Patch 1.6.4 Release Notes

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

As part of the unleashing the huge undertaking of supporting an entirely new language we’ve developed a large number of fixes and improvements to your game! Want to know more about the aforementioned language? Read here! Otherwise, read on for all the awesome changes that have come in Patch 1.6.4!

Chinese Language Support

As of today War for the Overworld is now available in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, you can read our full announcement here.

Special Worker Skin – Dragon Worker

To celebrate the Chinese release we’ve unleashed a special worker skin upon the world.

The Dragon Worker has a very special unlock condition, upon logging into the game between now and Chinese New Year (In February) you will be treated to a special achievement and find the new worker already available in game.

Should you miss this window it will be available again every Chinese New Year!

New Maps

Once again we’re introducing a number of new maps all loving crafted by our excellent team of volunteer QA members. As always a huge thank you to them for their time and efforts, be sure to give them a pat on the back if you see them.

Localisation & Community Translations

  • Cutscenes now showing subtitles on all cinematics
  • Improved reliability of game loading into the correct language

Performance Optimisations

We’ve implemented a number of significant performance optimisations which should greatly enhance game experience, especially on lower end GPUs. We’re really pleased with these improvements and of course we’ll continue to keep seeking opportunities to further improve the performance of the game.

  • Numerous Performance Optimisations with up to 25% increased FPS and reduced stutter:
    • Implemented a new deferred renderer
    • Optimised Unit Shields
    • Improved Minimap Performance
    • Refactored a number of older scripts for to improve performance in newer Unity versions
    • Improved Animations to reduce memory & rendering load
    • Improved Floating Emoticon performance
    • Optimised dynamic battle music performance
    • General pathfinding performance improvements
  • Huge vaults now build and destroy much faster

Sound Changes

  • Vastly improved battle music system to improve reactivity in combat
  • Sound Effects volume slider now affects more sounds
  • Spirits now play an appropriate death sound
  • Added an attack sound to the Archon
  • Improved Audio Levels during cutscenes

Visual Changes

  • Piggy Projectiles in the tavern are now appropriately flambeed
  • Improved image quality of Floating Emoticons and Unit Shields
  • Improved Animations when units eat piglets in the Slaughterpen
  • Added a new Kasita Hand and Pickaxe
  • Improved Cutscene Quality
  • Added Warden Work Animation
  • Added VFX on Juggernaut Work
  • Traing dummys in the Barracks are now more reactive to hits
  • Improved menu transitions
  • Improved visuals on the Wormhole potion
  • Brightened the Walls, Floor and Tiles of the Mira theme to bring them in line with the rest of the theme
  • Improved Alchemy Lab lights
  • Updated the main menu
    • Chunders now play work animation
    • Skarg plays sleep animation
    • Fixed brightness of the campaign map
    • Realigned torture chamber vfx

Multiplayer Changes

  • The minimum character limit for creating a lobby in Multiplayer has been reduced to 1

Level Changes

Lockshackle (My Pet Dungeon)

  • Beasts will no longer become angry on this level

Skirmish Maps

  • Styx
    • Replaced Artefacts of Greater Sin with Artefacts of Sin
  • SeasteadII:
    • Added extra outer defenses for the Empire
    • Changed inner water areas to use Empire Water tileset
    • Changed Wooden Bridges to Empire Granite Bridges
    • Changed Artefacts of Greater Sin back to Artefacts of Sin (unintended change)
    • Set Destroyable setting of Empire Gateways to True so they can no longer be captured.
  • Populace updated:
    • Moved the Core of all players closer to the middle of the continent, distance between players is now equal
    • Fortified path between players with Augrum Walls
  • StarDust
    • Tweaked central area, now with more building space and gold!

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Upgraded to Unity 5.4.5p5
  • Updated game credits
  • Tutorial videos are now played from a local file rather than streamed
  • Port Forwarding Advice link now takes players to the updated Userecho Article
  • Clicking on the Port Forwarding Advice link will no longer revert the player to the main menu upon return
  • Gold Statues can now be dropped on allied ground and thus transferred into an Ally’s control

Bug Fixes


  • Possessing a Piglet that gets placed into an Oven will no longer soft lock the game
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to seize on startup, this only affects the GOG version


  • Double clicking buttons on the main menu will no longer cause them to disappear


  • Fixed an issue which prevented dynamic battle music from playing


  • An Empire owned tile will no longer appear next to the player’s Dungeon Core on Lagoon (Sandbox)
  • Ghouls now correctly follow necromancers on Snowhope (MPD)
  • Rhaskos’ Dungoen on Hell’s Deep (MPD) is now correctly revealed by Revelation
  • Optional Objective on Hell’s Deep (MPD) now correctly required Rhaskos to be defeated to complete
  • Home Realm can no longer be restarted as intended
  • Incorrect number of Democorns will no longer be present after reloading Ponygrasp (MPD)
  • Volcanic Bridges on Lavafall and Caldera now correctly have lava beneath them instead of Water
  • Reported Map Size should be consistent in all menus now
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed access to locked MPD levels without owning the DLC
  • Fixed map editor placed beast den for a single faction showing black incorrect tooltips


  • Fixed an issue wherre Garrisons in range of a Posession door never activated
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in defences being buffed multiple times by a garrison
  • Prevented tavern getting stuck when a table was deleted.
  • Tavern table now has correct amount of need satisfiers
  • Fixed an issue where Inhibitor’s would no longer be owned by the Empire if the Empire player had a Dungeon Core that was destroyed


  • You can no longer cast a number of Warband associated abilities (Such as Add to Warband or Peaceband) on the Warband icons. Preventing such things as accidentally adding all units to the Peaceband


  • Added handling of units in walls on map load that got there from saving under extreme lag conditions
  • Fixed workers refusing to mine golden rats and piggies
  • Fixed up the frostweaver animsation and prevented the passive ability triggering the hit animation
  • When you mine Walls as a possessed worker, your workers will now correctly claim the tiles
  • Fixed an issue that prevented workers from collecting gold/defence parts
  • Neutral Vampires should no longer die in Prisons


  • Titan Sin Summoning cost increase now also increases the excess Sin Cap to allow late-game summoning after all aspects are researched


  • Prevented Siege shrine effect persisting after level change


  • Alchemy Artefact now correctly works for clients
  • Improved Forge spell reliability in MP for clients
  • Fixed an issue that caused some defences and constructs to never build in MP
  • Fixed Unit mood constantly showing as “Content” for clients

Visual Fixes

  • Fixed the orientation on the Temple Guard’s shield
  • Corrected an issue that caused some parts of the Archons neck to be split
  • Evil Arcane Portcullis is no longer incorrectly rotated
  • Fixed a number of broken team colour instances on Theme ceilings
  • Possession door projector added
  • Fixed rotated tile in mira theme water
  • Fixed founders theme core floating
  • Fixed projector wall not being the right size when building aureate monolith
  • Removed red tiles in Empire Sanctuary
  • Ally & Enemy Titan canceled icon improvements
  • Fixed golden statues returning to their original after save & load
  • Fixed Canceling selection of a min. 3×3 room leaves a blue mark in prop place
  • Prevented an issue which could cause the menu to animate off of the screen
  • Adjusted team colouring for Dwarf floor tile


  • Numerous Text & Translation fixes



– Brightrock Games Team

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  1. Nice. Really looking forward to 2.0 guys. Keep up the good work!

  2. after the update the game asks me to buy the “heart of gold” add on if I want to play it. I can’t continue the campaign

    I have it in my library, it’s installed, I’m running the gog version of the game.