WFTO Wednesday #87: Patch 0.5 Preview 4: Rooms, UI and… Multiplayer!

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightPatch 0.5 Preview 4: Rooms, UI and… Multiplayer!

Hey folks,

Happy Wednesday! Today we’re going to wrap up the list of changes and additions in the upcoming monstrous patch by revealing a bunch of new rooms (and a few that have been revamped thanks to your feedback), show off our new Unit Grouping panel and explicate the room upgrade system.


Room Upgrades & Revamps

Within the Veins of Evil you will now find a few Aspects that you might mistake as already unlocked at first glance. These Room Upgrades allow you to improve the effectiveness of a handful of core rooms within your dungeon. While their effects differ, they will apply retroactively to existing rooms and can give you that extra edge when locked in the throes of mortal combat with another Underlord.

Note: the Barracks also has an Upgrade but does not have any supplementing art – it will be properly discussed in a future WFTO Wednesday.


Foundry Upgrade

Your mechanically minded minions have worked tirelessly for the past few months to create a Foundry that is more aesthetically pleasing, and they unintentionally made some improvements to the number of defence parts you can keep stored within its walls.


Additional storage for Defence Parts means quickly reforming a second line of traps after the first have been reduced to tinder


Archive Upgrade

We sent your Cultists out into the world with a single mission. Some declared it insane, others impossible, yet as almost all hope was lost they returned – triumphant – wiith libraries of hidden volumes. Fortunately for you additional shelf space was created while your Cultists were on holiday, the upgrades to the room allow two Cultists to research upon each prop.


The person who said “you can’t steal knowledge” survives as stains upon a few of your new tomes


Beast Den Upgrade

Your Beastmaster has grown bored of his beasts and has traveled deep into the underbelly of the world to wrest still more away from their hidden holes. With the Beast Den Upgrade implemented you will now receive the proper minions when building the standard Beast Den (Skarg, Oculus). By upgrading your Beast Den you will also have access to the Bafu and Shadow.


Perhaps the depths have horrors yet unfound


Arena Revamp

The Arena is no longer a glorified, recoloured, Prison. Toss in your prisoners with some of your minions and listen to the cheers, jeers and bloodlust of the crowd* as they are torn to bits!


Let the games begin


Sanctuary Revamp

We’ve made a few changes to the Sanctuary to improve balance and visual clarity, however, the room visuals have not yet been updated to reflect these changes – we’ll be adding them in at a later date.


Blood for the blood god


Spirit Chamber Revamp

The unknown forces at work within the Spirit Chamber have altered their agreement with the Witch Doctor’s who unquestionably rule over this place. Instead of sequestering a portion of your mana reserves away these greedy souls will now require heaps of gold before they implant their experiences and knowledge into the minds of your intelligent minions… they also seem to be able to spend it incredibly quickly as the rate of experience gained is much swifter.


Pneumatics have been improved; platforms now unpredictably shuffle up and down when in use


UI Improvements


Unit Grouping Panel

The Unit Grouping, Rally All and Beast Rally UI is finally completed and ready for testing! We’re incredibly proud of the artwork and are excited to hear your feedback on this reworked feature.


Organized murder has never looked more beautiful


Potion Panel

No longer shall you click upon placeholder programmer art, and no longer shall you be confused about which potion you hold or the state of a concoction!


We raise our glasses to improved features


Ritual Panel

We’ve hooked up all the code for the Ritual Panel and have tossed in the finalized art for the Rituals that are currently implemented. To use this new feature click upon the Ritual bar on the top left of the screen to open the menu, then select whatever incantation you wish to channel!


Your Cultists have a ritual shaped hole in their hearts that your hand will soon fill



With Multiplayer officially released you’ll find a host of new challenges within that shiny new main menu button! Face off against rival Underlords from around the world, challenge other backers to a test of true mettle and prove your dominance against friends, family, and strange foes.


