WFTO Wednesday #122: Tons of Maps!


Tons of Maps!

Hey folks,

Development of Patch 1.1 is in full swing and it’s shaping up to be quite the overhaul, building upon feedback from you we’ve been picking and choosing where to put our design resources, in some cases we’ve been taking suggestions direct from the community, especially for the new maps, which we’ll be touching on today with a few previews of more patch 1.1 content!


Patch 1.1 Preview: New Skirmish & Multiplayer Maps

One of the most hotly awaited features of this new patch is the upcoming overhauls to Skirmish and Multiplayer modes. We’re once again reintroducing 4-player maps after the optimisations and fixes we’ve made to them and we’re also implementing the new Lobby system which is vastly improved over the current one.

Alongside this overhaul we’re implementing a whole host of new maps, some designed internally, others coming from community suggested maps. All three of these maps come from our QA Team and Community Members, if you’re interested in suggesting your own why not drop by this thread?

We’re sure that you’re eager to get your hands on these new lands to conquer so we’ve assembled a few overviews of the maps you can expect to see. Read on Underlords!


Scorch (4 Player Map) by Nutter666

Scorch is a brand new 4-Player map which pits the Underlords in contention for a vast lava lake, with lava on all sides each player is going to have to carefully manage their spaces and defences as once the stone bridges start being laid down attacks can come from any side.



There is however one way to strike at your opponents without the benefits of fine masonry. A pocket of brimstone lies in the centre sealing each player off from one and other, when destroyed this will open up the center of the map and potentially your enemies for their impending demise. But beware such a central target is a prime place to attract the ire of all Rival Underlords, one would be foolish to get caught in the crossfire.


Flower (4 Player Map) by Marados

In contrast to Scorch where the lava encourages attacks from all sides once the necessary tech has been researched, Flower is a very different beast. Each player starts in a large area of dirt tiles surrounded by a thin sliver of impenetrable stone. Only a few entry ways exist into each players area allowing them to control the flow of units with clever use of choke points.



While those defensively minded Underlords may be tempted to hide away in their fortified areas, safe in the knowledge that the enemy cannot breach them… for now… those Underlords who find themselves more aggressively inclined will no doubt happen across plenty of rewards outside their protective shell. With plenty of Shrines, Gateways and Gold there are plenty of objects for you to fight over.


Lonely Mountain (2 Player Map) by Marados

All this talk about 4-Player may have left you feeling like we’ve forgotten those of you who prefer a more intimate duel. Rest assured there are plenty of 2-Player maps on their way in 1.1, Lonely mountain is just one of such maps.

Lonely Mountain


Seperated by a maze of Impenetrable stone these rival Underlords will find it might be some time until they meet one and other, by which point their dungeons will have expanded into their respective sides of the map. Combat on this map is expected to be close and bloody with fighting occuring over the treasured Mana Shrines that sit in the center of the map. Controlling both of these shrines could easily determine the course of a battle and securing them will be paramount to any hope of destroying your opponent’s Dungeon Core.

These are just a small selection of the maps available in the upcoming 1.1 build and there are many more to come. If you’d like to see more let us know and we’ll look to include a few more in next week’s WFTO Wednesday!


Patch 1.1 Preview: More Information!

Last week we gave you an insight into some of the changes coming to the Info panel in the next patch. The reception we received seemed to indicate that many of you are happy to see the changes coming in, with that in mind we thought we’d show off some more of the WIP Info Panel, this week focusing on the new unit panels.

As with the props we demonstrated last week we’ve completely gone over each unit to determine exactly the information we feel most important to reveal to you.


This means that the different unit types have their own information shown, beasts for example do not show the stats which are not relevant to them as such stats such as efficiency and wage will not be cluttering up your beast information.


Overall you’ll be seeing a lot more information placed right at your fingertips at all opportunities. Do you believe there are any areas thatl need special attention? Anything you think we might have missed? Be sure to leave a comment below and on our forums!



DRM-Free version coming with Patch 1.1

Many of you have been patiently awaiting news on the DRM-Free version of War for the Overworld and we’re happy to announce that this long-awaited version will finally be releasing alongside Patch 1.1.

This DRM-Free version will be available to anyone who has kickstarted the project or bought the game via the humble store on our website. Of course as we will be pulling steam features out of the game there will be a few key differences to the DRM-Free version:

  • Online Multiplayer will not be accessible, LAN Multiplayer still supported
  • Achievements will not be awarded
  • Cloud Saving is removed
  • DLC Support is currently up in the air, Access to exclusive themes may be limited
  • Minor Patches will likely be less frequent than the steam version due to difficulty in delivery

We will be doing our best to ensure that the differences between versions are as minimal as possible so those of you itching to play the game but not wanting to do so on steam will have the best experience we can provide.

