WFTO Wednesday #99: Constructs


Hey folks,

As we mentioned two weeks ago, we are splitting “Defences” into two separate types, Defences and Constructs. Today we’re going to explain why we’re doing this and what the change entails.

Before we start: All art, VFX, and audio shown in this post is work-in-progress… especially the stuff in the video!


The Problems

Too many specific rules:

  • For each Defence the player would be forced to learn where it could be placed. Feedback related to this was unclear at best.
  • Even with better feedback, and assuming that the player had played the entire campaign and been taught each of the Defences it would be a mess to force players to remember all of these random rules for what should be a very straightforward system.
  • Now once terrain limitations are factored in (which were already very easy communicate to the player), there’s a very simple single rule: Defences only on your own territory, Constructs anywhere not on enemy territory.

The Foundry was too prevalent:

  • The Foundry being required for several bread-and-butter Wrath Aspects didn’t feel quite right to use, and it basically meant that you were almost always required to build a Foundry.
  • We wanted to remove the Foundry requirement for these ‘Wrath defences’ in order to ensure the Foundry kept its purely defence-focused feel and allow Wrath to feel more independent.
  • Overall, this change gives the player more freedom of choice with what they unlock, build, and use.


What are Constructs?

We’ve pulled every Defence that wasn’t focused on actual defending and put them into this new Category:

  • Ember Rift
  • Gold Vortex
  • Underminer
  • Outpost
  • Replacement Earth
  • Warding Totem

Constructs work differently from Defences in two key ways:

  • They do not require the Foundry or defence parts to build, instead your workers will need to summon them into existence with some extended dance routines
  • They can be placed on both claimed and unclaimed territory, including on water (with some exceptions – you can’t build earth on water!)

Here’s a short video demonstrating the build process (again: visuals are all placeholders):

And here’s some concept art of the look we’re going to be giving to Constructs (in the order listed above):



More Details

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how Constructs work (and some other related changes) for those of you that are interested.


  • Constructs can be placed on any empty tile not owned by another player
  • Constructs can be placed on water and bridges not owned by another player (Excluding Outpost, Replacement Earth)
  • Constructs cannot be constructed on Sacred Ground or Lava

Once Placed:

  • A blueprint appears that is only visible to the owner (these blueprints will be visually distinct from Defence blueprints)
  • Gold is deducted and mana is locked right away
  • If anything modifies the tile (an enemy claims the tile or begins summoning their own construct), the blueprint is removed and the player is given a full refund


  • Once a worker reaches the blueprint, summoning starts
  • The construct is now visible to enemies and can be attacked
  • The construct starts with 20% HP
  • Summoning will increase the health of the construct
  • The construct is completed once the health bar is full, allowing enemies to slow or halt construction by attacking it

Replacement Wall:

  • The Replacement Wall defence has been split into two aspects
  • Replacement Earth is a construct, unlocked for free, that allows you to quickly create blocks of unclaimed earth
  • Augrum Wall is a defence, in Sloth, that allows you to replace your walls with a new terrain type that’s stronger than normal Earth


  • Defences can now be built on Stone Bridges
  • Defences are visible to the enemy and attackable once the first part is placed


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That’s it for this week, we hope you felt this post was constructive.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. sup, guys, awesome stuff all around.
    You can`t imagine how happy it makes me to see how the project has grown since its begginings. Artstyle-wise its really amazing.
    Anyway, is there a way to include 2 or 3 designs for the mouse cursor – different types of the evil mini-hand? Serious question
    All the best and keep us amazed;]

  2. Thanks again for the regular updates. Looking forward to the day this is released.

  3. hey guys thats really great work in the last weeks i look every week on your homepage and its getting more and more a working game and i will buy the game when its relesed
    today i have played dungeon keeper again and its still funny to play it and the game is more than 15 years old