  • Flare: Cooldown increased to 10s (from 5s)
  • Ember Spirit: Damage reduced to 75 (from 125)
  • Ember Spirit: Added a small knockback
  • Ember Spirit: Added a 2s stun
  • Ember Spirit: Range reduced to 2 tiles (from 4)
  • Collateral Damage: Bonus damage to defences increased to 100% (from 50%)
  • Firecracker (AoE damage + stun ability) removed
  • New ability: Immolation: Applies a stack to nearby enemies (1 tile radius) every 2.5 seconds which lasts for 10 seconds and deals 3 damage per second. Stacks up to 5 times, and new stacks will reset the duration of old stacks.


Over the months since release we’ve received significant feedback on how you would like to see worker’s gain experience and levels enabling them to potentially defeat other workers in combat and increase the effectiveness of your work force. We’ve listened and we’re pleased to deliver these changes!

  • Workers can now level up through performing work tasks.
  • Gain health, damage, work speed and movement speed per level

UI Changes

  • Option added to reset hotkeys to default

AI Changes

  • Units will now ignore rally flags for 30 seconds after being dropped on a prop
  • AI players will no longer try to attack players who have been defeated

Misc Changes

  • It is now possible to select a random start location in Multiplayer
  • The game now cleans up data much better when leaving the lobby

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some props (Torture / Crypt) not accepting dropped units
  • Fixed that themed walls were not showing colours on impenetrable walls
  • Fixed a bug where the “Dalaran Shield” in Level 13 would disappear on a save
  • Fixed a potential issue with Saving and Loading
  • Vampire Ritual now once again supports sacrificing prsioners
  • Fixed an issue where Skirmish AI would not load correctly after a save
  • Fixed an issue where Necromancers and Beasts would not respond to rally flags
  • Fixed several issues where delay between working voiceovers
  • Fixed a visual issue where summon worker would not correctly show
  • Highguard corruption has been fixed
  • The Emperors throne in level 13 is no longer walkable
  • Fixed several issues with clients casting Blood Money in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where entering a cut-scene while in possession would cause the camera to become unusable

That’s it for this patch, keep your eyes open for further developments in the next few days!

Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team

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  1. Hello and thank you for this marvellous adaptation of DK2.

    I bought the game very recently, and I am sure yet where to report bugs.

    So as new player I have just reached the third world of the campaign mode. After few seconds of gaming in that level it is impossible to select the creature, neitheir the room or spell board, not even possible to cast a spell or to select a creature etc. well it is impossible to play.

    Could you do something about that thank you, and could you tell me as well where to adress bugs in the future

    Thank you again for this beautiful adaaptation



    • Hello Jean-Luc

      QA supervisor here.

      If you encounter issues pleas ereport them here in the future :

      also please read this beforehand so we can quickly respond to anything that comes up:

      for this particular issue i would loike to ask you to verify the integrity of the games cache via the steam properties (located in the library -> ricght click -> properties -> local files)

      and start the level up fresh (restarting the game, not loading saves) if that doesnt solve your issue please file a bug report.

      im sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting any issue you have 🙂

      Lord of Riva
      (QA supervisor)

      • Thank you and the best with the future of the game 🙂

    • You might be unable to click anything because the game wants you to unlock something from the veins of evil (orb at the top) or place a specific defence.
      In such cases have a look for a flashing UI element (Tab or Button).
      It is the thing you need to click/use!
      Other things can then not be clicked until you clicked where the game wants you to.
      Hope this helps!

  2. -1′

  3. I have found a bug which common for sucubuses, beast masters and witch doctors – they do not intend to work in their rooms _ I mean, you must throw them to do their jobs or they will do nothing at all. and they will either walk your dungeon why the “tasks”, such as corrupting enemy creatures, training beast – – still beastmaster like to “spectatle” as a part of audience rather than training in the arena, and witch doctors have the same problem as sucubbus – you need to throw them to the spirit chamber or they will do anything else which is not connected with their “profession”.

    I think this is still a matter to be included in the next upcoming patches.