WFTO Wednesday #117: The Final Countdown


The Final Countdown

Hey folks,


The time is nearly upon us, at long last War for the Overworld is about to see the release of version 1.0 in just under a day’s time! This week we’ll be quickly running through a few things for release before jumping into our livestream in a few hours time!

WFTO Releases Tomorrow!

That’s right, after nearly two and a half years worth of development the finish post is now in sight. We’ve been working extremely hard on getting the game to this point and for our code team especially they’ve been going on nearly two days without sleep!

We’re sure that we don’t need to go into much more depth on the topic of the game releasing but here are a few things you should have a read of as well:


Press Coverage

You’re no doubt aware that we’ve been getting some press coverage over the past few days, we’re sure there are plenty of reviews and articles going up now, so keep your eyes open. In the meantime here are some articles and reviews that have caught our eye:



  • Sasan Abdi – Frische Kost für Fans von Dungeon Keeper –
  • Max Hohenwarter – War for the Overworld (PC) im Test –


We’ll be keeping our eyes open for more and determining the outcome of everything.


Australia – EB Games – Physical Copies Delayed

We’ve received word from our physical publisher that there has been a mistake made in manufacturing the Australian copies of the game which means the boxes do not include steam keys. The manufacturer has had to recall the EB Games stock as a result of this and is working to replace the stock as soon as possible.

The current expectation is affected stores in Australia will receive a new stock of War for the Overworld ready for this weekend!

Those of you who are looking to get the game from JB Hifi should still be able to grab your copies though your steam codes will be printed on the receipt rather than in the box.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and have ensured that the manufacturers have everything they need to correct the issue.

Launch Livestream Event (Today@ 11PM BST)

In anticipation of the launch at Midnight today we’ll be hosting a short livestream as we tick over into release day! Come join us on the eve of launch as we count down the minutes to April 2nd!

As always we’ll be answering your questions and be playing the game a little! Be sure to mark the time in your calendars and drop by with any questions you have on WFTO, the release and our plans for the future!


It’s not long now Underlords, your wait is nearly over and soon you can begin your War for the Overworld!


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Can’t wait to finally play this!
    I hope it’ll be just as awesome as it sounded when reading the blog posts all these months.

  2. It’s going to be so good to be bad.

  3. Hey, I’ve been waiting for this game for years, I’m so excited for tomorrow. I hadn’t played the beta for a few patches and I got around to it yesterday for a bit since I just couldn’t wait, and I’m so impressed with how much smoother it’s become in only a few patches, I have the utmost faith in this developer team, and I know they’ll keep the patches, DLC (and maybe even sequels) coming.

    My only issue is in the way that rooms interact with size. In DK2, an unbroken 3×1 wall could produce a functional object in many cases (eg, torture chamber would give you a torture wheel, library would give you a bookshelf, etc), and 3×4, 4×4, 4×5 etc rooms were still useful, since they would still produce more functional tiles than just a 3×3 or a 3×5. In this game there seems to be no point in making a 4×4 or a 3×4 over a 3×3. The only effective sizes seem to be 3×3, 3×5, 5×5, 5×7, 7×7 etc. There also seems to be no point in having separate rooms, since the walls don’t add any extra functional objects. This is a difference between the two games that really bugs me, and I’d love to know what the reasoning behind it is.

  4. OMG, release it please!!! I’ve played the 3 missions 5 times each!! buaaaaa….. :´(

  5. gogo!!

  6. Holy sht it’s in half an hour!?

  7. …dlc… i just got a allergic reaction.. please dont be the same

  8. So…IT BEGINS!!!!

  9. Ok so ive been playing for a bit, and some of it is just fantastic, and some of it team still needs work and I am so surprised that it was not in the game at release.

    1. Can’t drop gold on minions to make happiness
    2. standing around in rooms without animations
    3. A BIG ONE: Destroying traps and doors..they just disappear??…yikes
    4. encountered several bugs with dropping and picking up minions
    5. animations, animations, animations. we need many more.
    6. Slap pigs, no blood?
    7. enemies standing after death on lightning?
    8. only option to knock unconscious and not kill enemy? pick and drop, and look effect needs alot more fluidity

    Thats only the cons, its a big list and not meant to be bad in anyway, but these I hope are hard at work on. Glad the game is here, but i sure would have waited even a month longer to get just the door destruction.

