WFTO Wednesday #82: The Arena

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightThe Arena

Hey folks,

This week we follow two luckless heroes who have been imprisoned within the dank halls of an Underlord’s prison.

They find themselves about to abandon their shame and feast upon the rats that constantly nip at their shackled heels when a handful of Augres clunkily assemble outside the gated grates that have, for weeks, been their quarters. As they are marched forward at spear point, a low hum echoes throughout the dank halls.

As they are ferried through toward their destination the hum becomes a faint chant that pounds its way through their skulls; they round the last of an endless series of bends and turns to see a throng of bloodthirsty creatures rallied around a deep, spiked pit.

These two luckless heroes are about to enter…


Room Spotlight: The Arena

As the two heroes are deposited in an unceremonious heap inside the bloodstained pit, a sadistic roar of pleasure raises a small cloud of dust, painted with the gold light of the torches it casts a gilded veneer over this opera of death.

A monstrous beast carrying a whip strides to the head of the Arena, behind him circle two frothing fiends that nip at the air while they eye their next meal. With a crack of the whip they burst from the sidelines and charge the heroes to a homicidal roar of delight that drowns out the tortured screams of these two ex-prisoners.


If there is a greater pleasure than the observation of suffering in others we have yet to find it. Various double-blind studies have been conducted and all have concluded that minions who observe the bloodsport of the Arena are six times more likely to be retained until, and sometimes after, death. When you are busy entertaining yourself elsewhere your Beastmasters will quickly rush to this room to pit your Beasts against one another in non-lethal combat, granting them experience to make them even more deadly in whatever future battles may unfold.

We have not forgotten those few of you who are more merciful (or perhaps more sadistic) Underlords — for those that wish to spare the combatants within the pit you need only toggle a switch within this room, whereby all knocked out Minions will be safely recovered by your industrious workers and returned to their Lair to fight another day.


Chunderful Fan Art

Over on our forums, community member Varis posted a lovely comic depicting an average summer day in the life of a lowly Chunder:


Varis has also posted another image depicting the Chunder and the Succubus here (Slightly NSFW).

We’ll be back in another seven days.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. I was hoping to see this room. Really looking good! I look forward to the full game and campaign! 😀

  2. {insert congratulatory nerdgasm here}

  3. I had hope that the most horrible monster that is Chunder would be redisigned… to bad… because it still sucks 😛

  4. Good stuff.

  5. I’d really like to see some new maps, bringing out all these new monsters and buildings is great, but I can’t say I feel like re-doing the same levels 100x over to try out new buildings, 1 or 2 more campaign maps would make all the difference. Maybe throw in a gem deposit in one of the larger ones, then we can go all out without worrying about gold.

  6. The survival mode looks very promising. The only problem with the current one is, it’s a little bit too hard for someone like me who is still new to this game. Maybe make some survival map that is easier than this current one? 😀