WFTO Wednesday #59: Helps to Have a Map

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Hey folks,

We have gathered here on this glorious Wednesday to tease you with a handful of the fantastic new features that will be released as part of Bedrock Beta v0.4.0 (coming next month). When we look at the full feature-set for the patch it’s clear that it will be, by far, our largest and most content-rich patch ever. Gird your loins! What you are about to see may cause you to mess yourself.

Important note for OS X Users: Please check out our recent update regarding the status of the OS X build.


Bedrock Beta v0.4.0 Preview


No more will your campaign be shrouded in mystery! Behold the mighty minimap, with it you can track minion movement, observe breached walls, and easily navigate across your dungeon with naught but a single click.


Prop Ghosts

We’ve expanded upon the prop placement preview system that we added in the previous patch. Now, instead of strangely coloured tiles, you will now see ghostly previews of each prop as you drag out a room.


Tile Selection Improvements

Thanks to some feedback we’ve reworked tile selection to now target the top of each block instead of the bottom. This means that digging, room building, and dropping objects will now be easier and far more consistent throughout the game.


Shader Forge

By the time the patch rolls out, we’ll have replaced every shader in the game with improved, leaner versions thanks to Shader Forge – a fantastic new Unity plugin that was recently released to the asset store. As a result, you’ll see marked visual improvements across the board as well as some performance boosts with this update.





Bedrock Beta v0.3.2 Hotfix

We recently pushed a hotfix that fixed to our latest patch with a few minor changes:

  • We resolved an out-of-memory crash some users were experiencing

  • The quality settings in the Unity launcher will now scale the texture resolution, which will severely improve performance on the lower settings (as well as less crashing)

  • The minimap placeholder image has been removed in preparation for a real minimap coming in the next update


That’s it for this week, next week we’ll jump in the ring and take a look at the intimidating Beastmaster.

Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. spicy

  2. awesome stuff 😀

  3. Now this is an update to look forward to.

    Finally the shaders got changed with more efficient shaders, the previous ones were killing performance (I hope you guys have looked at the number of drawcalls)

  4. YES! Top-of-tile selection Minimap = HUUUUUUGE Turn on!

    Great work guys! Keep at it!

  5. wow map will be nice this game rules !

  6. Minimap good! Placeholder bad! Hulk SMASH! ! !

  7. Oh my good god, that title. I burst out laughing. If any development team other than Bullfrog had to handle a new Dungeon Keeper I am SO happy it turned out to be you guys.

    • I honestly wouldn’t want anyone else handling this game – they are doing an amazing job and seems to actually love what they do!

  8. All hail the Minimap !!

    • The Minimap accepts your praise and is ready to receive the offerings and sacrifices you have prepared.

  9. MiniMap Is Goooo!!

  10. With this speed maybe we will see game release in 3-5 years. Took half a year to make a mini-map. This project with such team is just epic fail and facepalm. RIP DK…

  11. Wow, I’m so impressed with this game so far – Really does look like it’s worthy of the DK mantle!

    Do they have a timeline for when it’ll be finished? Are we talking months or years?

  12. Take your time making the game as good as possible.

    I hope you will keep making WFTO better and better with your own ideas and our feedback

  13. AMAZING!! keep up the good work guys!!
    loving what is happening here! cant wait for full release!!

  14. Now I only need creatures tab to select all your creatures in one place, and not looking for them in entire dungeon.

    • I hope this will come into the game. Some character for my minions would be fine too. Miss the good old infos from DK1 about the different stats of my creatures. :/

  15. Lol that minimap!!! 🙂 It could had been better i think! 🙂

  16. Words cannot express how thrilled and anxious I am to play this game!

  17. what are you you guys putting in this…is there gunna be a story line like dk2? coz i dont really want a bunch of random maps :L haha

  18. what are you you guys putting in this…is there gunna be a story line like dk2? coz i dont really want a bunch of random maps :L haha also want a monster tab aaannndddd more monsters and rooms 🙂

  19. Lol the Guise of the Wolf reference xD