Patch 1.6.66 Release Notes

Darkest greetings Underlord,

The patch number of the beast marks an auspicious occasion for our fans in a number of countries over on the continent! At long last we’re in a position to update our unsupported but not forgotten European languages, and bring them in line with the English, French, German, and Chinese localisations.

You can read our full announcement post here.


European Languages Return!

As announced in our previous post, and in today’s announcement, we’re proud to reveal that the discontinued European languages are now updated and back in the game, and we’ll be continuing their support into the future! We welcome your feedback!

  • Updated previously deprecated European Languages to include all the game’s text updates since Patch 1.0.1:
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Polish
    • Russian
  • Added subtitles in various pre-rendered cinematics throughout the game for the above languages

Gameplay Changes



  • Can no longer pass through Possession Doors

Spirit Worker


  • Can no longer pass through Possession Doors



  • Constructs may no longer be placed inside shrines or Dungeon Cores



  • Now has an effect if used twice on the same defence.


AI Improvements

  • Workers will no longer attack anything except rival Workers, regardless of how high their chances are to win. This is to keep them on task when working near low-threat objects such as doors.

Mutator Changes

  • Extra Workers granted by increasing the default minimum Worker amount no longer grant mana when sacrificed in the Dungeon Core
  • Undiggable walls can no longer be tagged
  • Wall tooltips will now update to correctly reflect if undiggable walls is enabled


Performance Optimisations

  • Improved the performance of Worker scouting behaviour
  • Optimised unit behaviour to significantly reduce “garbage” created on unit spawn

Game Text Updates


Visual Changes

  • Small improvements to Slaughterpen lights
  • Increased brightness of Slaughterpen slightly



  • Gold Piles will now be placed up to 17 tiles from where they are dropped in the Vault, rather than 5
  • Achievements for My Pet Dungeon unlockable themes are now listed in level order on the unlocks screen

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue that allowed units to teleport into walls/map border


  • When a Dungeon Core is claimed, the gold it held now correctly enters the new owner’s Vaults
  • The Garrison buff will no longer incorrectly stack for multiple activated props
  • Aureate Monoliths now correctly update the minimap after use
  • Removed Last Stand from Templar abilities list as the ability had been disabled for some time


  • Fixed an incorrectly rotated “corridor” on My Pet Dungeon level Ponygrasp


  • Highlight effect on the Dwarven Dungeon Core should no longer present with visual artifacting
  • Garrison prop range corrected, now more representative of actual range
  • Corrected a minor clipping VFX in the Spirit Chamber


  • Removed duplicate line from War for the Overworld Level 3
  • Fixed some errors caused by missing audio on War for the Overworld Level 3
  • Arcane Chunder now correctly uses the Chunder voice
  • The Arcanist boss should now correctly play her post sleep voice-over
  • Necromancer, Gnarling, and Chunder all now issue battle cries when in the Arena
  • Gave Duke and Duchess missing voice-over from their base unit
  • Vampire now correctly plays his eating voice-over when in the Tavern


  • Fixed missing VFX and SFX for Lightning and Shockwave spells for clients
  • Fixed missing animation and effects on Bombards for clients


  • Made “fortified wall” a proper noun on tooltips for Siege Shrine, Underminer, and Augrum Wall (consistency issue)
  • Fixed a tooltip typo for the Ember Demon Rally Flag
  • Fixed the time limit on the War for the Overworld Level 5 timed achievement, so that it now correctly reads 23 minutes, not 18 (in Simplified and Traditional Chinese)



– Brightrock Games Team

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