WFTO Wednesday #129: End of an Era

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The end is upon us Underlord and a new beginning just around the corner. Since the conclusion of our Kickstarter campaign two and a half years ago we’ve kept you up to date with our weekly updates. With 129 (130 if you include the one time we slipped into a thursday) weeks of consistent updates on development we’ve got quite the record under our belt.

With that said all things must come to an end, and now that 1.1 is out of the door we feel that we’re now at a good point to drop the weekly updates in favour of a more sustainable monthly update cycle.


Why are you stopping the weekly updates?

There are two problems we’ve been running into more and more often as we’ve moved towards launch and beyond:

  1. The time it takes to make a WFTO Wednesday post, make sure it gets posted everywhere and generate associated media can cost up to a day of time, this could be better spent on other community related projects.
  2. There are some occasions where there is simply nothing new to report, this has become all the more prevalent since all the information on our units was released

While alone neither of these are a huge issue alone when combined they mean that when we have nothing to report we waste everyone’s time and we feel that by switching it up we can save time while also bringing you more of the information you care about!

So what’s next?

To keep things short and snappy here’s what we’re going to be doing regarding news as we move forwards:

  • Update this site, our forums and our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.) with important news as it occurs. Patch notes, livestreams, other developments will all be reported as soon as we can.
  • Produce a monthly newsletter, which you can now sign up to, that will recap everything in the above, provide and insight on development progress and in the future news of any new projects the WFTO Team undertakes.
  • Continue to keep you as informed as possible via interaction in our community forums, steam forums and across our social media space.

We’re always looking for feedback though so please let us know what YOU would like to hear from us and how.

What about WFTO?

Development is continuing in earnest. With Patch 1.1 out the door and with that being incredibly well received we’re working hard on patching up remaining issues as they’re reported to us. We’ve also started work on some of the features for Patch 1.2.

Here’s what you can expect in the coming months:

  • More minor patches to fix up issues as they’re identified
  • Patch 1.2 including new features, overhauls and other improvements
  • The Basic Map Editor for creating Skirmish & Multiplayer levels
  • Our first campaign expansion DLC, which will be free to players who purchased before or within the first month of release of WFTO. The campaign is set shortly in the aftermath of the base campaign and features a new four mission campaign and new aspects in the Veins of Evil.
  • Enhanced Survival Mode

Then who knows where we’ll go from there! Keep your eyes peeled on our updates and check out the newsletter every month and you’ll be sure to find out!

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Some FAQ

We know there’s a couple of issues still outstanding on your minds two in particular that we’re seeing regularly mentioned and that we’d like to ease your concerns about.


Q. Where are my Physical Kickstarter Rewards

A. We are still in the process of sourcing several of the physical rewards for different tiers, as we’re going to be sending all tiers out at once we will only begin shipping once we have all rewards in stock. We’re receiving quotes for the last big items, namely the blood imp statuette and are waiting on prototypes before production begins.

We expect that all rewards should be shipped out within the next few months


Q. Have you forgotten about the DRM-Free version?

A. Not at all, in fact our code team is working on putting together the DRM-Free version of the game now, after that we need some way to distribute it to you so we’ll be keeping you posted on this in the next few weeks.


Q. Will the newsletter be available on Kickstarter

A. We will not be rolling out our newsletter across the kickstarter updates system, the reason for this is that whenever you utilise the news post function of Kickstarter the formatting is lost on any text you put in (Including paragraphs)

The time taken to reformat a long WFTO Wednesday (Such as this one) for Kickstarter is costly. Instead we will provide links to our latest newsletters to kickstarter backers each month.

We will still be posting updates directly to kickstarter regarding the fulfillment of remaining rewards.

That’s it for this week and for War for the Overworld Wednesday in general, we’ll be back in the near future with our first newsletter and other news. Keep your eyes peeled!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Why don’t you use GoG to distribute the DRM Free version of the game? I guess you can work with them in order to work out the issues you’re having.

    • Unfortunately the version of the game we’re going to release DRM-Free does not support many features that GoG would want (

      We’ll keep investigating options to get on GOG but until we can bridge that gap between the Steam version and DRM-Free version that’s the biggest issue.

  2. I bought it on Humble, is that not a good way to distribute it?

  3. Please consider doing some sort of charity event or putting the other dungeon themes in the DLC you’re working on, id love to have the Theme i missed out on in the physical release, as well as the two kickstarter themes..also consider releasing the blood imp so people can buy that as well, id expect somewhere around $60 would be a good price for it? Underlord knows id buy one… as it is im hoping somebody is going to sell one on Ebay at this point, but id rather give the money to your company

  4. For me they just “clear their hands”. They have a cash, then nothing is needed to do. They promise a lot of things but only 1/15 were made so far. Good job.

  5. A suggestion to ease new player in to the game would be to add some kind of an in game wiki, giving more info (or even lore) to some mechanics in the game.

    Other than that 1.1 is quite polished. Cannot wait to see what comes in the future.

  6. What a bunch of whiners… @Yadrian & @MichaelT – you two can suck it!

    WftO is an incredible game, even more so with only 3 developers. Why don’t you stop your damn complaining and appreciate what has been delivered. They are still working on the game – and you are already crying for your stupid DLC. Give these guys a chance and have a little patience. If you want DLC so bad, go buy the sims, and see if you get this kind of support from EA.

  7. DRM Free version is a huge waste of time and resources.

  8. I would just like to say thank you for your effort. As a long time gamer I have played DK2 to the point where I could sweep the game blindfolded. For so long I waited for EA to do something with the title. Now I’m glad they didn’t. WFTO is far superior anything I can imagine they would produce. The development team and all involved should be proud of what they’ve accomplished. I’m so happy my evil grin lights the darkest of rooms!

  9. Hello all I just have a question for you guys. Have you implanted cheats in the game yet? I can survive without them but I remember DK2 and I would always use them to own my enemies. Anyway keep up the good work and I cant wait to see whats next for WFTO. Cya