WFTO Wednesday #127: Patch 1.1 Now Available!

 WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightPatch 1.1 Now Available


Greetings Underlords!

After a few weeks of Public Testing we’ve just released Patch 1.1 into the wilds of the public steam branch!

Key Features:

  • Possession Overhaul
  • 4-Player Skirmish & Multiplayer
  • Loads of new Skirmish & Multiplayer Maps
  • Info Panel Overhaul
  • Tonnes of Improvements & Bugfixes

Patch 1.1 Overview Video

As our 26th and Largest patch since launch we’re excited to see 1.1 finally make it’s way into the Public domain and we know many of you are no-doubt eager to try it out, as such we won’t bore you with long rambling instead we’ll simply direct you to our short overview video about the patch!

Patch 1.1 Release Notes

Now that you’ve been thoroughly versed in what 1.1 has to offer you, jump right on steam and download it now! If you wish to dig a little deeper into the dark expanses of Eternal Conflict then you can read the patch notes while you wait!

Click here to read the full patch notes!

Naturally just because the patch is out we’ve not stopped work here and we’ll be keeping our eyes open for any reports of issues and we’ll be looking to fix those in upcoming minor patches! We’re hoping to have our first minor patch out within the next day!


Until next time Underlord,

-WFTO Team

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  1. After all these weeks I am still not able to complete the game due to bugs! Not only has the runtime error resurfaced (when I try to load a saved game), but now I have the added bonus of overworld enemies getting stuck in a constant loop of being active to unconscious in my prisons and the imps keep having to put them back in over and over! I still cannot complete level 13 due to this. I want to love this game, I really do, but having to either load older saved games or restart the missions entirely is becoming very tiresome.

  2. i am having 0 creatures when playing online with friends. the portal spawns nothing but the ai has tons

  3. I remember when this game was nothing more than an idea on a forum, for a fan sequel to Dungeon Keeper. How things have changed over the years.

    I consider this to be what 1.0 should’ve been, and what it would’ve been if you had more money and time. So it’s nice to see a game I’ve been following in the shadows, for a very long time, to finally reach a complete state.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks for making this great game.

  4. Uhm, didn’t you say the DRM-free version would be available with 1.1?

  5. Hi, i have some questions:
    Do you plan add Horned Reaper character?
    Do you plan add cutsences such as dk2 ?
    why characters do not fall down, when they are dropped?

    • 1. No, copyright 😉
      2. No, we’d love to they’re just far far too expensive for our budget
      3. We didn’t want players to feel penalised for using their godly powers!

    • Hey i have a question:
      Why don’t you go play DK2 if you want DK2? This game is not DK2 so why should everything be like DK2?

      • I agree.

        I like WFTO as it is, a spiritual successor, not a copy of DK.

        I think its a good thing that DK units are not part of this Game.

        And DK is overestimated ^^ I played it in the last times… and Hell that game has so many Issues WFTO doesnt have!

        It was good for its times, WFTO is, in my opinion, a lot better.

  6. Nice update! Unfortunately there is no fog of war in any of the campaign levels. Hope you can fix that! Keep up the good work!

  7. I really like the game. Keep up the good work!

  8. Yes! The ptach is now public! Love all the work you guys have put into this game!

    I’m glad that my youtube video helped with Steven Fright’s AI. So I can assume he is now a tougher opponent? Challenge accepted.

    • Fail, user name is GGMARZHILL not MAZHILl..