Patch 1.4 Preview: Titanic Revelations

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Darkest Greetings Underlord,

Yesterday we posted some truly ambitious release notes for the upcoming patch 1.4. Unfortunately we must announce to you today that in fact those were a cleverly conceived ruse, concocted by the brilliant minds at Brightrock Games and their merry band of volunteer QA analysts.

Indeed we are talking joke of the decade, jape of the century and April, May, June and July fools all at once. What’s that? You weren’t fooled at all? Alas it appears as though our carefully concocted plans were foiled.

No matter, we feel that we owe you an additional announcement today so today we’re going to expand, very briefly, on the new Titan systems that are being added in Patch 1.4.


Titans in 1.4

We’ve been listening to feedback on the Titans since the game launched last year. With the changes coming in 1.4 we’re looking to make them more impressive, powerful and less readily available.

In the current game, once you have unlocked the aspects in the Veins that you need you can continue to spam Titans at an alarming rate, with barely any cost or repercussion. This results in tactics such as the fabled Behemoth rush strategy which has been a thorn in the side of multiplayer players for many months.

To address this we’re making several changes to the Titan system so that they fit their purpose as living super weapons more snugly:


  • All three Titans have received significant stat buffs, positioning them unconditionally as the strongest units in the game. Deploying one of these will certainly be a game changing moment.
  • All Titans now cost 3 Sins rather than 1, raising the requirement for owning one.
  • Upon selecting a Titan from the Veins a summoning stone will appear near the player’s core, this stone will remain for five minutes and can be damaged or destroyed, after 5 minutes the desired Titan will spawn.
  • All players will receive a warning both when a Summoning stone is placed and when a Titan is spawned.
  • Titans will spawn with HP directly proportional to the remaining HP of the summoning stone.


These changes should make the gameplay around Titans more involved, it’s now possible to counter a Titan before it spawns and impossible to instantly replace one when it is destroyed; making them more valuable and less expendable.

We’re also giving them a visual overhaul with new VFX auras, see the video below for a peek at these!


April Fools

As a final message today we’d like to acknowledge the excellent work put into the April Fools patch notes by our voluntary QA Team, especially Fireeye who played a key role in organising the whole thing.

If you enjoyed our April Fools patch notes this year you can have a look back at previous years by checking out the April Fools category!


Until next time Underlord!

– WFTO Team


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  1. Awesome!

  2. yes!

  3. Sounds good. And i really love those new VFX. Love those poor souls passing by from the Archon and absolutely love the burning Behemoth!

  4. I spent 1/3 of my life playing DK, I wish I could spend many years on this one! : D
    Patch, correct, this game just waiting to become increasingly enormous, as its community.
    Remember to polish the multiplayer mode, because it really derails, and it is in my view an obstacle to the sustainability of the game.
    Good luck, you’re on the right road!

  5. Thanks for the update, guys. Looking good. 🙂