    Good job guys overall decently done.

    She still needs work though

    • Hi Chris,

      We’re still working on improving the game as we speak, there are a number of places we’d like to make changes but it is a huge game as you can imagine and some things do get missed. I’ll see if I can address your points.

      1. I’m going to get this rasied, fairly confident this is meant to work now
      2. Sadly animations is one of those things with so many unique units it’s hard to get enough animations in for all of them, especially with only a few animations, some units as such have been left with limited working animations. We’d love to do more as we move forward in the future.

      3. Interesting I’m sure we had a destruction VFX done for defences, I’ll see if I can find out why this wasn’t implemented

      4. Can you confirm your bugs and report them on our forums so we can fix them

      5. Same as point three, we’ve been very pushed on the animation side

      6. Should cause them to explode, possibly a bugged VFX trigger, I’ll have a chat with someone.

      7. Shouldn’t be the case, I think it’s possible this is Dwarven Workers who may be missing some form of KO State?

      8. Correct, Intelligent units are rendered unconcious and if not taken to prison or a lair will die over time

      9. We’d love to get a lot more effects in for all sorts of things, pick up and drop is one of them.

      Needless to say there’s plenty of places we can still polish the game up!

  10. Bit disappointing with eb games stuff up,
    Can you please keep us informed on when this will be available.
    (Group of people buying 20 or so copies)

  11. so i have the game on steam there was an update today and now i can get to the loading screen and it just kicks me back to my desktop it was running fine before the update can i please get so info on this its really frustraiting to say the least seemings i spent 30 us dollars witch is about 34 australian dollars and i cant even play the game

  12. Hi Developers,
    i am a big fan of your work. Congrats on finally releasing the game :D.

    I didn’t get to try any big stuff in the final release yet, but there is something i looked for and would like to know: Are you planning on releasing a Multiplayer Fix with Bot support? Me and my friends like to play together against bots but this hasn’t been possible yet :(.
    I know you are currently working on a Multiplayer Fix (it says so in the Main Menu ‘duh’ ^^) but i didn’t find any information regarding bots in Multiplayer.

    Please let me know if/when you plan to do so ^^

  13. Going to play this one online tomorrow!
    Need to practise tonight.
    Looking forward to playing the released (steam) version.

  14. So, how long until it’s available for download on Humble?

  15. Im so excited the game is out!Can’t wait. I just hope the game doesnt glich on me. Also is the game gonna work on windows 8?

  16. Polish version please !

  17. Holy pish out a oatch or something for when doors are destroyed……no game in this and age has something just disappear…

  18. Lets pretend the release never happened
    Lets pretend there was no April 2, 2015 and we will all get up tomorrow remembering nothing of this day.
    Lets pretend we are still in bedrock beta, or just beta, call it whatever but not release.

    It is one thing paying for a game on a kickstarter, preordering a beta and so on people who do that know there is a risk, or know what they pay for.
    But now different kind of people see “Release” and they expect to pay for full game, and there is no full game, there is a beta still full’o’bugs.
    For the campaign you released is a buggy mess, and multiplayerscirmish is not even out yet (looking at how things are, praise the dark gods that it isnt). And people have been telling you on steam discussions that its too early for release… now you have hundreds of people whining there about stuff being broken or unplayable. But whats more important disappointed people, are you prepared for this flood of dirt that is coming…

    Why did you have to do this? Who pushed the release? Was he even aware of the state the game is in? Did you hit the deadline? Was there no other way?

    I really hope wfto team will survive this and somehow hopefully fix this mess of a “release” =(

  19. I eagerly awaited the launch date for this game, only to be told today by the manager of my local GAME store that they had received NO physical copies of WFTO, nor were they aware if or when they’d be stocking them!!! Hence to say that after pre-ordering the Underlord hard copy of the game a few weeks ago, I was a little miffed to be told that I couldn’t have it! As I speak the manager is looking into it and calling head office to find out why no copies of the game were sent through for launch day. I’ve now paid for the game in full and ‘hope’ to be playing it in the near future… perhaps I should have just paid for a digital copy on Steam! :-/

  20. ummm no dungeon core explosion when you take it out???

    Level 3 after saving, exiting and coming back i summoned 143 spirit workers………………..

    campaign map levels rise and fall when you hover over in the right spots.