Heart of Gold Preview: Sentinel


Preview: The Sentinel


Welcome most loyal Underlords,

If you’re reading this then you’re hopefully joining us as a supporter of our newsletter, as this post marks the first newsletter release. Regardless of whether you are or not we have a fantastic teaser to share with you today, the first new aspect from our upcoming expansion: Heart of Gold!

Heart of Gold is the first paid expansion for WFTO and will continue the story through a series of new campaign levels. We’re not going to reveal too many details today; you’ll have to wait until the full reveal later this month for that, but you can expect the expansion to be quite weighty with new content.

And for our early adopters, we’re happy to remind you that this expansion will be free for anyone that owned WFTO before the 2nd of May 2015 (more details here).

Now let’s take a gander at one of the new Aspects being introduced in Heart of the Gold: The Sentinel!


New Defence: Sentinel

A mystically animated suit of golden armour, the Sentinel is a mobile defence that can be utilised as a unit to bolster your armies and keep your foes at bay.

Gold carapace

“It had been a few hours since the dwarven party left the safety of the Imperial fort, now they skulk through the darkened underground passages, the fires of their torches tracing visages of impending doom amongst the shadows. It is not long before they happen upon their quarry, the entrance to the dungeon of an Underlord renowned for their wealth and lust of gold in a way that would make the high king’s blush.

Breaching the gilded entrance of Kasita’s domain, the torchlight illuminates the shimmering walls; brilliant, golden light dances in all directions as the reflective metals mirror the light from wall to floor then wall again. The dwarves, eyes alight with avarice, press forward… deeper into the catacombs.

Alas their dreams of wealth and fortune were to be short-lived. Their ears catching the sound of clanging metal emanating from down the corridor, from the shadows the visage of a man, armoured head to toe in golden plate, stepped into view. At first such a sight was enough to set the minds of the dwarven adventurers at ease, laughing and calling out to the figure they beckoned to what must surely be a knight of the realm.

As the figure approached it quickly became clear that something was amiss, with indefatigable purpose the suit strode forward, making no attempts to identify itself or it’s intentions. Closing in on the dwarves it raised it’s glimmering sword to full height and clove a path into them, severing a bearded head from it’s owner’s body.

Reeling in horror the dwarven host descended into madness, the foolish among them opted for retaliation, their war axes barely chipping the armour. Meanwhile the dwarves with some sense were the ones that turned tail, although their path of retreat would lead them only deeper into the catacombs surely whatever fate awaited them could only be better than this?

In the end the last brave, foolish dwarf that dared to fight lay gasping in a pool of his own blood, looking up at the armour he witnessed the unspeakable; A lucky blow had alleviated the golden warrior of it’s helmet, where a head should lie there existed nothing but a swirling golden shadow of a man. The sword plunged deep into his chest and at last the embrace of death surrounded the stout warrior. The Sentinel; it’s task complete, returned to its eternal vigil pacing the hallways once more.”

The Sentinel is a new mobile defence that will be introduced at tier 8 of the neutral tree, entrenching it’s viability for both Wrath and Sloth players. Players will initially place down a Golden Carapace, the capsule in which a Sentinel is held. Once constructed the Carapace can be activated to spawn the Sentinel either manually via a click or automatically by proximity to enemy forces, when this happens the Carapace will be destroyed.


gold sentinel


This uniquely positions the Sentinel as a shock unit/defensive guardian as, unlike its closest behavioural kin the Ember Demon, it does not continue to lock mana while active, but it does come at a great cost to your gold reserves. However, Underlords with enough gold can invest in a veritable legion of these incredible constructs.

Most terrifyingly the Sentinel can pass through the lava of the underworld without harm and can be healed through an influx of fresh gold. Although the Sentinel itself lacks finesse in combat it would be wise not to underestimate the sheer brute force that it can bring to bear.


That about covers this little teaser, be sure to keep your eyes open for more news on Heart of Gold as well as the upcoming Patch 1.3 in the coming weeks!

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Until next time Underlords,

– WFTO Team


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  1. How much will it cost? (in USD)

    • We’ll be announcing the price in the full announcement. 🙂

  2. wow this looks so beautiful _

  3. Fantastic, I love stygian knights!

  4. Wait, paid expansion?

    What about finishing the “free supporter dlc”? Unless the expansion is gonna be that ofcourse.

    Where’s the flex goals? Survival mode is still a clunky alpha (with hilarious commentary i must say). Also waiting for the level editor, I need more variety in MP/Co-op (rebuild ALL the dungeon keeper maps o/ ).

    Seeing the game took so long to be released, and then mentioning paid dlc within half a year of the somewhat clunky release (god bless the patches you guys have made tho, thumbs up) is not the thing that I’m putting on my christmas list.

    • Hey Feroxxy,

      This is indeed the “Early Adopter bonus” as mentioned in the opening it will be free to anyone who owned WFTO before the 2nd of May 2015.

      Survival mode has been delayed as the priority has been put to the map editor which will be in the next major patch. Read all about that in: https://wftogame.com/post-1-2-recap/

      Heart of Gold will be 1.4 and Survival mode will follow sometime after that, I can’t give you an estimate at this time but it’s definitely coming!

      Hope that helps!


      • The amount of transparency you guys seem to have deserves major props!

        I backed you on Kickstarter but started playing it only today. I’m loving the campaign so far and it’s definitely a worthy successor to DK! I also love hearing that you continue to expand it (paid or not) instead of abandoning it immediately after release to work on the next title which sadly seems to be common practice these days.

        That said, i can’t help but feel that the game is a bit unpolished albeit functional from a performance standpoint. Gameplay is spot on, but for a full release and even for a 1.2 it seems to have it’s fair share of quirks and performance issues. Possession mode especially. Got any plans to adress those in future updates?

      • As Sollidottingen mentioned, the transparancy is real here and is rare in this industry.

        It calms me knowing this will be the Early adopter bonus and will teach me to read through your posts and forum better next time!

        Still I wonder how the major audience of WFTO will respond on this. I do think most of the audience are kickstarter backers / early backers, but I do not have access to those numbers. All I hope is that the support will remain for you guys. I was too quick to think about my response first, but all I felt was this could be another planetary annihilation stunt, which got extreme backlash, which I wouldnt wish upon this game nor its designers.

        Also, great to hear map editor is coming soonTM. Will it be easy to share levels through Steam Workshop or something similiar?

        Wish you guys all the best ~ Feroxxy

  5. I would love to test this in Beta. NDS if required. I already am subscribed to Public Test Branch. Lemmie know.