WFTO Wednesday #60: The Beastmaster

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightThe Beastmaster

Hey folks,

We hope you bought your S.S. Ticket, because today we’ll venture into the Arena its formidable leader – the Beastmaster. Step right, up, up, up, up and start2 prepare yourselves – the show is a-b-out to start.


Unit Spotlight: Beastmaster

Like a conductor the Beastmaster raises his hands to bring a contrived silence down upon the dank gloom of his concert hall. Before him, instruments nestled within their orchestral pit quiver in anticipation. The still air breaks with the thunderous crack of the Beastmaster’s whip while below, a dozen beasts charge towards a bound Inquisitor. Around the pit bloodthirsty cheers erupt to shake the stones of the Arena as the spectacle unfolds. Frothing beasts lash, tear and pull at the figure whose muffled cries are drowned out by the masterfully orchestrated slaughter. When the sanguine piece is finally over and the cheers have subsided the Beastmaster takes a short bow and leaves his stage.


The Beastmaster is one of the few daring enough to seek out the beasts of the Underworld. Upon catching a new creature to add to his savage menagerie he will spend long hours with it in the Arena, training it to respond to every twist, turn and crack of his Bafu-pronged whip.

In battle his razor-clawed army will charge forward, fearing the lash that stings their back far more than any enemy that lies ahead of them. The few who manage to survive the onslaught will wear upon their skin the inscribed notes of the Beastmaster’s latest symphony.


  • One with the Beast (Passive): The Beastmaster is highly resistant to all damage from Beasts.

  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All (Passive): The Beastmaster gains bonus stats for every unique Beast nearby.

  • Remedy (Active): The Beastmaster heals target friendly beast unit.

  • Primal Instinct (Active): The Beastmaster whips a friendly beast unit, enhancing the damage and movement speed of him and the beast for a short period of time.

  • Beastwhisperer (Active, Special): The Beastmaster revives target friendly beast unit.

That’s it for this week, we’ll see you in another seven days with the most boring WFTO Wednesday you will ever read.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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  1. TPP will have invaded every space of the internet by the time it’s over.

  2. Well Finally another good looking not over the top modernised Monster.Thank You.
    No needless Alien/sci-fi looking body,skin or spikes. just a nice Brutish Beastmaster.
    Now i am much more eager to see the final Product when its finished.

    Also the last few Patches were quite nice.the whole atmosphere is getting better.

  3. I do like this one! Shouldn’t he have at least one direct combat skill tough ?

    • Come to think of it, forget about active skills, making him have high hp and good attack bonus should be pretty straightforward without adding confuse skills to overpopulate the combat screen.

  4. there’s hatchery that make piglet and now there is a beastmaster with pig face. Pig beastmaster going to eat piglet, cannibal ? hahaha

  5. People want simple old d&d monster like this, this kind of games are all about details and interaction. Like in dk2 my favourite building was the casino couse it was inetractive. I want to see breweries and tables where monsters actually sit and drink, i dont want this game to feel like ordinary rts , its more like simulation also that you can follow your minions life

  6. Wtf? You guys like this design, it looks like a lame pig.

  7. I must admit I tend to agree with Nomis. I imagined a more demonic looking fiend spewn forth from the hellish bowels of the underworld cunning and dastardly with the Bafu-pronged whip, naturally…

  8. Hey guys!

    I do not mean to sound negative, but I find that the units in WFTO look a bit too childish/cartoonesk…

    I would prefer monsters that have a much more evil and dark look…Ones that would inspire fear when met. This monster looks a bit like an angry pig..

    The dark, sinister and often also serious atmosphere in the previous dungeon keeper is what gave it that special feeling to me..

    Nevertheless, I really love the work you’re doing, the game looks awesome, keep it up!!

  9. The beastmaster looks great, as hellhound said no needless metal and spikes i really like it, i could have been a minion in dk1.

    i dunno it just reminds me of the bile demon in some way i dont know, looking forward to try the beast spec or whatever you call it 🙂

  10. hmm… does not goes with the WftO theme, sry.
    As said above, childish, cartoonish, and tbh. crapy design 😡
    Looks more like a grotesque or joke unit, rather than something I would shutter and fear… hell take it…even the Imps look more badass! O_o


  11. Oh finally a good unit !! i really like it.
    not like that kind of strange bat that i dont remember the name,which i don’t remember the name.

  12. Nope sry big turn off for me, it issen’t dark or scary at all.

  13. the beastmaster looks childish.
    I would prefer a monster that have a more evil look

  14. “That’s it for this week, we’ll see you in another seven days with the most boring WFTO Wednesday you will ever read.”

    Oke, curious to what it will be.

    • We ended up changing some things around.
      Mistakes were made…
      Ignore that line!