Status of The OS X Build (Updated June 11th)

Status of The OS X Build

 Update (11th of June):

We’re extremely pleased to announce that the OS X version of WFTO is now up to date with the current release. Our code team have worked tirelessly to implement a workaround, which appears to have resolved the issue with building OSX releases. We are still awaiting a resolution from Unity, however you should now be able to enjoy all the progress we’ve made in the past five months!


Update (April 9th):

We’re happy to announce that the QA team over at Unity has been able to replicate the problem that has been preventing us from updating our OS X build of the game. They’ve escalated it to their engineers who are now working on a fix, which means we’ll hopefully see this resolved in the near future.


Original post:

Hey folks,

About 8 weeks ago we ran into a major bug with Unity (the engine we are using) where the packaged assets (models, textures, sounds, etc) fail to properly load — this causes WFTO to crash. This problem only occurs with the OS X build of the game and it affects every single OS X machine that we have tested it on (over a dozen).

Our analysis (thanks in no small part to your bug reports) shows that the bug only occurs when the packaged assets reach a certain size (Approximately 1.5GB). We were able to work around this problem in the earlier stages of development by reducing the number of assets we were packaging. This work around is no longer possible as we continue to add more content to the Bedrock Beta.

For the past month we have been working with the Unity support group to create a comprehensive report for their engineers. This documentation stage is now complete but, unfortunately, we haven’t received a timeframe for an actual fix yet.

In the meantime we have been investigating the problem in our own time and we still have a few other options available to us to potentially resolve the problem. Naturally, these solutions are not straightforward and will require a fair bit of time and resources — which means our internal solution may be rendered unnecessary by the time Unity has fixed the issue.

All this said, we are confident that the OS X version of WFTO will most definitely work sooner rather than later (and certainly by the time WFTO graduates from Early Access).

Hopefully this has given you a bit of insight into the problem we are facing, we know how frustrating it can be to purchase an Early Access game only to find that it is (or has become) unplayable on your platform of choice. We will keep this thread updated with any news we receive from Unity as well as updates on our own progress towards fixing this issue.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing our OS X fan base, and we thank you all for your understanding and support.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. it’s all good thanks for letting us know. meantime bootcamp it! keep up the good work!

  2. Yeah, it is really good for a blog post about the update. It is difficult for me to wait for this great game. Hopefully the reward will be good. By doing this kind of updates about the bills makes me feel the money is worth the game because of the developer talks. Thanks and I hope to play soon.

  3. Thanks for posting this, it’s a nice way of keeping us OSX users informed. Fingers crossed for the Unity guys getting that Mac bug fixed in the very near future :).

  4. Thx. For the update I wanted to buy and test but I don’t want to use Bootcamp or something else.

  5. I’m assuming this is an error with 32 bit unity?

    If it’s not way too much work to upgrade to 64 bit i’m sure that would solve it 🙂

    • Has nothing to do with this. The OSX build runs already in 64bit as well as the Linux one.
      It’s just that Unity crashes on the attempt to read the own resouce files generated on building the game for OSX.

  6. i wanted to buy the game when i saw this blog^^

    thx for saving me to waste monney on a game that wouldn’t work on my imac

    if u get it fixxed i’ll hop in

  7. I’ve never had any crash problems myself, even when I decide to build absolutely MASSIVE dungeons.

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  9. No need to apologize, it was not your fault.

    I hope Unity get their act together and fixes it asap.

    Weird that you are the only ones that stumbled upon this problem.