Patch 1.2.5 Release Notes

1.2.5 Large

Darkest Greetings Underlord,

Yesterday we unleashed the horrifically scarred Jack O’Worker upon the unsuspecting populace. But alongside that release came several other changes to the game that we’re sure you’re eager to hear about! So check out the latest patch notes for a few smaller changes!

Gameplay & Balance Changes

  • Mana cap is now increased by researching sins as opposed to unlocking aspects in non-campaign modes

Prison (Room)

  • Prisons can now become overcrowded and will breach if there is not enough space for units

Visual Changes

  • VFX added when opening and closing the Midas Door

Misc Changes

  • Jack O’Worker skin added to game
  • It is now possible to select skirmish maps as 1-player sandbox in the Skirmish and Multiplayer lobbies
  • Sandbox Lobby has been added, you can now select your own colour, theme and worker theme. No new maps yet.

AI Improvements

  • Some units will now correctly use their abilities out of combat (I.e. Heal, Revive etc.)

Performance Optimisations

  • Some small optimisations to garbage collection processes

Audio Changes

  • UI Sounds added for when players join or leave a multiplayer game

Bug Fixes

  • Worker Rally flag mesh offset corrected, should no longer be sunken into the ground when placed
  • Fixed an issue where the oculus VFX for attacks would not be displayed
  • Quick freeze’s ice mesh now works properly with fog of war
  • Fixed an issue where Dungeon Cores in fog of war would be shown floating above the ground
  • Fixed an issue where well of souls was not correctly dealing damage through walls
  • Fixed an issue for clients in multiplayer where the well of souls would not generate wraiths
  • Fixed a bug where the Fortify ritual would not repair walls
  • Fixed a rare issue where you would no longer be able to tag tiles for digging each attempt would prompt “You do not have enough gold”


Until next time Underlord,

 -WFTO Team


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  1. Great work!

    The missing vfx of the Midas Door always kinda bugged me as it made the game seem unfinished. And the new Mana Mechanic is a good idea too.

  2. Hey guys good work. I was wondering if you could add a mechanic so you could rotate defenses for aesthetic reasons. Keep up the good work.

  3. By how much does the mana cap increase per sin? It’s a great mechanic and really makes me rethink my strategies, good work guys

  4. The mana cap inceases by 25 per researched sin up to a maximum of 1500.