Video Policy

Video Policy

Please refer to Section 8 of the WFTO EULA:

8. Video Policy

8.1 We allow you to make gameplay videos of WFTO (“Videos”) and publish these on your website, YouTube or similar video sharing websites such as Twitch on the following conditions:

(a) You may not take assets (such as graphics, voice, music or other items) from the WFTO game content and publish or distribute these separately.

(b) Except as provided for in (c) below, any use of WFTO in Videos must be non-commercial and you may not sell or license Videos to others for payment.

(c)You may monetise Videos you have created through the YouTube partner programme or other similar programmes and video sharing websites.

(d ) Videos must not contain Prohibited Content.

(e) We retain the exclusive right to give you notice in writing (including email) requiring you to remove any Video you have created from any website.  You must do this within 7 days from receipt of the notice.  If you do not comply you will be in breach of this EULA.