Patch 1.2.2 Release Notes

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Darkest greetings Underlords,

We’re rolling out a small patch today in support of our friends over at Introversion Software, they’ll be launching v1.0 of Prison Architect tomorrow on October 6th.

If you love management games and want to see more of them be sure to grab yourselves a copy, and to show our appreciation we’ll reward you with an exclusive worker skin that we know you’ll want on your side in a prison break. Check out our previous blog post for the full story!

Don’t worry we’ve got another patch coming sometime next week with many more changes, we just want to sure we’ve tested it extensively before we roll out the majority of changes for you!

Prison Architect Worker Skin

Our good friends over at Introversion Software are releasing their outstanding management game “Prison Architect” from early access. Help support our fellow indies by grabbing yourself a copy on steam and get an exclusive worker skin in War for the Overworld!


  • Available now, grab yourself a copy of Prison Architect and get the “Prison Architect” worker skin for use in Skirmish and Multiplayer
  • Anyone who owns Prison Architect on steam will automatically find this reward in their Skirmish & Multiplayer lobbies, no need for any codes!


UI Changes

  • Team colour added to prop efficiency and progress shields

Performance Improvements

  • Reduced overhead caused by unused animation bones on the standard theme worker


Until next time Underlords,

– WFTO Team


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  1. Well that’s a sweet little bonus considering I already own both games! It’d be neat to have some WFTO skins in Prison Architect too.