WFTO Wednesday #124: Nine Tenths of the Law

WFTOWednesdayCroppedLightNine Tenths of the Law

Hey folks,

We’re nearly done with our Patch 1.1 previews and the soft-launch to pre-test is just around the corner we’re still doing some final internal tests and fixes before the patch itself launches to the test branch.

This week we’re going to take a look at one of the more regularly requested features that we’ve been working on for 1.1, our very first new iteration on Possession gameplay.


Patch 1.1: Possession Overhaul

Since the release of WFTO we’ve been taking a look at the possession system and options that we can pursue to enhance the experience to bring it more in line with our original expectations. We’re looking for plenty of feedback on this as we continue to develop it as we expect that Patch 1.1 may be just the start of further work on possession.

See below for a video showing the dungeon from the eyes of a few different units:

To summarise the video:

  • Targeting Reticule added to Posession
  • Cameras moved so that they no longer clip through units
  • Camera movements tied more closely to unit movement giving each a unique feel
  • Additional feedback added for hits and targeting

Please feel free to let us know what you think of possession and any areas where you’d like to see improvement on in the comments here or in our forum thread for this topic.


Patch 1.1: Room Info Panel

For the last few weeks we’ve been showing off the different info panel designs coming in 1.1 which will be feeding you critical information about any object your mouse cursor is hovering over. To finally bring these to a close we’ll be looking at the info panels for rooms.

Much like the defences that we highlighted last week each room in War for the Overworld has it’s own unique features. This meant that every info panel had to be designed to identify the key information a player will need from the room.


No two rooms, with the exception of a few extremely simple examples such as the bridge will ever give you the same information but we’ve done our best to ensure that they’ll be telling you exactly what you need to know.


Small Kickstarter Update: Physical Copies in our storeroom

Yesterday we received a rather large shipment which should please a few of you who are patiently awaiting the fulfillment of your Kickstarter. We’ve received our Physical copies of the game which we will be sending out once we start fulfillment.


While we’re not starting just yet (as we’re waiting on other physical swag) we wanted to keep you informed of developments so you know that we’ve not forgotten about those of you who pioneered the way to the Overworld!

That’s it for this week Underlord, remember to keep your eyes peeled for further news updates as we’re intending to release the 1.1 Pre-Test Branch sometime soon!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team

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  1. Will there eventually be a way to indicate a creatures experience points outside of possession that shows how close a creature is from leveling up like there is in the hud of possession with the purple bar? I feel that would be useful to add that as a feature to increase the potential of micromanaging the minions with their levels

    • Yes, this will be there. This was mentioned in WFTO Wednesday #122.

      All Units will show their experience when hovering them via Hand of Evil.

  2. Any news on when the update will be out?

    I hate to sound like and absolute prick but I just can’t be bothered playing it until the game is a bit more playable in the multiplayer and skirmish department.

    • i agree 100% your not being a prick your just saying what everyone is thinking.

  3. please bring back sandboxmap my dreamdungeon
    the other map is lame no fighting ,no recruiting with the torture chamber

    • Hi Oimel,

      You should try the Home Realm which is available in the campaign menu to the left of the first level. 🙂



  4. We already paid for a complete game… Move your ass…
    all of this should be already there… liars…

    • There really is no need for tone like this, Nobody is lying about anything. What you paid for, was either early access to a game, with the promise it would eventually become a full game (via steam) or you funded it on kickstarter, when it was just an idea, with a promise it would eventually become a full game. Guess what, as long as it still becomes a full game at some point, then the promises have been met. You’re fine to have an opinion, and to share that opinion, and you’re certainly fine to be frustrated at things taking longer than anyone would like. But calling the dev team liars is just straight up rude when they have been nothing but open throughout the entire development process.

      • yeah well there is! As seen here they are also releasing a DRM-Free version of the game. So this means if you would have waited longer you could have had the same experience as now with lesser bugs and bucks (for free). I would have needed to stalk some kickstarters but It is not impossible to get it and then donate the amount I wanted to pay.
        As so far after the release of the patch there will be people out there that are playing this game without spending a single buck on it LEGALLY. I feel ripped off seriously.
        They went out of early access as a full game release without multiplayer and alot of placeholders. You cant even create your own maps yet. So if a company wants to be taken seriously they shouldnt look how companys like EA is mining theire money by releasing unfinished games.
        There might be some miscalculations how much the game would actually cost but you have to deal with these comments after you miscalculated.
        If the first DLC doesnt rock my socks well fuck me then I am a stupid cunt who actually payed for that 3 hour nostalgic campaign.

        • The DRM free version is going to kickstarter backers who contributed money to the development and people who actually bought the game in a Humble Bundle, if I understand correctly. Even if they did what you seem to be describing by making the game free-to-play later on, you still wouldn’t have any reason to act like you’d been cheated or lied to. Things change.

          Yes, the game was released in an unfinished state, and no one is happy with that fact- least of all the devs. Making a game is an enormous undertaking, so many things have to come together, and sometimes a team isn’t able to make the goals they plan on. Things change, and it’s not always predictable. If you want to say that mistakes were made that shouldn’t have been made, that’s reasonable, but this team is clearly doing everything they can to make the best quality product they can under the circumstances- and so far, it’s shaping up to be a great product, in spite of some major bumps in the road.

  5. I have just got this game in the shops today! I missed the kickstarter but paid £30 for the beta game. It looks awesome! Needs a few tweeks here and there but I really do think this will be an epic game once finished. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hey guys I just want to know. Have you put cheats in the game yet? Without the bloody trainer. I mean there is one level I cannot pass and if you guys did put some in or will put some in that would be so helpfull