We’ll also be exploring options to return some features in the future. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for more news on the DRM-Free version as well as more news regarding 1.1.

That’s it for this week Underlord, tune in next week for more tantalising teasers of 1.1!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. guys you said a few updates ago that you would change the selection box of the hand (cursor) because it is confusing when selecting multiple tiles.

    Can you take a look into this please?

  2. Great maps, Good work, keep it up, can’t wait.

  3. So when extacly an ETA on the patch then ?
    didn’t quite catch that are we to wait indefinitely or something?

    • On track for this month 🙂

  4. This is good news, I am looking forward to the boost of content we will be getting with the next major patch, keep up the good work guys, I applaud your eagerness to get this game to its best and I am always waiting ever patiently.

  5. DRM free version is a complete waste of time and resources.

    • You heard the man, Subterranean Games. Dan doesn’t need the DRM-free version, so it’s a waste of time to make what you were paid to do!

  6. That’s great news, I’m very happy I’ll soon be able to play this game. Keep it up!

  7. Will the “too many threads GC” be fixed in this patch? After release I played to 4. level, and ever since I haven’t been able to open the saved game. Always crashes. Yes, I have VSYNC (I believe this was suggested as a workaround). Anyway, the game itself, when working, and devotion is great, thanks.

  8. How will the information for rooms be presented? Will we see something that tells us how many units a room will be able to hold/is currently holding?

  9. I’m still on the final level of the campaign and the game has been mostly enjoyable, except for the bugs. I’m currently not able to complete the game as every time I grow my dungeon above a certain size or have a large number of minions, the game stutters to a halt and crashes! I’ve tried turning down the graphics quality when playing the game but that barely helps. I also find that after a patch, my recent saved games refuse to load and I end up having to load an older saved game… I’ve tried the Vertical Sync option too but to no avail. Bugs aside, I feel that this game sorely lacks cut scenes between levels like the original DK games had. Okay they’re not essential to overall gameplay, but they add that extra bit of polish and give the game a more ‘completed’ feel to it instead of just going back to the campaign screen and getting a lowdown from Mr Ridings. It’s great that you’re pushing forward with maps and adding more content to the game, but personally I’d be far happier having the existing bugs ironed out first before adding more stuff that could cause yet further problems down the line.

  10. Looks like v1.1 is going to be the state in which the game should have been released 😉
    In any case, it should be easier to persuade some friends to get this game now.
    @Devs – thanks for all the effort you put into it, it definitely shows!

  11. 1.1 is feeling realy promesing and I can’t wait to try it out.
    By the way, are you going to work on possesion spell. I know it’s not that important, but I feel tha currently its only use is to look at your dungeon from the inside and not as much to fight.
    OH! And key bindings, the ability to see/alter them would be great.
    Keep up the great work.

  12. Woah, are those Draven/Kasita cores from the campaign in those screenshots? Does this mean we’ll be getting them as unlockable themes?

    • These are the Kickstarter and Founders themes, and they are already in the Game for People who backed the Game on kickstarter or did other Donations.

      So I don’t think they will be out to the public for free.

  13. You still neglect the fact this game does not have proper UI implemented. How can you expect people to play competitively or even in campaign against the AI without shortcuts and the utilization of the keyboard to manage game elements such as placing rally flags, choosing spells, and selecting room tiles? After release this has still not even been actively addressed or mentioned as a to-do list item after forum and wfto wed inquiries, and this comes across as very lazy, misguided, and neglectful. The player can’t compete with the AI like this, and you cannot allow the AI to surpass a certain level of difficulty because the player can only use their mouse to play the game, which is not as efficient.

  14. Hi, thanks for the news update.

    – One thing I would really, really, really like is to be able to get a better zoomed out overview of the map, even if it’s just a few meters (comparative) higher.

    – Also, I think bombards need to do more damage. It now takes 4 or so shots to kill a level one.

    – The campaign moves far to quickly, you barely get a feel of how the game works and then it’s completed. For sake of WFTO legacy, please fill it out when you have time.

    Thanks team. Look forward to the new maps!

  15. Will enemy heroes be in any of these maps? I like a lot of variety in my army haha.

    • Not in those particular maps, but don’t worry they’re just the tip of the iceberg, and i’ve personally designed atleast a couple already which are intended to have empire heroes in. They just need to be built/implemented into the game 🙂

      Watch this space 😉

  16. FIX MINIONS NOT GOING TO RALLY FLAGS, having problems trying to finish campaign

  17. I know you mentioned about the menu lobbies having an overhaul, will that include a BACK button that doesn’t take you all the way back to the home menu?? That would be nice 🙂

  18. Please fix the lag problem i have no lag problem until level 10, but this level lag as hell

  19. Might there be a sandbox map with the ability to spawn empire heroes, please?