WFTO Wednesday #96: Arcane Fortress

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Hey folks,

Today we’ve got a surprise dish that will be served almost only to Early Access players and Kickstarter backers. Read on to see what new goodies you’ll be getting that make you stand out from the post-release crowd.


The Arcane Fortress Theme

This is a rather special theme that we’ve been putting quite a lot of effort into recently. We mentioned a while ago that we wanted to give something extra to all of our Early Access players — this is it!


Please note this is still a work in progress!



We’re not going to tell you any more about the origins of the theme other than that they belong to an Empire faction, and you’ll find out more during the campaign. Oh and… we’re also going to be giving you an evil version of the theme too:



For clarity:

  • All Early Access users will get it (including purchases through Humble and our website)
  • All Kickstarter backers will get it (including through our website)
  • On top of that, all retail copies will include it (we’re doing this to ensure that no matter where you want to buy, you’re still able to get the theme)

And, before we go, we’ve got one more thing to look at. The Midas’ door design that we showcased last week in the mesh:




If all goes to plan, next week we’ll tackle the changes to the Veins of Evil. Be sure to drop by to find out what new unholy powers you’ll soon possess.


Until next time Underlord,

– WFTO Team


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  1. I am so looking forward to this game. I’ve been playing the originals off of GoG, but I have a question about the physical release. Is it only going to be in the UK or with this have a release in the States as well?

    • You can get it wright now on steam. I have it.

      • You can but there is only 8 things and is still in the beta state. Its a great game so far, but dont buy it unless you absolutely sure you want to

        • That was not the question, now was it.

  2. Just bought on Steam halloween sale. Would’ve held out for retail if I’d known it would get one. Very happy so far. New wizardly dungeon layout skin? Roger Wilco.

  3. ddd

  4. I love it! I’m ALL ABOUT the Arcane and Scholarly themes! I’m definitely using this theme.

  5. Awesome job so far guys!! I have only one question and i dont know if it is a design decision or a work in progress but the whole game is really dark and grim. And i am not talking about the theme aspect being too dark, but lighting in general.

    • We’ll be adding some more granular graphics options soon so you can tweak the game to be more playable on your machine.

      Sorry for the current troubles!


  6. Hey
    guys looking gd etc I’m not sure if this has been covered already but can we get some more interesting au difficulty settings for skirmish / multi player such as turtle, steamroller, tactician etc? I think it would increase replay ability and obv some difficulty settings for the campaign would be awesome too,especially if they relate to so tactics and predictability rather than production speed and health mods.


  7. say is there a way to change the theme of you’r dungeon. If not that would be a realy cool adition

    • Hi Phillip, I don’t think there is a way to change the theme in sandbox mode right now, but I think you should be able to change your theme in multiplayer. Also, You can’t change your theme in the campaign mode for lore/story reasons.

  8. Nice, but please lighten up the graphics, the game is so dark I can barely make out what’s going on.

    • This is a Dungeon Sim. If there is an option, you could just turn up the brightness. I have no trouble seeing what’s going on at all.

      • This is a Dungeon Sim? Gosh, I would have never guessed – thanks for that insight.

        Still, just so long as you are happy, then no one else matters do they.

        • No need to get snippy. He was just trying to say that the game is supposed to be dark, and that it was just fine for him. He also mentioned that if there are options for it (which was later confirmed by James) that the brightness level could probably be turned up.

          • It will definitely be an option — there’s no probably about it!


            Also thanks for being civil, y'all dabess.


        • Acting like an obnoxious malodorous runt isn’t going to help.

  9. Now that I think about it, though I do still love this theme, does anyone else find the random bookcases in the hallways kinda weird and out of place?

  10. Awesome as always. Thanks!

  11. Just out of curiosity – are people on the steam Bedrock Beta considered early access users? 😛

    If not, I’m going to have to try to get my claws on a box copy…

    • All bedrock beta players are considered early access users 🙂

      • This makes me excessively gleeful. As a magic-fanatic, this theme suits me right down to the bone. 😛

        Many thanks for the reply 🙂