The Underworld just got a little smaller

We’ll cover the Multiplayer feature, including the first map rotation,  in finer detail when the patch is released.


WIth Eurogamer soon upon us you can rest easy while we pump in the caffeine intravenously as we attempt to get everything ready for the show. We’ll be back next week with your regularly scheduled War for the Overworld Wednesday.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. This game is going to be epic 🙂

  2. Hi, when there is an update, I don’t get the new things. What do I do wrong? I will not upgrade?

    Have a good day.


  3. Hey Mathias.

    Lord of Riva of the QA Team here
    The patch will be ready pretty soon.
    If you want to you can adapt to the patchtesting branch though which enables you to see some of the changes for 0.5.0 now 🙂
    for this please read this topic:

    this branch is not as stable as the public version (yet)so you can also wait until the old 0.4.3 gets upgraded to 0.5.0 Publicly. 🙂

    have a nice day

  4. why dont you just make it, like the old dungeon keeper??

    and when do you make new games for player vs computer ? there are 5-7 now, wtf man, it’s not even worth to buy this game, if you cant make an update

    • Because it’s a new game!
      I really like the improvements. It feels more like an independent game rather then just a DK-Clone (so I actual have a purpose to play this game instead the old DK from GOG). The community updates are coming constantly, we can see the progress every Wednesday.
      For me, thats good enough.

      And you can also test the updates (as described above).

      (the player vs. computer *will* be there for sure, perhaps in the next big game update. I guess its better to build up the base and the core mechanics of the game first before torturing the programmers with getting them to work on the AI..)

    • Do you have any idea what Early Acess means? It’s a demo of the game. A Beta Test. It’s not even nearly done. They are still working on the basic features. We get a whole campaign and more maps to play on once the game is ready to be played. But it’s not ready to be played, it’s ready to be tested. If you want a finished game then buy a finished game, don’t buy the early acess but wait untill the game is officially released. And that might still be a while, as the soon to come patch 0.5. indicates that the game is roughly halfway done.

      Still every week you see amazing progress and constantly see the game evolving. Heck we didn’t even have a ritual and potion GUi before and only have the monster GUI for a few updates! That alone should show you the game is still in progress.

      And it is NOT Dungeon Keeper. It’s so much more. Saying this game is Dungeon Keeper is like saying Starcraft is just a new Command and Conquer.

      The foundation is the same, but everything else is completely different and, and that is something that actually suprised me, BETTER.

      • Actually… I could ask you if you know what are beta tests. It should be more alpha then beta. And saying IT’S EARLY ACCES it’s funny becouse game originaly was planed to be finished in Aug 2013.

  5. Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks for the update guys!

  7. This is looking so good. btw please please PLEASE add the horned reaper into the game somehow, he is the best part

    • No, adding the Horned Reaper is asking for big big trouble with EA.

  8. I’ve been following the development of the game from before it was on Steam and as much as I’d love it to be perfect when it’s released I suggest you guys set a release date and try to keep it at all costs.

    Projects with open dates have a tendency to stay in development for as long as the funding keeps on coming and when it runs out… you might end up with a product that’s not ready for publishing. The Steam early access probably earned you some financial freedom and you decided to add a bunch of features “now that you can afford them”, but please don’t let it backfire. Do you really need them all for initial release? A game is better than no game. 🙂

    Good luck in with the development. Can’t wait to play the actual release some day.

    • They tried setting a fixed release date… It failed in a spectacular and dramatic fashion.

  9. Bought the game a few months back, maybe around the Spring. Played it for an hour or two and let it go for more development.

    People seriously need to realize that the only things that this game has in common with Dungeon Keeper is the digging mechanics, room setup, and the UI’s voice actor.

    Unlike in Dungeon Keeper, which I only played DK2, he does not sound sinister and evil. In the one session I played I swear he was rather jovial and silly.

    The lack of a true tutorial, at least at the time, turned me away from the game alongside the confusing way these features are unlocked.