WFTO Wednesday #65: Patch Testing, Rezzed Recap & A Cynical Imp


Hey folks,

We’ve got a relatively brief update for you this week as we’re recovering from Rezzed, although there’s some good news if you are looking forward to the next patch…

Patch 0.4.0 Testing

The first preview build of patch 0.4.0 is now available for those of you who have opted in to patch testing. For more details and information on how to join the test, head on over to this thread.


Rezzed Recap

We spent this past weekend in the lovely Birmingham to show off WFTO at the small but brilliant EGX Rezzed. Check out this imgur gallery for our highlights from the show.


The Cynical Imp

In case you missed out on our completely serious update yesterday, you can check it out here.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. How do I download the update again?

    • Oh come on, click the link.

      Nevertheless a weak update… I hoped for a lot more

  2. not a weak update a strong update i say!
    i will be checking out the beta update out for sure thanks for the update!

  3. I got the update and I thought it was pretty cool, everything ran a whole lot smoother and I didn’t freeze up once I had so many imps on the map, it was pretty good, keep up the good work guys

  4. content contains multiplayer.. it doesn’t seem its working?!